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Inventing Corporate Racism To Mask Institutional Racism Results In Practicing BOTH!

“I always question the received reality…” — George Carlin.

They didn’t buy anything… that is loitering…

They refused to leave… and were objecting to being detained for creating a disturbance and trespassing…

So now, you have been put in a position where you follow company policy, then get put into “unconscious bias training” for following that policy, and even fired, for following company policy… and this is a GOOD thing?!!

The CEO capitulates, and they STILL shut down the store. (Not to mention they can’t even rhyme… I thought all brothers could rap, LOL!)

This is the same reason you can’t stop a KKK rally. If you stop them, any other rally can be stopped for any arbitrary reason.

Say a BLM rally is ok, but a open carry gun rally, or military or police rally isn’t…

You can’t make those kind of distinctions because public spaces by law, cannot discriminate.

Private spaces, because they have property owners who have to incur financial risks for damages and political PR stunts, like this one; have to discriminate, because they are responsible to their stockholders to keep customers happy to get a return on their investment.

Besides, people come to Starbucks to socialize and drink coffee.

If they wanted to attend a political rally, they would have.

You are interfering with their free will.

It is in a private companies interest to discriminate, to protect their customers and profit base.

What the left is insisting on is reversing that, and making private space public, while demanding that those who use public space, be restricted on the basis of political correctness…

This is communist socialism trying to hijack the prosperity created by capitalism and private property, and distribute it, one political gang/mob at a time, on the basis of the hierarchy of internalized oppression.

Not outward physical oppression, internalized oppression.

This is how a white man like Shaun King can build his career off of posing as a black man, who is oppressed by the system, even though he is rich from working as a columnist for the NY Daily News, a contributor on The Young Turks, and a lecturer… for BLM.

This is how a white woman like Rachel Dolezal, can take too much self tanner, and get her hair done, and automatically be given a position at the NAACP… National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…

Because it’s about identity…

As long as you serve the agenda, all sins are forgiven.

You may be hustling the people you are trying to “help” and making a living off of their funding you, but as long as you preach the SJW gospel, you will be safe and protected from any and all criticism, thanks to your blood brother Uber Allies…

Do stunts like this help people in poor communities?

In Philadelphia, I bet you this Starbucks, will now be protested, and boycotted, no matter how many concessions are made, and free coffee handed out…

And what does that mean?

People in that neighborhood will have one less place to have a job and make money to get them out of the shithole, they are in.

And all with the help of a white, college aged student, who took it upon herself to practice the SJW claptrap, she has been preached… for all four years of college, and another four years in high school.

One decision by a SJW Uber Allie, has now put a corporation, a coffee shop, and a community under control of the BLM/SJM mob… and now the people stuck there, who can’t leave… will be made to suffer… MORE!

This story encapsulates EVERYTHING wrong with Social Just-US Warrior pathology.

White guilt privileged SJW female college student, takes it upon herself to give something she has no right to give, to a person who has no right to ask for it.

Then the PC Corporate whores panic and backtrack and concede, and let people unrelated to the incident make demands upon them. Setting the precedent for this to happen at other establishments all over the country.

Half the media supporting it, the other half opposing it.

And driving the people into an “either/or” position, balkanizing America… over… coffee…

And SHITTY coffee at that.

There are SJW “fair trade” environmentally friendly coffee shops all over America… but now, everyone has to be in danger if they don’t make concessions to whoever walks through the door, if they are a particular race.

What’s next?

Asians/Indians/Hispanics demanding free coffee because of Donald Trump.

How much of Starbucks annual budget should be spent on freebies for aggrieved interests groups?

Why stop there?

How about demanding vouchers from Amazon for people of color, sorry Asians, Mixed, Europeans, other immigrants… this applies to BLACK PEOPLE ONLY!

Reparations, you know…

Okay, what about the Irish who were enslaved in the new world? And were made to build the railroads, dynamiting mountains, and mining in the steel mills?

Do they get something?

Free Guinness, Scotch Whiskey, and Corn Beef and Cabbage FOR LIFE?!!

Do ancestors of the Japanese we put in internment camps during WWII by FDR, get their reparations?

Do people who fall for Nigerian scams, get to ask for reparations from Nigeria?

Do the Native Americans get to ask Britain for reparations as their settlers stole their land? No, they get it from America, and people who had nothing to do with the genocide against Native Americans… How convenient!!!

It’s always great if you can take a segment of society, and scapegoat them for your sins.

You get to keep your ill gotten gains, the fruit of a poisoned tree, and we get to pay for it. Because you mandate through law, that we pay for it.

Reinforcing the principle of arbitrary collective punishment, on the basis of previous arbitrary collective punishment…

You see this cycle can NEVER end!

That is why the founders made it a point to say, that the only way out of this morass was to enshrine universal equal rights, without privileges and immunities.

But there is a problem…

Government EXISTS to dole out those privileges and immunities, and are incentivized further to do so, by gaining financial contributions, AND unpaid volunteers and activists to lobby the people on their behalf, BY doing so…

So the interest groups get a cut, the politicians get a cut, the media gets a cut through ratings and loyal, cult like idolatry of the SJW political commissars that embody mainstream CORPORATE media.

Okay, that makes sense…

So, what do YOU get out of it…

Well, demonized for something you didn’t do.

Ostracized, for something you had nothing to do with.

Penalized, when small business who can’t afford the cost of such extortion based activism, have to leave the community, robbing you of a service, as well as employment and income that would lead you to upward social mobility.

No instead they want you poor, they NEED you to stay poor, so they have a cause, they can use as a business to raise money, and decide how much left over they want to spend on their next extortion schemes and campaigns.

How does this help the person stuck in the afflicted community?

Please explain to me.

In my old neighborhood, I grew up in a ghetto. Very poor, we had a liquor store, a gun shop, payday loan places, gas stations, and in my backyard there was the elementary school I attended…

When I went back 20 years later, I didn’t recognize the place.

While still at the lower income bracket, for most people, there were stores, shopping malls, real commercial development.

What does that mean?


What does jobs mean?


More income, less violence, and the opportunity to focus on education and the opportunity for social mobility.

Now let’s put these SJW activists in there…

What’s the first thing they would do?

Look around, see oppression, and target those with any wealth they can seize for their own self interest.

So now, you take jobs, income, and the possibility of hope away from the disadvantaged, and then come in and tell them how you are gonna change things for the better, if you listen to them, and let them do what’s best for them, at your expense, while they tell you with a straight face, it is best for YOU!

Does it REALLY matter if the face telling you this is a Black one?

What changed?

Was it for the better or for the worse…

Who benefits?

Definitely NOT the people at the bottom…

And some people, of BOTH races want to make a living, making sure that it stays that way.

And MLK wept…

His dream has been turned into his worst nightmare… with the enthusiasm and help of his own people…

And the wealth class of both races, who hated King, and his Poor People’s Campaign, more than his opposition to the war in Vietnam, sit back, relax, and know… they are still safe… because they are in control…

Ask me again, what I hate about politics, the media, and real institutionalized racism that is universal, the simple discrimination and criminalization of poverty, while ensuring that it expands, instead of decreases.

I can see why the same people hate Trump.

People with more money in their pocket, and more choices in their lives, and the ability to get out of the urban plantations… do not make good slaves.

And everybody who reads enough history knows that the Demonrat party was built on slavery… and when that wasn’t enough, through the income tax, they made everyone a slave.

All they are fighting is your realization of who your slave master, truly IS.

Social Justice uses the same principle… “we are oppressing you for your own (common/greater) good…”

If you enforce the Urban Plantation, you force the slaves to only rely on you, government, to provide for their existence.

They can’t leave, they can’t challenge you, they can’t afford to oppose you.

This is how politicians can use government to get very rich. Because when you aren’t accountable to anyone, including government, you can create a lot of wealth. And if you are the only person who knows where that wealth you accumulated IS, well then, you can live quite comfortably… while you are only expected to work 1/3 of the year, and when you don’t, you get paid recess… and can “run your business…”

Race is just another commodity in the marketplace of America. And racism is more profitable today, than it ever has been.

You just need to be a member of the government mafia, because they write the rules, they can choose to enforce.

Are you sure you know.. who your master REALLY (STILL) is?!!


Everything You Wish You Didn’t Know About Us Bombing Syria


When Trump is embraced by his enemies… you know he fucked up.

It was a hoax……

The same Saudi’s that funded 911 hijackers… are funding “The White Helmets” in Syria……


Then WHY DID HE HIRE BOLTON! He fucked himself… And Haley is rogue…. what the FUCK is he doing! (I KNEW PENCE was the mole…)

So, the investigation site is a combat zone under live fire… thanks to the rebels who are to inherit the country if we overthrow Assad. This shit is FAKE! Damn you Trump!

The Neo CONS are BACK!

No evidence, then you bomb an unrelated area, and then let them in a week later. Nothing to see here, move along… 😉

Fitting the Neo Cons go home to the left, as they preach Russia phobia and threaten WW3. It’s so nice to see jilted lovers kiss and make up.

The President under the War Powers Act can do whatever he wants for 90 days, then go to Congress. All they care about is legalizing their crimes after the fact to get immunity.

Missile diplomacy is how you stumble into WW3. Stupid!

Putin is the only sane person here.

Yes, we know liberals lie and are insane…

The Pentagon is lying. This is Iraq all over again…

Can’t afford to have an investigation to fuck with the narrative…

The Swamp won…

Trump is enacting Hillary’s foreign policy…

This is Iraq all over again… and we are falling for it… like Trump has…

Absolutely agree

History repeats itself.

They don’t want an investigation… they want a war…

I support Putin… he defeated ISIS…

Gorka is a Neo CON!

(Gorka/Bolton, Trump is surrounded by the same old NEO CONS!!!)

Hillary 2.0.

Trump surrounded himself with the Swamp.

I have no faith in Trump or Congress to stop this.

Trump is not in charge… Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss… I didn’t vote for Hillary because I thought she would do this.. What difference did it make.

Putin has every right to retaliate…

The next war….

New war, same strategy.

Yes, White Helmets are ISIS terrorists…

At this point, IDC if he is Impeached. And I voted for him.

Iraq war all over again… Hussein was secular, Assad is secular. We are making the middle east jihadi occupied territory.

Russia defeated ISIS and the Anglo American Establishment wants PAYBACK!

The left has found their pro war, cold war face, thanks to Trump.

As my father used to say: “Bend over, kiss your ass goodbye, and say “GOODBYE ASS!”

Meet the new boss. Same as the OLD BOSS!

Remember when he said he would not disclose military strategy… Yeah.

What will our troops be dying for, this time…

No investigation. No evidence… Assad is secular. We are turning Syria over to Al Nusra. After Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, to prepare to attack Iran… This is INSANE!

Even if this was true since when do we care about Muslims killing Muslims…

No evidence whatsoever… W. Bush all over again. No wonder Bolton is back.

He should be impeached for this.

Take it to the UN Security Council.

Would you sacrifice your life or your child to kill Assad. Simple question.


Why should Americans die to stop muslims killing muslims… Have you been to Beirut?

We will have World War 3 for Israel, whether you like it or not… Maybe you will die before your kids, with your kids or after your kids… We shall see… Soon!

Let Israeli’s die for Israel.

Trump is an idiot on foreign policy…

Since when have we cared about anybody killing Muslims….

Trump is a Zionist puppet…

Both parties want Trump gone. He is fucked. If he doesn’t give them their war, they will impeach him. He gave them Workfare, the tax cuts, military and pork spending… it’s still not enough. They want a blood sacrifice. Cruise missiles doesn’t cut it.

The Trump Presidency is… fucking… OVER…

General Mattis is all that stands between us and WW3/UNLIMITED Nuclear War…

Cohen is damn right…

Roger is right…


When The MSM Attacks The MSM, Er, TYT/LOL!

“Meanwhile, ads from the Washington Post and New York Times appeared on far-right and conspiracy channels like Black Pigeon Speaks and some run by InfoWars. The companies are investigating how their ads appeared on the channels.

“It appears that YouTube did not follow its own protocols and categorize these videos properly,” the New York Times told CNN. The paper said its ads should only appear on a list of pre-approved sites.

If the channels are monetized — which InfoWars has previously claimed they are — the major newspapers could have unknowingly supported disinformation and conspiracy.

Ads also appeared on The Jimmy Dore Show channel, a far-left YouTube channel that peddles conspiracy theories, such as the idea that Syrian chemical weapons attacks are hoaxes.”

I just did a spit take!


Jimmy WHORE just got lumped into “Alex Jones tin foil hat, conspiracy theory” territory by CNN!


Jimmy caved on the Seth Rich murder… and toed the DNC/TYT company line, and now he is getting called out by MSM… because he does what Cenk asked him to…

The irony… the irony…

You KNEW at some point Cenk’s BULLSHIT was going to cut back into their sacred cow, Jimmy WHORE!

Now Jimmy has to please Cenk, and cower to CNN, and not defend himself too much, so as to put Cenk and his Demonrat party donors like Haim Saban and Jeffrey Katzenberg in an “uncomfortable position…”

Nobody is safe at TYT as long as Cenk isn’t writing the checks…

Katzenberg probably had Cenk pay Jordan Chariton to go away…

(And we are all grateful…)

But don’t think for a moment, if Cenk had to chose between the 20 MILLION he got from Katzenberg, and some washed up comic, that couldn’t fill a club before TYT cult took over… that Cenk would stand up to the Hillary fundraiser/mogul, writing his checks… and paying for TYT.

I’m sure Jimmy will do what Cenk tells him too.

And the left will try to rally to Jimmy and TYT without realizing the same people at CNN targeting Dore, are the same people Cenk and Nomi, Nomki, Nomikkki, whateverhernameisthisweek at the “DNC Unity Commission” work for the same people and for the same agenda, at the DNC.

TYT deserves this.

Jimmy as long as he stays at TYT and keeps pulling this anti establishment BULLSHIT while he is getting paid BY donors to the same Demonrat party that gave you Hillary Clinton over Bernie $ander$… can expect to be taken out to the woodshed by the MSM every once in a while, with Cenk’s tacit blessing.

It’s great for Cenk.

Jimmy’s rabid base of zealots get to rally to him and buy his books and DVD’s. Buying subscriptions to TYT to support him, even though by his own admission, he has been quarantined by TYT’s main channels… and wasn’t even on the SOTU panel… at TYT.

And Cenk gets to parrot Jimmy out to the grassroots of the party, while winking at the corrupt core of the party, that “don’t worry… I’ll keep him in line… if he goes too far…”

This is a typical mindfuck from the Demonrats and the MSM to the grassroots of the progressive movement.

We have come a long way DOWN when we can shun Ralph Nader, and embrace “Sellouts” like Cenk Ugyur and his minions like Jimmy Dore…

Remember, Cenk’s degree is in Business… Jimmy doesn’t have a degree in law, politics, or activist experience… he tells jokes in half empty clubs, or used to. Now he barely even does that…

Everybody at TYT proclaims expertise their resume doesn’t show.

No wonder they hired Dan Rather, more myth and self importance, than substance, even more so than Cenk Ugyur.

This is a manipulation with capitalist motives.

Funny this is coming from a socialist who hates capitalism but just can’t seem to break his addiction to YOUR MONEY!

Even after being bought off by not one but TWO CORPORATE PIMPS!!!

First Saban, now Katzenberg!

The whole operation is putrid disinformation and slander without substance and even less facts.

But it sure as shit is useful to somebody…. 20 MILLION useful…

What are they selling?

For whom?

And TO whom?

Think about it.

Don’t feel sorry for Jimmy WHORE…

1 MILLION when you suck at your TWO jobs, is quite enough of a reward… already!

HERE COMES THE SJW CALVARY to save the sacred cow of  TYT CULT!

Now Jimmy is accusing CNN of a conspiracy against him…

Uhh, paranoid much?

So Putin’s Network RT is DEFENDING TYT’s and Cenk’s sacred cow, Jimmy WHORE… Where is Bob Mueller when we NEED HIM, ROTFLMGDMFAO!!!

So Cenk endorses Hillary who sold Uranium to Putin. And Jimmy host RT which is Putin’s network. But Trump is bought off by Russia… Yeah….

Cenk silenced Jimmy on Seth Rich… Do you think we are stupid… I lost any respect for this guy after that… No excuse…. NONE! Cenk STILL covers for Hillary…


Youtube ad revenue is nothing to the rest of the ad revenue they get.



So you use the material from MSM to bitch about MSM, and make money off the MSM… while criticizing them, without realizing, without their content, you would have no platform and nothing to say… because you have no expertise… and are in fact a Youtube Video Blogger… like everyone else on Youtube. You sit at a bigger desk and look into a bigger camera, but you sure as hell aint no journalist… and don’t have to follow journalistic ethics…

But then, since when have comics had to…


I’ll just leave this, right here…


The Young Turks did NOT cover this…


“You MUST… Love… Me…!!!”

The newspaper is a product, paid by advertisers and consumers. If the people do not subscribe, and advertisers do not want to use a declining platform to reach the marketplace… yes, the paper will go out of business.

Many papers have gone out of business in the past decade.

They are incapable of using the tools of the 21st century, and instead are too intransigent and dependent on outdated models for revenue.

The product today of most papers is simply recycled news from the AP or Reuters. With a few local stories, punctuated with national columnist op ed pieces.

My local paper in Milwaukee, which merged with the only other major daily newspaper in Milwaukee, now has a News section of 5-7 pages on a good day. Less on others.

The Metro section has two writers.

The rest of the sections, business and entertainment are recycled from MSM papers, as well as blogs in some cases.

What am I paying for?

Not much local coverage.

Nobody “walking the beat” out investigating a big story, probably no more than a handful of times a year.

And most of these “Breaking Stories” are merely gossip and innuendo in place of facts.

They cover the play by play, but they don’t resolve much or indict people except after the fact.

To call it “investigative journalism” is an insult, hell, to call it “journalism” is an insult. It is advertising in place of meaningful content.

Filler over facts, and not posting anything that would offend the advertisers.

The local paper, has frankly been reduced to… toilet paper.

Don’t get me started on the fluff that is local news broadcasts.

How many stories of a dog lost up a tree rescued by firemen can one city have?

Makeup tips for housewives?

What woman can afford to be a housewife in this stagflated economy?

Are they talking about corruption in local, state or federal government?

Nope, they are in fact having their reporters MARRY the men and women they are supposed to cover, then are promoting the book of the wife, or husband, of the government official and allowing them to pontificate on local, state, and national politics, and advocate for the policies of their spouse. See Cleveland Plain Dealer Columnist Connie Schultz who doesn’t even include her husband’s name, Senator Sherrod Brown, on her by-line.

There is no debate.

Reporting is so dry and baseless what you get is “so and so told me X happen, Y says it didn’t, that’s all from here… back to you!”

Call that anything you like, but don’t dare to call it informative, or journalism.

Instead you get political agendas, editors deciding what stories to cover, and what to ignore, with some papers and MSM websites, and impostor news websites deciding to moderate/censor, if not ELIMINATE reader comments and participation altogether.

And for  this privilege you get to pay THEM 100-200 a year for this garbage.

And now, the people who have been silenced, scapegoated and ignored are being chastised for not “supporting the vital, sacred duty that is corporate whore journalism/advertising/marketing…?!!”

I’m sorry, but if you demonize the country, allow the elite to rape it and suck up profit for themselves, at the expense of the people, and turn government into a mob enforced protection racket, in the middle of a Depression, and spend day and night trying to remove the man and the polices of the man that in spite of you, created a moment of temporary prosperity, the people WILL tune you out… and rightly so.

Because not only do you not respect their reality, you take pride in being immune FROM it, and worship the men and women, who control it, to their detriment…

At some point, they realize they are on the floor, and you are not the one helping them up, and that you are attacking and trying to remove the one person, who gave them a hand up…

And you wonder why they look at you, if they do with their hand in their pockets, watching you squirm on the way down.

Why should they interfere with karma and justice.

You don’t think they deserve to be saved by yourselves or the elite you serve, but you expect and DEMAND that they sacrifice to save YOU!

You sold your soul for access and the privilege of the benefits of the elite, but forgot that they hold no allegiance to you, nor to us, when we no longer are of service to them.

Now, you will suffer like the rest of us have been made to suffer…

I can think of no greater irony and righteous turn of events.

Don’t cry for the MSM, Argentina… they deserve “No Love…”

Newspapers like broadcast media actively loathe their readers & brag about colluding with the powers that be, to lie to them for profit. They are not a watchdog of democracy, they are a lapdog to plutocracy.

Good Riddance!


TYT Is Running Out Of Scapegoats Cenk Is Desperate

No Jink, the NRA does NOT sell guns…

Oy Vey!


MSM is riddled with inbreeding with the Demonrats… they killed objectivity long before Trump. Now they forget to hide it…

The System Is Collapsing

“workfare addresses a problem that largely doesn’t exist, while doing little about long-term poverty, a problem that does exist. (And for all the Trump administration’s bluster about idle welfare recipients, its budget would ax spending on job training.)”


Workfare is making you work for benefits you were already taxed for, and it undercuts the job market, for the unemployed, which creates more people in the welfare/workfare slave labor pool. (Not to mention it’s job training budget, which is mandatory to receive benefits, would not be funded.) This is an unserious approach to the issue. This is eliminating welfare, and shifting that money to pork for both parties interest groups. Government has been cannibalized. You are literally paying taxes to get nothing… no services from government…

You can’t mandate a job, and guarantee employment unless you give them a govt. job. What is the point of paying taxes for services from government, if you are prevented from using them or have to be charged to pay for them, after you already paid for them as a taxpayer. This is taxing the poor and the unemployed and pulling up the ladder using govt. to target the weak and give contracts to the rich, to “manage the weak…” for private profit. It’s sadistic. If this is a man of God, I question what God he serves. Jesus didn’t tax the lepers, he took them on, as his own, and declared war on the tax collectors. This is a perversion of faith morphing into crony crapitalist ideology…

Between this, and the Executive Order continuing to suspend the Constitution…

Let alone if we get in another goddamn war…

Trump has lost my vote…

And while I’d hate to see the economy reversed…

If he goes to war to remove Assad… without approval from Congress…

He should be Impeached.

It wouldn’t matter, another war, and his base abandons him anyway…

That’s just more money sucked out of the public sphere for corporate interests…

This “reform” is nothing more than the mask coming off the Fascist face/state of government.

And in spite of this, they STILL want to overturn an election, just to get their power back, and continue the game without the interference of the President of the United States.

They don’t resent him for what he’s done.

They like the money they are making on Wall St.

They like the deals, the economy booming…

They even like that they can manipulate Trump so easily as they do the American people, with fake media, such as the “White Helmets” actors, passing as gas victims… and that Trump doesn’t question their agenda and blatant criminal lies the MSM espouses to justify the next war on false pretenses…

What they don’t like, is that he has no shared blood on his hands, no body count, no incarceration count, as a blood oath to protect them, their racket, their sins, along with his.

And there is nothing he can do short of killing a lot of brown people for Israel to earn their begrudging tolerance, if never their respect.

It’s not about wealth for the elite. It’s about power.

Keeping it in the hands of the blood oath they all take to the God they pray too and sacrifice for.

Trump will never satisfy these people.

Even money doesn’t deter them.

They want society to collapse and eat itself, so they can have our nuisance, and their limited obligation to us, eradicated.

Trump stands in the way of that.

He keeps fucking it up… And they hate him for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the GOP…

(Just imagine of what they think of Trump voters… and compare that to the media and the Demonrats, our media and political class HATE US!!!) Did you get the message!

Make no mistake, as much as they hate Trump, they hate us even more…

They own you… they even own him/Trump, too…

Again, did you get the message???


Thankfully by asking the unemployed to pay TWICE for benefits from government… we can shift those BILLIONS over to WAR!

When a guy from Britain is warning you about shit the media won’t talk about…

You don’t have a media. What you have is corporatist/war/propaganda.

Bill is absolutely right…



When A Marxist Crapitalist, & A TYT Wannabee… Collaborate For The SJW/Marxist Left, Imitating The Man They Proclaim To Despise… (Who Is A Republican) And FAIL To See The IRONY!!!

Impotent Illegitimate… the Xer/Xe, the MYTH, the Legend… Man, talk about shooting blanks. You guys leech off the msm with no original content. If the msm died tomorrow, you’d have to leave your apartment and get a job! Some Marxist you are. Seems you like capitalism for you, monopolies like youtube, and poverty for the rest. Talk about deranged!

So Impotent Illegitimate and Marxist capitalist JT.. are criticizing tyt and msm, while using and promoting their content to make money in a capitalist monopoly, off YouTube which came from the CIA run Google. So, you are basically capitalist CIA collaborators, using the MSM to make money off of gullible people who watch YouTube, got it!!!! One good fraud sprouts another. Operation Mockingbird revisited.