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And The Young Turks and BLM don’t say SHIT!

No protests.

No outrage.

No violence.

Never mind.

White Lives Don’t Matter…

And don’t you forget it…

And if you refuse to…


Or shot like a dog…

Even when you are on the ground, with your hands up…

Complying with the police, pointing a fully loaded AR-15 right at you, at nearly point blank range…

Because they fear you may be armed and an imminent threat to them, and people who aren’t even in the building….

Paranoid, armed cowboys, can shoot you dead where you stand.

And then be called “heroes” for doing it.

On second thought, I’ll get a gun and take my chances on the streets.

They fight fair.

Well… fairer than this…


This Country Will Not Exist In A Matter Of Years (I think that’s the plan…)

So, let me get this straight.

We pass a tax cut that favors the wealthy, and corporations, and the stock market that most Americans aren’t invested in.

We clampdown on food stamps, medicare and medicaid. And want to get people off it, and restrict access to those people who paid for it, right when they need it.

We are threatening war with multiple countries and provoking Russia over unproven allegations, that have proven to be demonstrably false.

We target states that decriminalize marijuana, which aides sick people, and has become a booming industry, paying for things like new schools for children.

And on top of all that, Trump and the GOP are ready to cave in and give the Demonrats amnesty, permanent amnesty, which will turn red states purple if not blue.

Right when the Demonrat party is at the weakest point it has been, since 1924, when it was dominated by the Klu Klux Klan.

Donald Trump… WHAT THE FUCK!

This was supposed to be the time when Hillary and the Demonrats created a permanent blue majority with amnesty.

The “deplorables” fought back and elected Trump if nothing else, to STOP this, and save themselves.

If the GOP allows the Demonrats to let this jihad take place…

We are finished as America, and as Americans.

And the poor will be made to compete against the poor and immigrant special interests, for benefits from the government, on the back of the US taxpayer.

While corporations are exempt.

And can hide their profits overseas.

Tax code, or no tax code.

The corporate tax cut, might as well have been the honor system.

Which they don’t have to abide by, anyway…

Now, you are going to create a permanent majority of poor, and import third world poverty, that doesn’t know the language, the laws, and refuses to assimilate. Demanding the taxpayer fund their existence. While the rest of us have to pay for it, with austerity.

Being denied services from the government, we were already taxed and we paid for.

Again, are you ready for revolt?

Are you ready for revolution.

Because if you choose to live, you may not have a choice anymore…

This and the rampant spending of the police state and the military, should prepare you for the concept that what is coming is going to be very bad.

For you, your family, and our country.

This is bipartisan.

Hillary ran on this, Trump ran on the opposite, but is implementing it, all the same.

Like it’s a program.

“Once is a coincidence, twice is a pattern, three times is a PROGRAM!”

You voted for the opposite.

You voted for self preservation.

But what the elite and the media are telling you, is that they don’t care.

The theater around the “Trump resistance” is a way to rally money to the media, and rebuild the Demonrat party, as Trump has funded the GOP.

Now they are flush with cash, drunk with power, and are looking for revenge, for your revolt against the chosen one, Hillary.

And even his family is at war with the representation and manifestation of that last gasp Hail Mary of populism, that the people are counting on for their survival. Steve Bannon.

Whose only crime was that he was an American, not ashamed to be an American, defended America, and Americans, and wouldn’t take a back seat to anybody, and wouldn’t sell you out, for NOBODY!

Now he is gone, Trump is isolated, with “Javanka” making him walk the line.

Now after the Corporate Tax giveaway, we have Austerity, and going after states that buck the pHARMaceutical industry, NOW they want AMNESTY! To erase you from the sphere of political influence and relevance, even more so than you already are.

And Trump is trying to make a deal with the Demonrats for amnesty as he demonizes Bannon, and exiles him, destroying his populist agenda, before it had any room to breathe.

Trump is so petty, and vindictive, that he cannot see that Javanka are simply destroying his Presidency, by getting him to abandon his base, and run to the Swamp for shelter.

Bannon is an ally. But he simply won’t participate with selling out the populist agenda to rebuild and put America First.

For Bannon it is a Commandment.

For Trump, it is a hat, a slogan, and insignificant, if it gets in the way of what he wants…

To make a deal, ANY DEAL… so he can look good. To the press. Which he thinks are the American people.

Even though the press are spending day and night, night and day trying to get him impeached, removed, and himself and his family prosecuted for ANYTHING, even if it has to be made up.

And STILL Trump is embracing these people… OVER HIS BASE! And his most ardent supporters and allies!

This is simply MADNESS!!!

I am serious when I say, that I think we already got, whatever we were gonna get from this President.

It does not matter if he is impeached, removed, investigated, weakened, what have you.

Passing amnesty will ensure he loses, no matter what he does.

Starting another war on top of the other wars we apparently don’t care to actually win, after we defeated ISIS with bombing, will not help either.

ISIS is NOT a country, and the people were adamant about them being kicked out.

Iran is the exact OPPOSITE!

They have seen what we did to Iraq, and they will fight us to the last dead American.

Iran is not a theocracy, in the sense that the people are largely pro Western. And do not care for the religious government in place.

But you attack Iran you have unified a country bigger than Iraq, and have forced Russia after they defeated ISIS in Syria, on our behalf, without our help, to now attack YOU to protect their interest in the region, as with Syria.

And you strengthen a weakened Iran, when you should be allying with them, to modernize the country.

Isn’t that what “free trade” was supposed to accomplish in the 1st place?

We can welcome Communist China with open arms and aide, while they steal our nuclear secrets to threaten Asia and the world, but we can’t live with Iran, who has never attacked a country in their entire existence?


Pure madness…

Not only is the social safety net about to be obliterated, not only is Austerity about to become mandatory, with exploding spending, now we have to pay for ANOTHER conflict, while not ending the other ongoing conflicts we already have.

Remember paying for the Wall St. bailout…

Get ready for the school loan bailout…

OH WAIT! They will just TAKE your Social Security BACK from you, because unlike government, the BANK DEMANDS they get their money back!

And again, what do you call a government that can take your money from you, promise to pay it back, doesn’t, then takes back the services you paid taxes for, so that it could exist in the 1st place!

THEN can make your kids die in wars of their choosing, so that corporations can make a shitload of money, and give pennies on the dollar back to the politicians, out of your pocket.

And YOU get debtors prison.

And your kids get to die in wars overseas, while the southern border is surrendered to cartels, and colleges open their doors to them and middle eastern migrants. THAT HATE AMERICA!

You know, to make America “safe.”

I’m sorry to have to tell you this.

But if you depend on politics and politicians to save you, as they make a living, a very good multimillionaire living, selling you the FUCK OUT! You are going to live in a world of hurt, working unpaid labor to get the scraps from government, that they think you don’t even deserve.

And we don’t even have a Constitution to “cling to” anymore…





Totalitarian Tiptoe Just Got New Boots

Yet another waste of taxpayers money…

Drug Testing the Poor: Bad Policy, Even Worse Law

So Walker wants to drug test me, because I am disabled and on food stamps.

Funny that he is trying to deny me services that I already paid for with my tax dollars, as I worked.

But let’s take it deeper than just the surface.

Let’s say because of my disability I get access to medicinal marijuana.

(I don’t, as it isn’t legal in the beer capital of the US, Wisconsin)

Are you telling me, I have to choose between medicating  a mental disability, or whether or not I eat, or have an income?

So you want disabled, the unemployed, or both, to be denied assistance because it offends the taxpayers…

Do you know what class of people have mental disability due to trauma or anxiety? Veterans in the military!!!

  • Findings show there is variability across the nation in the rates and numbers of deaths by suicide among Veterans. Overall, the Veteran rates mirror those of the general population in the geographic region, with the highest rates in Western states. While we see higher rates of suicide in some states with smaller populations, most Veteran suicides are still in the heaviest populated areas.
  • The suicide rate among middle-age and older adult Veterans remains high. In 2014, approximately 65 percent of all Veterans who died by suicide were age 50 or older.
  • After adjusting for differences in age and sex, risk for suicide was 22 percent higher among Veterans when compared to U.S. non-Veteran adults. After adjusting for differences in age, risk for suicide was 19 percent higher among male Veterans when compared to U.S. non-Veteran adult men. After adjusting for differences in age, risk for suicide was 2.5 times higher among female Veterans when compared to U.S. non-Veteran adult women.

Wow, I can see why you would want to take effective treatment away for anxiety ridden, clinically depressed people, and put them instead on psychotropic drugs that increase the likelihood of psychotic episodes, and murder suicides…

So we have a natural drug, people can grow themselves… or we can charge taxpayers and the government to get us toxic drugs that INCREASE the intensity of psychosis, and in some cases lead to murder or suicide!!!

It makes sense that the political parties are bought off by big pHARMa.

It makes sense that cable and local news, are little more than infomercials for toxic medications…

It makes sense that in spite of the government MANDATING “treatment” by drug therapy, Big pHARMa, advertises drugs and TELLS THE PATIENT TO ASK THEIR DOCTOR FOR THEIR DRUGS!

So I have to choose between suicide or eating food, and paying my bills…

Which way would you like to die?

Homeless and likely suicidal…

Or in your own apartment or government assisted housing… from an unintentional overdose, or side effect of the drug, AFTER IT WAS APPROVED AS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE BY THE FDA!

Remember every drug recalled by the FDA was APPROVED 1st BY the FDA!

But politicians wouldn’t put the mental and physical health of the people at risk for campaign contributions… would they?

…. would they?!!

And the best part about it, is they get to KEEP that money you paid into Social Security!!!


At least the mob doesn’t charge you for your funeral up front!

They don’t even charge you for the gun or the bullet before they blow your head off…

Government, on the other hand…

Do we REALLY want a government that can ban you from getting assistance for legally using marijuana to treat mental and physical illness? And a country where corporations can charge you for drugs, while banning cheaper drugs so that the poor can’t be treated?

Or are they just expected to pay into the system, and conveniently die, before they get anything BACK from that system…

Because it seems that is the demanded effect desired, coming out of the mouths of the corporations, the wealthy, in the name of the taxpayer. Which includes the person whose head is on the chopping block.

Is THAT the world you want to live in, and want to leave for your children?

I know I don’t.

I also know, that there are people who have made it very profitable for themselves to be sure that I don’t… live.

How would you feel if corporations and the government targeted you specifically under such a plan? And just to make money, MORE money than they already are making…

So people must suffer and literally DIE… just so some rich people, can get… just a little more… richer…

Because people at the bottom who do drugs are EVIL!

Remember the crack epidemic of the “80’s?

Remember who went to jail?

Remember who used powder cocaine, and who often got rehab several times over, instead of jail, EVERY TIME!

They simply want illegal drugs to be a privilege for the elite.

The poor are expected to work and pay the cost of their welfare with unpaid, slave labor.

Again, more contracts and public-private partnerships.

Because when you have government mandating clientele, and forcing them to use your service, you get pretty GOD DAMN RICH yourself!

But the poor, we tell them they “gotta help themselves…” with nothing… certainly after we took away what they needed that they paid for, and made them work for it all over again, as slave labor.

Talk about double jeopardy!

Keep this up Motherfucker… and you will sure as shit see a Revolution, and That, Right SOON!

The elite aren’t fucking around.

The mask has come off…

They want their war…

And they will have it…

Here, In America…

And we will promise them as they have returned to us, in the motto of the Ustase: “No quarter asked, NONE given…”

Shit is getting REAL, now…

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” — 1984.





When TYT Is SO Desperate To Please Their New Boss Katzenberg, They Make An Asian Cop Killer White, To Preserve Their “Fuck White People” Racist Propaganda

Trying to save your job, much?

Meanwhile, just look at what TYT supports. ^

This is the kind of propaganda 20 Million can buy!


Why The Trump/Bannon Feud Matters

What is the meaning behind the Trump/Bannon feud? Simple.

Bannon represents the populism rebellion against the Hillary globalism/corporatism that we were subjected to under Clinton/Obama/W.Bush/HW Bush ad nauseam…

It was her turn, and the media, and the liberal intelligentsia as Ralph Nader calls them won’t let us forget it.

Neither will Bill Kristollnacht and the Neo Con GOP who under W. gave us welfare/warfare bailouts and bankruptcy.

What was the antidote to that “Road to Serfdom?”


Trump simply didn’t have a reason to run, aside from sticking it to Hillary. That is obvious now.

How do I know this?

Attacking Bannon and the populist wing of the party that got him elected.

Ivanka and Jared aren’t happy that they have been given the cold shoulder from the liberal gentry, superclass.

And they are letting daddy know they don’t like it.

Now while Jared may have helped Trump win with data and micro-targeting. Bannon is right that Jared and Ivanka are liberal, (Ivanka is BFF with Chelsea Clinton) and are a threat to the Bannon/Breitbart populist agenda that got Trump elected.

If Trump was a fighter like Nixon, he would dig in, relish the fight, and give it back to the Clinton’s and their sycophantic media whores.

But he instead attacked Bannon.



Defending his daughter and son in law.


Just like when Jesse Benton married Ron Paul’s neice, and neutered him, to Mitch McConnell’s interference, then had Rand Paul run in McConnell’s state, making him a kingmaker… Ignoring the fact that Ron was the antithesis to everything McConnell stood for… The RINO GOP and liberals have a card to play with Donald Trump… the sympathy of his daughter and son in law…


Nixon would declare war, fight for his agenda and use all the tools at his disposal to defend himself from liberal attacks.

Trump, with everyone against him, instead, in a moment of weakness attacks Bannon on behalf of his son in law, and daughter who wants to be treated better by the fucking Clinton’s… and for this WE ALL HAVE TO SUFFER!


Look, if Trump wants to attack Iran, who is largely in revolt against their theocratic government, that is nothing short of insane.

We have no business in Iran.

Iran can handle their own revolution.

We don’t need to interfere like we did with Mossadegh in 1953.

Which lead to the rise of Khomeini, in 1979.

Was that better or worse for the US?

Think about it.

Now we are supposed to pull an “Iraq” in Iran and overthrow a pro Western population by inserting a puppet regime to oppress them, just like we did with Alawi in Iraq.

Is that going to create another safe haven for ISIS or Al Qaeda in Iraq?

More than likely.

Is that going to attract more conflict in the region? And terrorist attacks? If Iraq is any harbinger of things to come in Iran, hell yes!

Does this mean we occupy Iran?

You bet.

For how long?

Who the hell knows…

McCain was fine with us being in Iraq for 100 years…

How about you?

Are you happy with the US occupying Iran for 100 years. Meaning Tehran. Because like Afghanistan we are merely controlling Kabul and Kandahar, and the rest of the country is a hotbed for al Qaeda and jihadi’s.

Perpetual war for perpetual peace, right?

Well what does that mean for America?

More war, more debt, more death, more sacrifice, for what? Stalemate. And occupation.

Iran is no threat to mainland America.

Are they involved in Iraq, yes.

They have strategic interest just like if Russia invaded and occupied Cuba.

Kennedy was willing to go to WW3 with nuclear exchange over missiles in Cuba, what do you think Iran will do with us occupying their neighbor, let alone attacking them in Iran, and trying to overthrow a Muslim theocracy?

Are the people of Iran going to support us?


And why should they?

They have seen the balkanized hell we created in Iraq.

And the atrocities we committed and the secular atrocities, we let happen on our watch.

Iran is not stupid. And better yet, Russia is aligned with Iran, and is largely to do with the defeat of our proxy army ISIS in Iraq.

Do you really think Iran is worth WW3?

Because everything Trump is doing is setting the stage for conflict in Iran, and Putin being forced to take the side of Iran to protect Russian strategic interests in Iran.

And if we nuke Iran. You can bet Iran will retaliate…

Do you think one American city is worth a city in Iran?

I don’t…

If you care about your family, you should urge Trump to NOT listen to the Neo Cons advising him, and beg him NOT to attack Iran.

This warning is already lost on the Trumpkins who are itching for a war with Iran, thinking it’s going to be a bitchin’ tv show for FOX. And great ratings.

But YOU have skin in this game.

YOU are at risk.

Your family is at risk.

Are you willing to die for Israel and Iran.

Personally, I’m not…

Call me names if you like.

But I gotta be alive, to give a shit!

We will be God DAMN lucky, if populism is the only thing that perishes, in this fight!

I stand with Bannon, I stand with sanity.

I choose to live, and NOT live as a slave to Globalism, nor DIE FOR ISRAEL!


BONUS: Trump has chosen the “Dark Side”

Dick Cheney would be proud…


BONUS: I want to believe this



When Corporations & Lawmakers Agree… You’re FUCKED!

. on : “Now is not the time to tweak around the edges. Now is the time to make certain that we are focused on fairness for taxpayers.”

“Instead of dealing with the problem, Congress kicks the can down the road. So, every time Congress kicks the can, the net unfunded liability gets larger. This means that the taxes that would have to be raised, as well as the reductions of expenditures that would have to be imposed, both get larger. As they get larger, they become even less likely to be dealt with by Congress. The public will not accept the tax increases. The public will not accept the reduction in expenditures. The public will not let Congress take action. Congress understands this. So, the unfunded liability gets larger.

This means that the so-called trust fund will melt away over the next few years. The money will have to come out of the general fund. This means that the federal deficit will get larger. The public does not care about that, either. Congress pays no attention.

We can see where this is headed: the great default. It is inevitable. The numbers do not lie.

The trust fund will be depleted soon enough. Then, and only then, will all the talk about losing the trust fund end. Then, statistical reality will begin to intrude. It is being concealed by all the talk about looting the trust fund. Such talk indicates that there is a trust fund, and that there are marketable assets in the trust fund. On the contrary, the IOU’s in the trust fund are legally non-marketable.

It is all a gigantic scam. It has always been a scam. Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost. Then the voters will claim that they have been deceived. Yes, they have. They have been deceived because any attempt by any politician to undeceive them always led to the defeat of that politician at the next election. The public wants to be deceived. The public insists that they be deceived. They get what they want.”

— If the budget is spent on entitlements (i.e. shit the taxpayer paid for before that money even went to the taxpayer…) what does she mean by “reform?”

What she means is she can’t cut spending and get re-elected, so she will explode the budget and to pay for it, cut the biggest chunk, entitlements to pay for the needs of her special interest donors that elect her.

Both parties are on board with this. It is in their self preservation.

They simply are living off of their authority to mandate you give them money, for your benefits, then fund their special interests. And they will always choose their special interests over you. Because you don’t elect them or fund their campaigns. The special interests does.

The only way to beat this scenario is to primary each candidate. But most run unopposed. So there is no way to stop this from happening.

We are being cannibalized by the big brother state, and the Democrats want an even BIGGER big brother state, while the Republicans want no state at all, just the rich, giving money to their klan of policymakers to keep them profitable as the world burns around them. Not having to waste money on the poor and the working poor, expecting us to fend for ourselves, and have a nice place, with “3 hots and a cot..” if we “get out of line…” while trying in vain to survive. The for profit prison that again, taxpayers pay for.

There is a cabal here to implode the system, then have a police state to keep the superclass from the Untermensch. And make a buck along the way to the gulag.

The left recruits people who are useful for them, then discard them when they are not. This is the problem with the left SJW crowd. Once the Demonrats are in the majority again, they will tell the SJW’s that they can’t rock the boat and threaten their power. Just like the left did with the Anti War movement, which even now, isn’t back to it’s W. Bush strength.

The GOP is torn between looting the people, and Trump’s populism which they have to pay lip service to, to stay in power.

The Democrats are desperate to get back in power, but the people who control them, are so hateful of America and Americans, that the basket of deplorables is getting swollen beyond it’s bearings.

There will be a reaction to this mass of energy of the outrage of the downtrodden.

Small steps can be taken. If you will not boycott the elections, vote out the incumbents in primaries.

Either party, doesn’t matter.

If the primaries are open, all the better.

There is no defense for both parties suspending the Constitution, and not passing a budget for years, and using unconstitutional emergency powers government granted itself, to escape responsibility and the accountability that comes with it.

And when they do, they can’t tell you what’s in it.

Again, escaping accountability.

Remember Pelosi on Obamneycare? “You have to pass the bill to know what’s in it…”

Congress has disclosed it’s priorities… they are cannibalizing the duty of government to provide services to the people, and outsourcing that duty to contractors, that again, the taxpayer is forced to pay for.

While also asking the taxpayer to pay for legislation that serves the lawmakers, and their sponsors.

You pay for them, their cronies, their paymasters, and you pay for YOU! And what you pay for, is restricted by what is left, after everyone else is taken care of.

(Hi Marsha!

And for the GOP, they wrap this up in the phrase “we have to do what is right for the taxpayers…” leaving out the part where the taxpayers go to get the services they paid for, and are left with either an IOU, or a mandate to pay a for profit 3rd party to get the same poor service and customer service, they got from government, in the 1st place.

For the Democrats it’s the opposite.

They choose to expand the debt pool by engaging Austerity on the taxpayers who don’t vote for them, and unlimited welfare and subsidy for those who do vote for them. And then tell you, to join the party, to get a cut, or you get to pay for it, and to SHUT UP you (SJW epithet of the week)!

People… this simply isn’t working…

Well, not for us, anyway.

Democracy the left loves to lionize doesn’t exist.

And the free market the right loves to lionize, doesn’t either.

You cannot have a free market with a central bank, and corporations lobbying lawmakers to auction laws on the basis of how much money they can get, for each one they pass.

And you can bet those laws they do pass, eliminate competition to drive prices down (you know “free market principles”) and mandate you only can favor preferred corporations or government sponsored entities, to get those services you DO need.

The system is broken.

No Executive Order is going to keep us safe from this.

In fact, they only seem to sign Executive Orders to keep this in place.

God help us ALL!


Wealth does not trickle down…

But it can be preserved after it’s created… IF you are a member of Congress…

They won’t deliver. The GOP is done. They did what they wanted for who they wanted. And we get to pay for it.

With money or our freedom…



Since 911 Where Has The Constitution Been? Where Has Government Been Restricted? Show Me…

A fun drinking game… read the following and take a drink when Congress actually does what it is allowed to do…

Pencils down…

Well, what did you see….