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Why Allies Are Impossible In Today’s Society Pt. II

UPDATE: Now HA Goodman is cussing people out and blocking people on Twitter for criticizing Israel over Trump moving the capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…

What the HELL is happening to the left!?!

You can’t speak the truth!

That Israel was founded through terrorism by the Irgun and Stern Gang, bombing the King David Hotel…

That is mainstream history.

You cannot blame Hamas for that.


Do you think we are stupid…

Israel CREATED HAMAS as a wedge against the PLO…

P.S. H.A. Goodman… FUCK YOU!

You and batshit crazy Caitlin Johnstone…



THE LEFT DOES NOT OWN HISTORY! THIS IS NOT SOVIET RUSSIA! You cannot delete people, facts, documentation of what took place.

That you insult, CENSOR and DELETE anything that shows you to be IGNORANT of what the hell you are advocating and talking about… Proves you are just another hustler, selling your propaganda for a buck, like the capitalist, you proclaim to HATE!

They want to censor people, who know the truth, can read history, and call them out for their lies.

And they want to use the internet to make money perpetuating those lies, and silencing their victims.

The left is viral intellectual AIDS!

You can’t talk to them.

You can’t reason with them.


They DEMAND you conform to their philosophy…

And if they have to shame, ridicule, censor, attack, and call for you to be punished, so that they are not exposed…

That is what must take place.

When you see this in people… RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

And be thankful, you are not infected with their metastasized CANCER!

All frauds expose themselves in the end…

Yet another leftist FUCKTARD joins the roll call of Shame!

Cenk Ugyur, Tim Black, Hard Bastard, Caitlin Johnstone…

Too busy making a profit “circling the drain” and protecting their turf of unopposed IGNORANCE…



^ Ben Shapiro, typical American Zionist liar who has no knowledge of what he is talking about as he probably hasn’t been 2 Israel And if he was, he was shielded from “Arabs” as it’s an apartheid/police/ethnoterrorist state These liars are PATHETIC, but thankfully they are transparent

^ And they STILL HATE US!!!



Why Allies Are Impossible In Today’s Society

UPDATE: Hard Bastard blocked me and cussed me out on Twitter for making a distinction between Cenk saying Jordan was using TYT funds to promote his site,  misusing funds, (which doesn’t make sense since they all had other jobs while at TYT… Jordan Medialite, Krystal DNC, Dylan MSNBC, Michael Tracey, David Sirota IBT… Get the picture…) and NOT for his using TYT card to pay for hotel and drinks that enabled the sexual assualt/harrassment at his site. Which Cenk and his finance guy Dave Koller would HAVE to know about… thereby implicating Cenk in aiding and abetting and covering up sexual assault.

Think about it, if you are getting 1,000 dollar hotel and food bills, when you are supposed to have a stipend or be reimbursed for business related expenses… (drinking and whoring, and raping, not supposedly one of them…) along with whispers and talk among women at TYT and Jordan’s site about his gross, overt sexual harassment, and even rape… of young women he is employing… And this goes on for over a YEAR!

Shouldn’t ALARMS be going the FUCK, OFF!!!

No, according to HB, that is all fine, and if you have a side gig, that they knew about, along with the fact you were freelancing before you came to TYT, THAT is reason for Cenk to fire you?


Now if you want to call people stupid, for pointing this out, and by this I mean, STATING THE OBVIOUS, perhaps HB, you are more like Cenk than you think.

Cenk, Tim Black, Jamarl Thomas, and Caitlin Johnstone… I’m sorry… I can’t put up with this insane dysfunction from the left. Which is why I choose NOT to associate with them. Even when I AGREE with them… on some (read SOME) important things.

They have this psychosis where they attack people they agree with and defend people they oppose… and it’s dumbfounding… With the need to go nuclear and be toxically obnoxious and as divisive and personal, (when they know nothing about you, which is as “HARD” as it sounds) as they can be, even when they do not understand nor care to understand, nor read, what you write or say to them.

This is the problem with libertarian/conservative/liberal dogma in practice.

It’s based on assumptions invested in emotions… and a need for validation in a group or herd, and NOT facts!

You can’t debate, discuss, disagree. Even subtlety, without implying weakness in their minds. So they have to destroy you, and throw acid on the bridge, and call out their sycophants to make an example to feed their ego. Their divine right, is their pound of YOUR flesh…


Well… as much as I hate to break it to you… HB/TYT/Tim Black/Caitlin Johnstone…



Obedience is to the truth.

That is what is just, and gives you your standing.

When you eject that, for personal vanity to hide inferiority…

You have lost the moral authority to be a voice, and you have become white noise…

And there is enough of that going around, in fact TOO MUCH, already!

These self imposed cliques, and psychological barriers, will be all those in power and wholly corrupt need and depend on, to stay in power. Since we can never ally for one moment to meet them, and defeat them, in the battle for ideas, and on the streets.

Because the moment somebody is recognized, they have to seem to themselves as infallible… and omnipotent…

And in effect, BECOME impotent…

It is  a pathetic and truly sad commentary on our times, when people of conscience must turn reason and the ability to reason on it’s head, and turn it into their unadulterated RIGHT, and intellectual property, then manifest that into physical property, as to a site or forum THEY ASK OTHER PEOPLE TO FUND… so they can have their pulpit, and bench high above us ALL to JUDGE!

Ironic HB, the very thing you are doing, that this is EXACTLY the same format and template Cenk Ugyur used at TYT.

Become what you despise, much?

I have NEVER asked for money for what I write, or when I did videos.

I simply hoped for discussion to share experience to embrace an appeal to reason.

This never occurs.

Nobody wants to say anything of value.


Find solutions.

How can you, when the problems are SO profitable, and you can make a very nice living, begging people for THEIR LAST DIME IN AN ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, so you can bitch, and bitch at them, whether they agree with you, or not. To protect your lifestyle and investment.


If people wanted to send money, they can contact me.

But I don’t ask nor expect it, and I never will.

I don’t do this for money…

I do this, so the one person who is out there, who feels and knows something is wrong, things are getting worse, and they don’t have the time nor money to do anything about it, knows it’s okay to feel like that.


It’s ok to be pissed off…

Righteous Indignation is a good thing.

Andrew Breitbart was RIGHT about that!

The left misses this entirely.

They want the people to appeal to their whims, tastes, and conform to their ideals, and principles, which they clearly LACK!

I don’t ask that.

I simply want you TO think…

Ask questions.



See if we can see something in a new way, and work towards fixing it, instead of making money BITCHING about it.

You know.. SOLUTIONS!

Maybe it’s the activist in me.

But the problem with Cenk, and HB, is that they can’t do that.

They NEED shit to stay the same, to be predictable, PROFITABLE and SAFE… so they have something to do, to get enough money to keep them separate from the world, WE ALL HAVE TO LIVE AND DIE IN!

That elitism, and intolerance, is why people like HB troll comments to pick fights with people they agree with, and TYT and others DELETE theirs,  because they want to control the narrative… i.e. HOW YOU THINK and perceive reality… YOUR REALITY! Because they think by listening to them and funding them… they have that right.

No wonder HB and Tim Black share that attribute… They BOTH were jehoviahs witnesses, and both describe it as a CULT!

HB, has commented often on how media tactics, were identical to CULT tactics, he saw and practiced in the faith, well… he seems to have MASTERED them NOW. Or at least THINK he does… Luckily for him Youtube allows him and Cenk at TYT to DELETE COMMENTS of “wrongthink & thoughtcrime” against his dogma…

If there is ONE thing I have consistently written as a theme to this blog since it’s inception 5 years ago, it is the concept of RESPECTING the reality of which I live in, and that the rest of us, are forced to live in.

I will NEVER try to tell you how to perceive reality, events that affect your life. I won’t correct you, and I won’t silence you. Everyone has a voice, precisely because EVERYONE is affected by the consequences of our reality. One in which we are playing an ever decreasing role in…

This pisses me OFF! This upsets me. I have a RIGHT to self determination and to do or not do as I please, as long as I do not harm another human being. My life is my own. And your life, your beliefs are your own.

All I ask for is a way to exchange ideas, share voices, and come to conclusions finding solutions that IMPROVE people’s lives for the better.

I lived in poverty as a boy, and now live in permanent poverty, as a disabled adult.

I can’t afford to wait…

Martin Luther King Jr. would understand…

“We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly, I have yet to engage in a direct action campaign that was “well timed” in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation. For years now I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This “Wait” has almost always meant “Never.” We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

Now if capitalism must usurp the right to free speech for us, the oppressed, so that self appointed media gurus, can tell us to fuck off because we are stupid and don’t know what we are talking about… Let me ask you, if you read MSM, comment on it, what have you mastered?

Granted I do this, but my larger aim is not to seem superior to my reader, my audience, but to move them to a point to question and seek answers. Answers they will not get from media, from them they only get shamed…

Now that HB, has almost built his studio on the back of other people’s money, some in worse conditions than him, HE has decided what opinions are just as valid as his own, when we BOTH can look at the same evidence provided, and can AGREE with 98% of the time what we are NOT being told…

That is patently absurd, and frankly DISGUSTING!

I am not here to create “victim/misery porn” and to tell you to fund me so I can have a studio like HB, TYT or take money from the Demonrat party, like Cenk Ugyur and TYT.

(I don’t NEED your money OR a fucking studio… all I NEED is the TRUTH!)

I am here to appeal for your sense of justice, out of Self Preservation.

We are in dire straits here… We are about to get into dystopic MOTHERFUCKING reality!!!

Imagine what would happen if Trump was assassinated.

What that would do to embolden the liberal mobs paid by Soros to start a race war.

That TYT has been promoting and advocating with Soros blessing and financing…

I am trying to do what little I can in a small way to STOP that from ever happening.

I want something better for America, which is why I reluctantly voted for Donald Trump.

Some things have gotten better, but the discord has gotten WORSE, and I’m TIRED of the MSM, and the left, pushing us to the brink of social unrest, and the GOP unwilling to think they are affected by it, or safe FROM it!

We all have something to lose, after we have already lost so much. And some people simply have too much to gain, to acknowledge that those people have a voice or a right to exist.

I see this in the left, and the right, and I am sick of it.

Because I know, that if these people keep sucking all the oxygen out of the room, hoarding it for themselves, and denying us the conversation that needs to take place on self preservation as an individual and as a group of individuals… WE ARE FUCKED!

And divided and disassembled we will be led to our own extinction.

Alliances must be made from the bottom up, not the top down, and imposed from the wealthy insider/social outsider, to the BOTTOM of society.

Trump won because he acknowledged the bottom of society across all lines… and gave them a voice, being so brazen as to say “I am your voice…”

All the left and the Corporate right want us to do… is “SHUT UP!”

Cenk censors comments and deletes them.

HB, attacks you if you comment at all…

Who is the real threat here?

The people with money forcing their influence upon you.

Or you, tuning out the noise, so that you can finally hear yourself think, turn off the MSM noise, and the noise from those dependent on the gatekeeping MSM for content, enforcing their propaganda, only differing on the narrative of that same propaganda… so that you recognize the shithole you are in, and your neighbor does as well, and you both recognize the ONLY WAY OUT OF IT, is holding those in power, accountable.. And disregarding every GOD DAMN thing they have to say, about YOU and YOUR life, which they have never lived a single day OF, and NEVER WILL!


That shit may be profitable…

But that’s just paper…

And paper won’t save us from what is coming…

And what you think of yourself, dam well won’t either…

PEOPLE save people…

Until we tune out the noise and recognize that, that our greatest ally is ourselves and the man next to us…


When you put money before people…

You are already spiritually DEAD!

Is it any surprise how depraved people get, once they have brought themselves that far?

Me, I’d rather die in poverty, alone…

Than live and die like that…

But then, my opinion doesn’t matter.

I’m not on YouTube, have YouTube MSM friends (I don’t hire and get to fuck my YouTube friends/employees) and live off other people’s money… that I beg for when I can’t make enough on my own, to serve my ambitions… (Like a tv studio… for example… Right, HB! Right, Cenk!)

HOW can you speak for me? You can’t even fathom my existence, or that I would exist at all… I can’t in your world… And dare to express that my existence offends you.. FUCK OFF!

I live off money I paid in. To myself.

What rights do I have in society?

It’s offensive that I exist, and for this sin, my silence is mandatory with no exceptions…

Well… come right here, and enforce that your DAMN self!

Because as long as I breathe, I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!


Least of all people I don’t know. And will never know. Who see me as a threat to their closed off world of privilege, where everyone makes a good living, and is exempt with society as long as they agree, and conform…

As was said in “The Prisoner”

“I am a man, a sentient being… I am not a number, I will not make any deals with you. I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. I resign.”

ANYBODY who has a problem with THIS statement…

From the very bottom of my heart..


Do I make myself, clear?!!








You Mean We Have A Case of #TYTRAPE, & It’s NOT Cenk!?!

WHORE-dan is suing TYT… ROTFLMFAO! At this point Jordan needs Shaun King to teach him how to be black, as a white man, so he can argue racial discrimination…

When TYT is so inbred that they have a TYT contributor covering the firing of a TYT contributor

When victim blaming isn’t enough, you target the media for covering your FUCK UP!

Why is Vox sending in lawyers to defend a TYT reporter accused of rape?!!

More lies and alibi’s from Cenk… NOW DANCE, FUCKER, DANCE!!!

This is a huge, compelling reason to AUDIT TYT. Where did the money come from? Who paid the expense accounts? Where there any discrepancies? Was this salary, donor, or corporate money… or Cenk’s money. The donors have a right to know if their money is used 4 illegal stuff/drugs

Please properly address Cenk’s accusation and release the evidence you claim to have that exonerates you.”

He can’t, which is why he is suing. Watch him change the charge to defamation, once his other BS doesn’t wash. Trying to sue TYT, is career suicide. All of this can be verified by Dave Koller who runs TYT finances… I’d be doing a campaign on Koller to release the books of TYT…

Let’s see who paid the expenses… and why no red flags went up… or were covered up..

Cenk allows his staff to cross breed TYT with other projects, see Jimmy Dore… And Nomiki Konst who WORKS FOR THE DNC!!!

The excuse that Jordan had other conflict of interests as a reason to fire him, is so insulting it’s HILLARY-OUS!

Another victim speaks out:

And another…

^ AMEN, H.A.!

“It Shall Come To Pass…” Justice Be Done, Though TYT Shall FALL!



If you trivialize actual terrorism…

while you MAGNIFY hoaxes!!!

You not only are aiding and abetting terrorism…

You are carrying out, your own form of political intimidation, using violence, by proxy…

That is right, by excusing actual deadly acts of terrorism, and eviscerating people for PC crimes against social justice… You put US ALL IN DANGER! Even your friends in New York, YOU CUNT!

And when it’s not Muslim terrorists, it’s “Violent, Radicalized, Single Issue, Homegrown, Domestic Terrorists/Extremists…” like ANTIFA, you are covering for, and blatantly ENDORSING!

Now what explains the symbiotic relationship between TYT and ANTIFA?

They are a cult.

Antifa/RefuseFacism/BAMN…. all run by the same playbook…

Now what do you get, apologies and excuses for political violence…

And these same demented individuals calling THIS violence…

Look at that list again…

Now look at the ANTIFA/Berkeley riots…

And who are they calling violent again?

Ohh!!! Those who freely associate to engage in free speech in America!

They even back armed “resistance” like THIS:

But condemn it… when it turns into THIS:

They have to run for cover, like the people who were being shot at… when it is revealed that an ANTIFA TYT Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to murder Republicans in DC.

And if that wasn’t enough… We now have THIS:

Mocking the assault of a Republican Senator…

Notice the difference…???

If you make up lies about your enemies… you are endorsed and celebrated by the left…

If you physically assault them… you make them fodder for unfunny jokes, to the only most demented mind…

But if you take up arms… and swear to act violently… preemptively…

You are heroes to TYT!

Now who funds ANTIFA/RefuseFascism & TYT

He even funds Cenk Ugyur’s PAC……

So we have George Soros funding an outlet that calls for political violence, hires and trains people for political violence… and now is engaging in acts of political violence, against GOP Senators and Congressmen… while Bernie Sanders, and TYT, disavow their own supporters, who are not only advocating, but PARTICIPATING in acts of organized political violence…

…and are DEMANDING Soros pay UP! For their services…

Well, Soros sure pulled some strings to get Cenk his 20 MILLION!!!

Question: What does George Soros expect in return for 20 MILLION!!! from a Youtube channel…

At least Cenk sent Ana to BEG!

20 MILLION just bought George Soros one HELL of a political advertisement…

Thankfully money can’t buy everything…

So basically, we have a Billionaire, who is dedicated to overthrowing democracies, and sovereign nations, then bringing refugees from those nations and 3rd world countries, here in America…

What’s the harm?

Ask the people in lower Manhattan…

Notice TYT didn’t do that…

They just gave their opinion on the violence in Manhattan…

And we all know what they say about opinions…

But sadly, if you follow TYT’s logic…

You may end up dead…

Even if you are one of the chosen people, who are in the TYT inner circle, and a friend of such.

Chickens come home to roost.

Unless you take action.

It’s a shame that TYT and the left wants to take action on the survivors, using the blood/corpses of the victims as their soapbox…

It’s time to do the proper thing, and put TYT in their place.

It’s the same place they callously call for the rest of us to lay, for eternity…

Forgive us, if we do not choose to go silently into that goodnight…

And if you can’t, we cannot and will not forgive you… for what you have done… and continue to do…

May the blood of the innocents, remain on your hands…

We will haunt you… until we have justice…

It shall come to pass…

Defend yourselves…

Take action…

Speak to TYT in the only language they understand…

The Young Turks Studio 
Address: 6363 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: (210) 200-8240


For People Filthy Rich, TYT Seems To Be Paranoid & Threatened By People Who Disagree With Them, & Their Corporate Demonrat Masters

“Do you trust the establishment corporate media, NO! Give us your money!”

(Cenk sells you out for 20 MILLION from Hillary bundler Jeffrey Katzenberg…)

“If you don’t trust the corporate media… YOU ARE CRAZY and need to be locked up! And brought us Hitler! The media is important, you have to TRUST the media!”

The same media that fucked over Bernie Sanders for Hillary, and built up Trump, and forgot even a windbag like Hillary who hasn’t done a damn thing in her life, aside from enable a sexual predator and serial rapist to destroy women’s lives, and who bullied his victims on top of it, while calling Trump a bully and a rapist, can’t win an election, because she, herself, without the name Clinton beside her, is literally incompetent!

Notice, even here, TYT has nothing to offer to convince you, and resort once again, to BULLYING and BLAMESTORMING and scapegoating people for the original sin, of disagreeing with their corporate narrative.

Cenk, take that 20 MILLION and RETIRE!

You are finished.

“America is Un American” to TYT.

We KNOW, you feel this way.

Sadly, this IS America, and America will continue to be America, no matter how much it irritates you sad, pathetic, angry, frustrated multimillionaires!

You may yell that you are better than us… til you go hoarse.

We know we are better than you, which is why we ignore you, with the exception only to mock and laugh at you, since it apparently is the only language you seem to understand or practice.

It takes a special kind of windbag to hire actual comics, and put them on your shit show, and make them NOT FUNNY! (Cough, Jimmy Dore!)

And what is it with insulting and calling out your audience ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

Is them giving you their last dime, that you don’t even need, eating at your conscience now that you got your corporate cash, like a Clinton!?!

You hate America, you hate people who agree with you, and seem to even hate those who DO agree with you!

Have you ever seen millionaires so threatened?

Maybe because they know this is all they know how to do…

And their decline is inevitable.

“Do NOT go gently into that goodnight… Rage, RAGE! Against the dying of the light…!”

TYT, your usefulness is fleeting… you have gone from useful idiots, to just plain IDIOTS!

You can rage all you like, but like Alex Jones, your act gets old.

“The first time you see it, it’s like “Yeah!” “The next time… you’ve seen it before… and by the third time… you’re kinda OVER IT!”

You betrayed the Bernie Bros. for Hillary. Got 20 MILLION from a Hillary fundraiser… Did you think we forgot?

And now you want to continue to threaten us to keep you in business, telling us to tow the line and get behind Tom Perez and the DNC, or GTFO!

If this is what you do to your friends and people who agree with you. Might as well be your enemy. After all, like the candidate you endorsed often said: “In the end… what difference does it make!”

You make no difference, at all…

And the longer you shout, the louder you shout, the more we CAN’T HEAR YOU!

You have assassinated your brand. You have no purpose. You are empty, shallow, vain and soulless. Take the 20 MILLION, and RUN!

Leave us in peace, at least! We have to struggle to survive, our corpses will no longer be allowed to fuel your fire, to heat your home, and feed your family and extended family of acolytes.

You looked out for you, and sold out whoever you had to, to get your money.

Why should we do any different, after all we need our money to SURVIVE!

Now, tell us, who has the REAL privilege, and who the bad people are, when all is said and done, here… Tell us from your studio in Los Angeles, California, in your 1,000 suits. And gold chains.

We refuse to wear your chains, even as you choose to wear your chains of Gold.

And you demand that we grovel, for you, and your masters…


You truly are Anti American. Even as America gave you the privilege and opportunity to make enough money to turn your back on her, and the people of America.

That is incredible.

Now, please tell us more about people who gave their last dollar to fund a multimillionaire, and made him so rich, that the elite, decided to give him 20 MILLION dollars, to be their errand boy, to herd, blame, and victimize those who were already victims of the corporate welfare/warfare state… tell us PLEASE how not ONLY are THEY BAD PEOPLE! But those who DIDN’T give you money, because they had to make it one more day to survive, and don’t have time to listen to you, are BAD people, TOO!

I can see why you hate Trump and so many people who disagree with you, and are incapable of an honest debate.

Your insecurity and your hatred for the majority of the people around you, doesn’t make you feel safe. No matter your gated community, your mansion, kids in private school, rich wife from China, you have separated and segregated yourself to the point where no one can or will have the courage to disagree with you, and the ego to where anyone who does, must be DESTROYED! So that you can sleep at night.

But WE are NOT why you can’t sleep at night…

Your lack of a soul, and the empty void that remains… is why you will NEVER know peace, no matter how many possessions you have, or minds you possess..

Your demon will never be fed. And in the end, it will take you home, because that is what you owe it. And when you run out of fresh souls to sell, all that is left, is your own.

That is why you hate, scream, lie, shill, corrupt and defend the corrupted.

You are keeping up your agreement with what Bob Dylan called “the Chief Commander”

May his judgement come for you, and that… Right Soon!

You made your bed, and you will lie in it…

As you wear the albatross of betrayal around your neck…

Your bed will be waiting for you…

Or in your case, coffin.

“Rage, RAGE, against the dying of the light!”

Rage is all you have left.

I really hope what you have, and what comes for you… Is worth it.






I Was Waiting For This…

I have not posted a thing on Vegas, because I wanted to wait…

They are getting sloppy, repeating the same patterns…

Over… and over… AGAIN!

Search Youtube and other sites for video evidence…

I see no point of posting videos and the second YT sees them, they pull them from their site…





Jimmy WHORE Dying On The Altar Of Social InjustUS Demonrats

Jimmy WHORE does whatever Cenk wants him to. Cenk knows Jimmy is the only reason to watch his channel. Jimmy toes the line. Just like when Jimmy went after Milo Yiannopolous. Jimmy is bought off and paid for. He is not just a “jagoff comedian” with an FUGLY wife, that wears the strap on in the family, he is a piece of vile shit! Who does what he is told, and kisses ass for a paycheck, like any other media WHORE! Forcing Tim Black to give him a blowjob so Tim can do a show with Jimmy to cover up for Jordan trying to character assassinate Tim for NO REASON, was the last straw. Tim Black is DEAD to me! FUCK HIM and his “Black/Dore” shitshow… where he is just another of Cenk’s BITCHBOYS!

Colin Kaepernick is half white so Jimmy is trying to get a white boy a job, because his mom did a black guy. Interesting…

Kaepernick turned down a backup job, because he wanted to not take a cut in salary...


TYT now thinks they are football coaches now, LOL! This is INSULTING! If the NFL is SO DAMN RACIST, WHY are you asking Colin to be a well paid slave to racists!