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Why I’m Not A Libertarian

February 17, 2016

Frankly, the principles of Libertarianism seem to be, people should be able to do what they want in their private life, and money should be free to flow, without interference in public life. Business and profit is preferable, while social vices and those hurt by them are to be minimized.

I don’t think the government should put sick people, like addicts in jail. Treatment seems more humane. And more likely to allow them to get a job and be productive and independent.

But I don’t think that corporate CEO’s have a right to abuse the legal and political system to claim rights as “people,” when they can absolve themselves of the same responsibilities as people.

A person can’t rob or kill you without being punished accordingly.

A corporation can, call it an “error,” and sue you for defamation for criticizing them, and threatening their profit base.

Libertarians may or may not be Anti War and Pro Military, in fact with the Rand Paul wing of the Conservatarians, war is on the table, as well as social policy. While African Americans being incarcerated, disproportionately for the same crimes as whites, may be bad. Open borders, with no scrutiny of who is coming into the country and creating a underclass of people who are outside the law, without legal protection to protect them from being exploited by a corporation, business, politician, or drug or sex trafficker, is A-OK.

This leaves the person emigrating in a position of weakness, just as bad as the homeland they are fleeing. They can be threatened, and cannot call the police, which leads them to arm themselves, and the proliferation of gang violence.

Imagine if you will, an American citizen, emigrating to Germany, with no knowledge of the language, laws, customs, government, currency, views on social welfare, and the like? Would you expect that American to get very far in the German economy? What kind of jobs could they do for money? Who would pay them, without them being subjected to scrutiny by the government?

They would be forced to throw themselves on the mercy of strangers, and serve their whims and aims, no matter how sadistic, to stay alive.

Naturally many immigrants work in the service industry, even in a time of record unemployment for natural citizens, who are just as skilled and able to work.

This destroys the social safety net, and creates competition in the labor market, putting some skilled workers out of work, and unskilled workers, at a disadvantage. Even those attempting to enter the labor pool at entry level employment, at a disadvantage, because the union, and legal protections and welfare, and job benefits that a company must give to the natural citizen, do not apply to the illegal immigrant in the underground economy.

Since the illegals don’t pay taxes, they get their whole paycheck, minus the payroll tax. While the citizen get’s to pay the income tax and the payroll tax. In effect, being forced to be taxed because they are working, 1st for the job itself, and then the income that comes from it.

Many illegals go to emergency rooms, because they do not have health insurance, this overwhelms the system to the point that hospitals close, and are harder and harder to come by, as are the doctors to staff them because of rising medical malpractice rates.

Employment, crime, and health care is directly affected by illegal immigration, even public schooling as the illegals crowd out spots for legal kids, and the benefits that can lead to higher education and upward mobility, are further stretched beyond the breaking point.

Colleges may be making a killing in tuition fees and endowments, and granting degrees  to illegal immigrants, but a good portion of those graduates, take their skills and use them to grow the economy of other nations and their homeland, not America.

We are subsidizing our competition, and forcing the taxpayer to pay for it, while screwing our neighbor and our children out of a chance to learn the skills necessary to work and succeed and grow our economy through production, labor, and starting businesses to employ the current and the next generation so they can make enough money to pay for the last generation.

This threatens Social Security which has more people taking from it, illegal and legal, than putting money into it. To the point that the safety net itself is bankrupt, unless the ladder gets pulled up for the current and next generation and the people are forced to work through their 60’s, if they live that long, in order to last long enough, and pay enough to be able to retire.

So the citizen is forced to compete in a rigged marketplace, take less benefits, and when they need them the most, potentially have to wait, or possibly die waiting, just so people we can’t take care of, can have benefits and privileges they did not earn, and were granted just so politicians could get re-elected and be exempt from such hardships altogether.

I’d be happy if we paid Congress, state and local, the median salary, with the basic benefits, taxed them accordingly, and prorated their earnings to the time actually spent working in office, instead of getting subsidized vacations and expense accounts, on top of their salary and Cadillac health care plans.

It seems their indeed is a parasite nature to the corporate friendly bleeding heart liberpublicans.

They want you to pay for everything, still buy what they are selling, and pay for the cost of their workers and economic slaves. Both those exploited, and those who aren’t deemed useful enough to be exploited, and are left on the sidelines in need of assistance that never comes.

There are just as many Libertarian think tanks, like Cato Institute, as their are Republican, or Democrat. This makes them not an alternative, but a competitor. Competing as to who can squeeze out more exemptions, privileges, and immunites from government.

When such anti-competition, free and fair market principles are contrary to the American way of life, of education, motivation, character, and hard work, to be a productive member of  society that creates value for the people, instead of creates wealth from human and natural resources, then destroys them, privatizes and secures the profits as property, and socializes, and sends the losses back unto the people, when they did not gain in any way, shape, or form, from the goods or services that were produced, or not produced.

Liberpublicans, like Republicans, preach about character and personal responsibility to the people, they want them to be taken to task, to account, and held accountable for their actions and in-actions… They simply want the mechanisms of government, to protect, they themselves, from such accountability, from/to the people, or the government.

If Liberpublicans had their way, they could create monopolies and artificial schemes to game the system to make money, build something that is of value to society, keep it to themselves, share it among their friends, and expect the people to pay for the cost of research and development of such goods or services, as well as the natural right to profit from the goods or services themselves.

This is nothing more than an inverted pyramid, that is akin to the Mid-evil Caste System. Just like the Republicans would have. While the Democrats would rather keep you on the dole, on the government plantation.

A private club, of secret members, creating their own privileges, exemptions and immunities, just so they can attain wealth, concentrate it, secure it, and keep it… While the rest of us are made to serve them, and only them. As we are seen as “greedy” if we did anything else.

“The virtue of selfishness” and the almighty dollar has led to ecological disaster that threatens our planet, war that threatens our existence, and civil disorder and artificial scarcity that threatens mankind itself.

And on who’s side is the Liberpublican? With the property owners, and those with means, against those without.

What changed in the 20th century?

To Liberpublicans and Neo Cons, and the Neo Liberals, a hell of a lot… And they want to change it BACK!

Where those with means have rights, privileges, exemptions, and immunities, and the rest of us only have such subject to unquestioned obedience, and our willingness to be exploited for somebody else’s profit.

You can make up any name, and define it to any extent that you like, but the result is the same. Feudalism. Caste system. And a system that rewards submission and exploitation over merit and ability.

You can even be too competent, too intelligent to be useful, and must be shunned and discarded by society. Is this what passes for a Judeo-Christian ethic or basic morality. Where everything is just, and there is no justice? Where people’s rights are defined by anything but their contribution, ethic and intelligence? And what we value in society is just how much somebody is willing to exploit others, and be exploited to get money? And be sheltered and exempt from accountability themselves… ad infinity…

No wonder there is so much inequality, anger, frustration, violence and disorder. This is not how order is created. This is how chaos is created and maintained, and the interests behind it, pervert the meaning of human language and use the science of persuasion  and marketing to tell us, against our own conscience and basic morality, that this is the new “normal” and what mankind is capable of, and has always been.

But our hearts tell us something different. The dissonance inside our hearts and our minds, that is expressed in despair, anger, frustration and shame, and seeks out the company of those who have been victimized like us, tells us that we are going against our own human nature, and are in dire need of correction.

But the collective we have been herded into like cattle and the garbage we are then made to feed our minds, our souls, and our bodies from, tells us that those people who still have the genetic memory and the primordial like the the Over Soul of nature and human nature, has convinced us that those people of conscience are indeed our most dire threat, since they threaten the order that gives us what little we do have. And if was eliminated, we would have nothing at all, and no means to produce it, distribute it, or create it.

Who is the greater danger and the most harm, to those of the greater good, for the betterment of mankind, and enables us to reach for and achieve our highest nature?

The collective, herd mentality.

Or the rare individual who calls out the elite, the powerful and points out the inequality we are subjected to, the mandates that are imposed upon us, and the scarcity that is enforced, first by the masters, and then by ourselves, after we are taught to police our own, and fear most those who dare to have us think, and to dream of a better way, a better world, and a better life.

Too often, the powerful invent their own ideologies to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions, ignore their crimes, and to keep what they took from us, and cloak such depravity with their own language and perversion of the word “rights.”

Rights only exist for those who can afford them. And only for those who submit to serve and set themselves beneath they, the self appointed masters.

You see this with every ideology, but in political parties and religious sects, most of all.

I believe I am special, I am smarter, I am exempt, I have a right to everything I can see and am exempt from any and all consequences of my behavior. Call it what you will, Liberal, conservative, Conservatarian, Liberpublican, Neo Liberal, Communist, Socialist, Democratic Socialist, or IDIOT! The end result is the same.

One group putting themselves above or apart from another group, and forcing anyone and everyone not like them to pay the cost of their privilege.

What difference does it make, which one of these so afflicted degenerates is put in a position of power? The end result is always the same.

No autonomy, no inclusion, no contribution wanted… Just the fruits of your labor, the opportunity and the means to produce intellectual or physical value, and to collaborate of your own free will, for your own purposes, independent of influence or control from any man, or collection of them.

Until we see government for what it is, the mechanisms of government for what it accomplishes, and the individuals of government for what they are, and the role they play in serving themselves and the interests of others at our expense, we will continue to live on the galaxies biggest plantation. One expressed in the physical state, as well as the mind.

This was not always the case. It is not and was not our nature and the nature of our existence at our inception. Perhaps we can learn from our brothers and sisters from the past, and apply those lessons accordingly. To be better, know better, do better, and be the fully realized imagination of ourselves, seeking the highest goals, with the greatest ambitions, to serve mankind, and in doing so, serve and preserve ourselves and our existence.

Instead our goals are to serve, and to exist to create the ambitions of a very small group of men and women, we did not choose, nor elect, who selected those we were permitted to elect to represent us, to represent them, alone.

It’s the people behind the people that tell us what to do, that we live for, work for, and die serving for. Our potential and opportunity, left to be our eternal tribute, as the meaning of our existence is not to fully realize ourselves, but to realize and help accomplish the desires of a few men and women, to have access to everything, the ability to create and destroy anything and anyone on their whim, and that we will pay the cost and the human price with our blood, our children, our lives, and our honor, to see to it that they have more than when they came into the game, and we leave, with nothing more than our unquestioned obedience has let us deserve, according to the benevolence of our masters… Who again, we did not select, elect, and were selected and elected for us. To control us, and keep us on the open air plantation.

It seems both our masters and ourselves are driven by the sheer goal to escape any and all accountability. That is why for us, slavery is much more certain and therefore preferable than the risk of taking a chance, investing in ourselves and each other, and collaborating and cooperating to innovate, create and make life better for ourselves and each other, tomorrow than it was today. We have outsourced our minds and commoditized our bodies to be made to be of service, so that we can exist for the very least that life has to offer, in the name of being sustainable. While those with the most, can have, need, and covet all they survey, their greed, their anger, and their lust for control being insatiable.

There can be no resolution without revolution.

No solution can be implemented without the will to create it, from those with the audacity to imagine it.

Are will still those people we once were, the pioneers and brave men and women of our ancestors, who risked life, limb and property to create a better way of life for their fellow man, and in so doing, saved and preserved themselves and future generations? Or are we cattle, human resources to be cataloged, herded, fed and housed, while being made to pay for the cost of our existence, with a pittance of what our value and labor is really worth. Is scarcity and Austerity what We, The People who made this country, made the value, made the property, and made the goods and delivered the services to the people on behalf of the powerful, while they took back all that they ever gave us, while sending us the bill for it… Is this what we think we truly deserve anymore?

If so, please feel free to vote for the next warden of the prison colony.

Me, myself, will chose not to vote, participate, nor subscribe to the scientific method of systemic control, that is  the tyranny of human farming…

” I will not make any deals with you. I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!” — The Prisoner







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