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Ignorance And Denial, Go Together…

Source: Ignorance And Denial, Go Together…

Ignorance And Denial, Go Together…

FWO: That’s how insurance works. Is there anything you do understand? Certainly not economics OR insurance…

TYT: Fact is that health insurance should have NEVER been a thing. Some asshole that thought it would be funny to make health a game thought it up. People should be able to get medical care, period.

FWO: So you believe that doctors are indentured servants?

I thought you were against slavery?

TYT: as a fun and likely necessary exercise for you, you might pretend for a minute that you do not understand anything about anything, and how would you go about getting truthfully educated on important subjects. Just a thought. You seem to have a strong opinion on many things with no facts or even concern for facts to back up your arguments.

FWO: Emotions are not facts

TYT: They paid very well for their subpar services, so how could you consider them a slave? Enlighten me

don’t be a dolt, the fact there are companies out there that do nothing, absolutely nothing and rake in BILLIONS for just taking your money and paying it so another company is ridiculous. it’s a travesty and doctors always get paid so what were you saying? We need medicare for all, but we cannot rid ourselves of the insurance companies in just a few years, too many jobs, we got started on the wrong road and we are stuck there. smh.

FWO: If anything there is TOO MUCH government in health care. All you did was create ANOTHER cartel based monopoly and instituted a tax in a economic depression, which strangled employment… If you knew anything about economics, this would be obvious.

Doctors do NOT always get paid. Reimbursements for Medicaid are SO LOW doctors are refusing to take it… Welcome to the real world. Economics 101

TYT: Quit acting stupid asshole.-, unless you aren’t acting. Then I feel sorry for your caretaker.



TYT: We are like 35 in health care and one of the few countries that has for profit health care, are you so lonely you need to rile people up just so someone pays attention to you? Cuz you certainly don’t make any sense at all…………..and, I’ve never heard of a doctor turning down medicare, except of course “elective surgery” of course they would turn that down, but so would health insurance companies. I can’t take your stupidity…it’s so obvious you haven’t a clue.

FWO: Oh, now YOU know more about doctors THAN doctors, tell me, do you walk on water TOO! Or does the Head Turk Genocide Denier, just let you tickle his balls… OOPS! I assumed his gender. A thousand pardons, mis-STRESS!

Step one, read a book on economics, step 2 TALK TO A DOCTOR! Naturally you will do neither. But claim you know everything, and I hope so, because pretty soon, you will have to perform surgery on yourselves…

The doctors, (if you read) do NOT account for the rise in pricing. One minute you blame the doctors, the next you blame the insurance companies. Rambling… Like a blind dick in space. TYT has long been a festival of ignorance… That is nothing new.

BTW Hillary and Trump AGREED on Health Care…

TYT: we know. It’s the thieving insurance companies. They provide NO service! They are an expensive middle man that is making it impossible for us to pay our medical bills.

FWO: Um, you can thank Obama for that, creating a monopoly for the insurance companies. We call this the theory of “DUH!’

TYT: Lol no that monopoly was always there. Obama tried to put constraints.

FWO: How do you constrain something by letting them WRITE THE DAMN BILL!

TYT: Ridiculous argument. Universal health care. Doctors get paid quite well

FWO: Let’s ask an actual doctor, I know, what THE FUCK would he know…?!!

Is This A Joke? Oh, He’s Serious….

Source: Is This A Joke? Oh, He’s Serious….

Is This A Joke? Oh, He’s Serious….

Cenk is worth 10 Million Ana 2 Million, Ratigan 10 MILLION! if they want to pay more in taxes, check the contribute box on your tax return. NO! You want MY money… Let’s get the poor to pay for themselves…. Nice! I think this guy knows more than TYT does…

Where your tax money goes, and doesn’t go…

“Too Easy, Drill Sargent!”

Source: “Too Easy, Drill Sargent!”

“Too Easy, Drill Sargent!”

Men died, Clinton raped.…/shows/clinton/etc/draftletter.html

How low can you go TYT?!!

It all comes back to Dubya; with five student draft deferments under his belt Biden is definitely more of a dodger than Bush – however, the current Vice President did inherit both of his conflicts from the National Guardsman and former president. Following his fifth deferral in 1968, he was deemed ineligible for service having had asthma as a teenager. According to him it wasn’t political though – his jackets were more of the sporting variety than the tie-dyed kind, apparently, and he was just preoccupied with becoming a lawyer and getting married. In fact, of the contestants for the presidency in 2008, only John McCain had a particularly notable military record, having served a lengthy career in the US Navy.

William Jefferson Clinton certainly didn’t want to fight in the Vietnam War and as President certainly sent troops abroad. In 1972 Bill acquired temporary Reserve Officers’ Training Corps status, exempting him from being drafted – though he never actually joined the ROTC, and has since been accused of deliberately deceiving the military to avoid service. Over the course of the 1990s he sent a substantial number of peacekeeping troops to Bosnia and to Kosovo, as well as deploying missions to Rwanda and Somalia, where the ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident occurred.

Now TYT, do you want ice for that BERN!

When A Doorknob Scapegoats

Source: When A Doorknob Scapegoats