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Both Sides of the Social Contract BS

Both SIdes of the Social Contract BS.

Both Sides of the Social Contract BS

Both sides of the social contract argument is bullshit. One faction expresses the desire to limit freedom in exchange for some temporary privileges subject to obedience. The libertarian counter argument states that since you never agreed or signed such a contract, it doesn’t exist. Both are fallacies. The authoritarian contract is null and void because it is imposed by an entity without negotiating, and if at all, in bad faith. You cannot negotiate with any entity equally, when they have a monopoly on force, and can subject you to deprivation of life, liberty or property, reserving the right to do so with violence, upto and including death by execution. The libertarian argument is a fallacy, because at birth your sovereignty is traded by your parents to the state, in exchange for privileges unto them and unto you, on the basis of your unquestioned obedience to their decree. No negotiation, no arbitration, nothing… your rights are eliminated at birth. And NOW the state argues that since their fraud has gotten so out of hand to trillion dollar deficits, you are made responsible for… those privileges subject to obedience will not even be returned unto you, in the name of “austerity…” This violates any and all moral arguments of any social contract between the individual and the state. The agreement, more like threat, is now used against you, to the point where you cannot even seek legal, peaceful remedy. Where are you gonna go? State Court, Federal Court? Who appointed the judges, were they not elected if not appointed by agents of the same state that already robbed you of every natural right and individual sovereignty you had at birth? Where is the remedy? Where is the hope for peaceful resolution and restitution… There is none. Libertarians miss this with the whole “I did not sign a social contract…” You didn’t, but your parents did. And you are under their domain. End of story. You would have to return your Birth Certificate, ID, SS and assert your right to be a free man, independent of the legal fiction of corporate personhood… It makes perfect sense for corporations to ask for the same privedges and immunites that citizens already have. That is why the corporate personhood, and get the money out of politics argument doesn’t have any effect… because in the eyes of this system, we are all corporations, who get privledges based on obedience and immunites and liabilites, depending on behavior and obedience. If you go along, you get privledges from your legal strawman, if you don’t, you get liabilities and will have your property and privileges you attained from the system, revoked. This is not freedom, this is textbook tyranny. And to say that men and women must be incarcerated or killed here in America, or incarcerate or kill others in foreign lands to have this same system imposed upon them, without their consent is madness. No legal system will solve this. This IS our legal system. No monetary practice that imposes scarcity for profit, will solve this. No clergy who practices censorship in order to gain an exemption to keep the fruits from their members is going to solve this. No public/government or private for profit, educational institution is going to solve this. The medical profession who uses drugs and mutilation to stay in business, and no government who is in collusion with these individuals for profit to the point that the more illness and more sick people their are, the better the gross domestic product, is not going to solve this. PEOPLE are going to have to solve this. In spite of all of the rest of them who will stand in their way to preserve their privileges, and immunities at the expense of the rest of us. There is no other issue that can be resolved until you remedy the injustice and make everyone equal under the law. That preserves order. Only disorder can sustain this system. There are no solutions, problems justify their existence and create the opportunity for the privileged to keep their privileges and immunities… Where is the church on this? Are they leading the charge? No, they are silent in order to fund themselves. For what purpose? Apparently to be silent on the things that truly matter. Where are the monetarists? They are arguing over who gets to have the right to keep what they take from regaming the system in order to get what they want from it. No different than government. It’s still control. Just with different masters. Instead of preserving that which sustains life and keeps order. They choose to use artificial scarcity to create disorder to justify their existence. No different than religion, money, law or any other system designed to subvert the free will of man, to act in concert with another, or by himself, for their mutual benefit, or to be left alone. You cannot be left alone in this system. You have to produce value or an excuse to have your rights subverted for temporary privileges subject to behavior and unquestioned obedience, or not have any privileges or rights at all… It must come from someone except those in charge. You have to have a scapegoat, so they created the legal strawman, and if that’s not enough for the rest of us, they tell us that our rights only come at the expense of those like us, and those in power, born with all the benefits, privileges and immunities that come from this system, are not to be judged, held accountable, or inhibited in any way, from what they see as their natural right…. to be born with everything, exempt from anything, and have the right to keep it all, even if how they attain it and preserve it, threatens the existence of any and all resources that preserve and sustain life. That is indefensible, immoral, insane. I will not be a party to them or anyone who supports them, in theory, practice, or in apathy. You have already decided to leave me behind, so I return that unto you and walk away…. You cannot evolve and adapt by being obedient to untruths. You have to see nature as it is and adapt to it in order to survive. This system will destroy us, and deserves to end. It has to be in every way. We have to rethink our programming and design a structure that sustains life for the most people possible. Their are enough minds and material and means to accomplish this… But we have to get involved. If you sit on the sidelines and wait for your master to create a world where you will no longer need him, you will die a slave. I’d rather be free. I accept no master. My only responsibility is to save myself, and in so doing allow others to be able to do the same. Without sovereignty of the individual, there can be no creation… only decay. Until we give up the illusions, we will be forced to wait for what they decide we deserve, long after they have taken anything that is left. You can work to attain abundance or ashes… Some people have seen where this ends, and are ready to try something else. Call us names if you will, but identifying with illusions has done more damage to individuals, that those who appealed to reason ever will.

We Have To Be Honest With Ourselves Or We Will Just Be Setup To Fail Again!

We Have To Be Honest With Ourselves Or We Will Just Be Setup To Fail Again!.

No Party…

No Party….

No Party…

The reason I’m not a member of any party is because I don’t see the point of jumping onto a sinking ship when I’m already drowning. Yeah, I could go from immediate danger to imminent danger, but in the long run, I’m still in danger. I’d rather take my chances and find a path towards sustainability and survival than to get a temporary delay of inevitable demise. I see no point in dragging out my suffering. Either I will find a way or I won’t and my suffering will end. So be it. I don’t give a flying, fucking shit! I really don’t. Nobody will save you, you are obligated to save yourself. All media, religion, education, drugs, sexuality… everything around you exist to keep this law of nature from you. And bury within you the will to act upon it. Self preservation begins not with a group, or by being a member of a group. It comes from the realization in accountability to one’s self, above all else. You cannot accomplish anything if at first you do not even exist. Your will is your calling. To ignore it, and your own conscience is a sentence to destruction. External forces are merely mere instruments for the manifestation of your eternal fate. You choose. By deciding to act, or not to act. It is not the fault of anyone else BUT you. Some people only realize this just before they die. You have the chance to realize it before then and actually make your life and the lives of others worth living as a consequence. I care about nothing else. I see no reason or any argument to supplant this. You cannot pervert logic to your own ends no matter the means, to turn the laws of nature upon it’s head. You either align with it, or perish because of it. Mere self serving illusions and frauds and distractions can calm you externally, but never calm the internal sea within you. You have to align with nature and respect humanity. You cannot preserve one at the expense of the other. That is incompatible with natural law, and is not sustainable to preserve humanity. Think about where all of the inequality, exploitation, mistrust and anger comes from. It’s structural. It begins with what you are told, and by whom, for the benefit of everyone BUT you. And yet no one dares to question this without being attacked and marginalized by humanity. Well, then maybe they should decide if they cherish the precariousness of this unreality, over the spiritual alignment of the best of humanity, with natural law. One preserves that which sustains life, the other destroys it. One values all forms of life, the other only exists on the practice of destroying it for profit based artificial scarcity, by restricting access, and limiting abundance. There is no moral argument to justify this fundamental artificial inequality. The only purpose of this system is to restrict access and opportunity for everybody for the benefit of a preselected few, basically, in a return to caste system feudalism. They will call it capitalism, communism, fascism, but all it really is, is neo feudalism, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. They will steal opportunity from all, call it privileges for a few, and then give a name such as “freedom”, and use religion, ideologies, and mythology of commercialism and consumerism to give people the false hope of stability in the name of unquestioned obedience. This is the world we live in, and what we settle for, and wonder where the unrest comes from. If anything it comes from need. A need to be respected, to be valued, to be able to exist and have the right to free will and autonomy and opportunity respected. Instead these needs go on neglected and the victims are “unpersoned” and made invisible and irrelevant, UNLESS they speak out in the name of a representative of one group of the faction of those who represent those who are oppressing them, in the name of representing those who are being oppressed. I am sick of the excuses, the BULLSHIT, the lies, the accusations, and did I mention EXCUSES of the cowards who cower and grovel to the guilty and those responsible, just so they can be exempt, like those they grovel to, at the expense of the rest of us. Fuck them all… I am DONE! I am moving on. I wash my hands and walk away. At some point, one has to value their own sanity at the expense of an insane world and NOT the other way around…

We Have To Be Honest With Ourselves Or We Will Just Be Setup To Fail Again!

“The last honest true statesman. There will never be another.” Berni Richter

“His son is not one of those people…” FWO

“Why did Ron walk out on his own delegates who paid their way to the convention to fight to be seated FOR him? Berni, even he has something to answer for…? Just saying…” FWO

“Personally, I believe his life was at risk.” — Berni

“Then what is the point of getting involved if you are going to cave and back down at the end. Why should anyone take that same risk. You had people who BELIEVED IN YOU take a risk…. and sacrifice time and money they may never have again FOR you. That you can never get back. And you ask them to do it all over again, when you reserve the right to back down in the end to save yourself, and keep all that money to fund your family? Then refund the money… Why did he stop campaigning when he was “all in” the 2nd time? Why did he ask his supporters to raise money for a delegate challenge, when he was going to save himself, anyway…You see why I call out the “statesman” label, the saint label and general mythology of the Paul clan… Jesus went down the path. He didn’t ask for mercy. Ron had a calling and chose himself. Rand just decided to be honest about it from the get go. That I respect about him. But that is ALL I have to respect about him.” — FWO.

“I’m certainly not privy to the under-handed covert tactics of the GOP and Demoncrats. But after following Dr. Paul’s career for 42 years, I just KNOW there was something very dear to him that he wasn’t willing to risk.” Berni.
“Then why should we be asked or expected to do any different, let alone for those like him?” FWO.

I worked on his local grassroots campaign committee. I was never asked for anything but my vote. For me, there was no personal ‘risk’ involved. What did you risk?” Berni.

“Money, time, harrassment from police and GOP operatives, threatened with arrest after pay for delegates to get there. Surveilance from police and harrasment from anonymous phone calls. Solicitation for money from the GOP, who paid to harrass Paul supporters. Of course you are naieve about this… You just raised money, and let others take the abuse. Some of us won’t be put through that kind of crap again for anyone who doesn’t walk on water… FWO

I understand your disappointment. We heard about the harassment. I’m sorry it happened to you. So imagine being Ron Paul, and what the covert forces had in mind for him and his.” Berni. 

“Apparently he doesn’t think we deserve one, and I think after that, I don’t owe him (OR HIS SON) a damn thing… So all of this martyrdom is self inflicted, and at the very least discarding accountability of his actions, and the effect they had on the people who took him at his word. He can’t have it both ways, he can’t walk away with cash on hand, and then plea that he was wronged. And that we should be expected to give selflessly everything of ourselves again. Fool me once shame on you ’08, fool me twice shame on me, I aint about to be a three time loser, with nothing left in my pocket for his son, who compromised from the get go…” FWO

The Only Reform Is Within

The Only Reform Is Within.