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The Logical Conclusion/Inevitable Result To The Madness Of Morons…

FWO: The primary is property of the party. They can do as they please. Property rights. They can follow their bylaws or not. At their discretion. Tim Black sold out to the Young Turks. He is dead to me.

Comment: As members of the Democrat party I’d argue it was the voters party more than management’s. What’s a party without voters? Nothing.

FWO: Legally the Democrat party is a corporation. The primary is their property. They are a voluntary legal entity. They can follow their rules or not. Include people or not. Raise money for whatever purpose, and use it how the board sees fit. They are a corporation. This is legal under the law. They are within their rights. If you don’t like it, you can leave the party. For something else. But they sure as hell aren’t changing…. Sad to say.

Comment: I read the charter and it seems they breached their own fiduciary duties but maybe another officer would have to take up that case.

FWO: I’m not saying it’s right. I think the DNC deserves to lose just for how the Democrats made Nader a pariah, for calling them out on abandoning progressives. Now, watch Bernie brush this under the rug. And people call out everyone who tries to bring this up as “hurting the party, when we have to unite to fight Trump…” The Demonrat party is dead. Progressives should go to the Green Party. The Demonrat party is Hillary Incorporated… Occupied Territory… Progressives have no home in the Democrat party. Being a former Nader volunteer, I’ve known this since 1996. The Clinton’s destroyed progressivism in the Democrat party. We have a one party state. We need a 2nd party. Trump ran against his party. But the bosses bully him around too. Trump shows any person who resist gets beaten up, and beaten down. Democracy is a fallacy in an of itself. We live in an oligarchy…. No freedom can be had, we either surrender or get slaughtered. Trump proved that the people are so sick of being ignored, that they don’t care anymore. Sadly the Democrats care too much. They would have more power, if they were more cynical like the Trump voters were… Believing in the party only gives them more power to fuck you over… See Bernie…

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