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When The Media Use A Sledgehammer… You Don’t Have Any Choice!


Jesse & Kim are right…


They are separated by their parents, when their parents send them ALONE so that they can get citizenship… FUCK YOU, SIR! Cut off welfare to immigrants for one year, I DARE YOU!


The GOP will screw us and the President and do the Demonrats bidding…

Barack Obama 2015….


But ABC wouldn’t lie to serve a political agenda….



He’s right… the Demonrats OWN this. This is their mess…


The left only lies when their lips are moving…


Nailed it!


No sympathy… we already have homeless in America, we don’t need Mexico’s…!!!

So, where is the media outrage and campaign against locking up non violent drug offenders… and separating American citizens from their families, and sending them to prison where they can continue to abuse drugs, instead of detox in rehab?

15 percent of federal prison population is solely for drug related offenses…

Half of Hispanic prisoners were for drug offenses…

83,000 non citizens in federal prison population…

60 percent of those violent offenses murder/rape/robbery/assault…

13 percent drug related, 8 percent weapons/DUI…

THANK GOD we send people addicted to drugs to prison where IT’S EASY TO GET DRUGS!!!

There is over the top, then there is Mt. Everest. The MSM has gone stratospheric at this point and have left the planet, and left their credibility behind…. FOREVER!

Trump is literally Hitler, he’s improving the economy for citizens and putting more money in their pockets… JUST LIKE HITLER! ShreeeeK!!!

Shaun King, “OF COURSE!”

Will you hold the media accountable? Trump didn’t send the children… Dumbasses!

What did you expect?

She wants you to forget about this…

The Demonrat party is counting on you forgetting about this…

Open borders invites terrorism…

Read that. Then read that again… THEN READ THAT AGAIN!!!

I’m voting a straight GOP ticket… I’m not taking this shit anymore…



The Hidden Facts Of Illegal Immigration Still Matter…

Immigration will not help our unemployment problem…

It will keep those people out of the labor pool, and have them with less resources available to them, from the government, right when they need them…

1 in 4 people are currently unemployed…

3.2 million more people were uninsured in 2017, than 2016.

This is in spite of Obamneycare…

It simply wasn’t working as insurance, as it was intended to be nothing but a tax.

A tax on employment…

Some people were “too poor for Obamacare”

Did you EVER hear about THEM! I didn’t…

Every crime committed by an illegal, is a person that should not have been a victim. And is because their government failed them, just like it failed on 911.

Of course illegal immigrant activists, don’t want you to realize this… EVER!

Brother, can you spare $18.5 BILLION a year!

So, my benefits get CUT! But I get to pay for their health care!!!


Wait! I’m paying for their benefits TOO!

AND I’m risking default paying school loans on disability income, AND I GET TO PAY FOR THEIR COLLEGE DEBT TOO!!!

Phil Murphy Signs Bill to Let Undocumented Immigrants Get College Financial Aid


“More than 43.7 million immigrants resided in the United States in 2016, accounting for 13.5 percent of the total U.S. population of 323.1 million, according to American Community Survey (ACS) data. Between 2015 and 2016, the foreign-born population increased by about 449,000, or 1 percent, a rate slower than the 2.1 percent growth experienced between 2014 and 2015.

Immigrants and their U.S.-born children now number approximately 86.4 million people, or 27 percent of the overall U.S. population, according to the 2017 Current Population Survey (CPS).

In 2016, 1.49 million foreign-born individuals moved to the United States, a 7 percent increase from the 1.38 million coming in 2015. India was the leading country of origin, with 175,100 arriving in 2016, followed by 160,200 from China/Hong Kong, 150,400 from Mexico, 54,700 from Cuba, and 46,600 from the Philippines. India and China surpassed Mexico in 2013 as the top origin countries for recent arrivals. Among the top countries of recent immigrants, many more Cuban born arrived in 2016 (54,700) compared to 2015 (31,500)—an increase of 74 percent. In contrast, Canadian arrivals dropped 19 percent: 38,400 in 2016, versus 47,300 in 2015.

In 2016, about 49 percent of immigrants (21.2 million) were naturalized citizens. The remaining 22.5 million included lawful permanent residents, unauthorized immigrants, and legal residents on temporary visas (such as students and temporary workers).

(Half don’t even bother to become citizens)

In 2016, almost 45 percent of immigrants (19.6 million people) reported having Hispanic or Latino origins.

(They are bum rushing the border)

In 2016, there were 26.1 million Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals ages 5 and older, representing less than 9 percent of the 303.3 million U.S. residents ages 5 and older. Spanish speakers accounted for 64 percent (16.6 million) of the LEP population.

(They don’t learn the language and don’t bother to assimilate…)

In 2016, 30 percent (11.5 million) of the 38.2 million immigrants ages 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 32 percent of U.S.-born adults. Notably, the share of college-educated immigrants was much higher—47 percent—among those who entered the country in the previous five years (between 2012 and 2016). At the other end of the educational spectrum, 29 percent of all immigrant adults lacked a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate, compared to 9 percent of their U.S.-born counterparts.

(We are importing welfare, while telling American citizens theirs must be cut for Austerity… while we are expected to pay for theirs, and ours, and never receive what WE paid for!!!–But if this bothers you, YOU ARE RACIST!)

In 2016, the top five U.S. states by number of immigrants were California (10.7 million), Texas (4.7 million), New York (4.5 million), Florida (4.2 million), and New Jersey (2 million).

(Texas has no income tax, I wonder who pays for illegals there…)

Approximately 11.6 million Mexican immigrants resided in the United States in 2016, according to the ACS. Mexicans accounted for 26 percent of all U.S. immigrants, down from the peak of 30 percent in 2000.

Mexican immigrants are primarily concentrated in the West and Southwest, and more than half live in California or Texas. In 2016, the top five states of residence for Mexican immigrants were California (37 percent of all Mexican immigrants), Texas (22 percent), Illinois (6 percent), Arizona (4 percent), and Florida (2 percent).

In 2016, Mexicans accounted for more than half of the foreign-born population in New Mexico (69 percent), Texas and Arizona (55 percent each), and Idaho (51 percent). By contrast, Mexicans accounted for 2 percent or less of all immigrants in Hawaii (2 percent), Massachusetts (1.4 percent), and Maine (0.7 percent).

(Hawaii, Massachusetts and Maine are CLEARLY RACIST!)

About 69 percent of the 11.2 million immigrants from Mexico ages 16 and older were in the civilian labor force in 2016. This represents a higher labor force participation than for the overall foreign-born population ages 16 and older (66 percent of 41.8 million) and the native-born population ages 16 and older (62 percent of 216.2 million).

(They get welfare AND work…. I get to WORK to PAY for MY WELFARE, & I’m DISABLED!)

EMIF estimated that 96,000 immigrants crossed the country’s northern border in 2015—roughly 30 percent of the 323,000 recorded in 2013.

In 2016, approximately 56 percent of immigrants in the United States had private health insurance (compared to 70 percent of the U.S. born), and 30 percent had public health insurance coverage (compared to 36 percent of the native born). About 20 percent were uninsured, compared to 7 percent of the U.S. born.

Among the foreign born, noncitizens experienced a greater drop in the uninsured rate (from 46 percent to 32 percent) than naturalized citizens (from 16 percent to 8 percent).

In 2016, there were 28.4 million children under age 18 living in poor families (i.e., with family incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty threshold). Of these, more than 9.1 million (or 32 percent) were children of immigrants.

(We are importing poverty)

In 2016, the top five states by the total number of children under age 18 living with immigrant parents were California (4.3 million), Texas (2.4 million), New York (1.5 million), Florida (1.3 million), and New Jersey (747,000). These five states accounted for 57 percent of all children with immigrant parents residing in the United States.

In fiscal year (FY) 2016, 1,183,505 people became lawful permanent residents (LPRs), also known as green-card holders, according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data.

Of the more than 1 million new green-card holders in 2016, 48 percent were immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, 20 percent entered through a family-based preference, and 12 percent via an employment-based preference. Another 13 percent adjusted from refugee or asylee status, and 4 percent were diversity lottery winners.

(But, we NEED WORKERS, well, that’s not why they come here…)

In FY 2016, 49,865 people received green cards as diversity immigrants, representing close to 4 percent of the 1 million new LPRs.

(Green Card Lottery)

In 2016, 42.7 million individuals entered the United States as I-94 nonimmigrants, on various temporary visas.

Temporary workers and trainees, as well as their spouses and children, accounted for 3.9 million admissions (about 5 percent of total I-94 admissions). This group includes H-1B “specialty occupation” workers, registered nurses, temporary agricultural and nonagricultural workers, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) professional workers, treaty traders, and intracompany transferees.

Students who entered to study at academic or vocational institutes made up close to 2 million admissions or about 3 percent of arrivals (this figure includes their family members). Exchange visitors on J-1 visas and their families accounted for another 1 percent of nonimmigrant admissions (or about 574,600).

According to the most recently available DHS estimates, 2 million foreign nationals on various temporary visas resided in the United States during 2015, up from about 1.8 million a year earlier. About 45 percent (930,000) were temporary workers and their families, followed by 770,000 foreign students and their families (38 percent).

President Trump halved the Obama administration’s FY 2017 admissions ceiling from 110,000 to 50,000, suspended all refugee admissions for 120 days, and limited admissions of refugees from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. The administration also set the refugee ceiling at 45,000 for FY 2018, the lowest level since the program began in 1980.

According to State Department Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS) data, 53,716 refugees were resettled in FY 2017, a 37 percent drop compared to the 84,994 resettled in 2016. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Myanmar (also known as Burma) were the primary countries of nationality, accounting for 63 percent (34,028) of all refugees resettled in 2017. Rounding out the top ten were Ukraine, Bhutan, Iran, Eritrea, and Afghanistan. Together, nationals of these ten countries comprised 89 percent (47,647) of all refugee arrivals in 2017.

In FY 2016, 20,455 individuals, including principal applicants and their spouses and/or unmarried children under age 21, were granted asylum after seeking protection upon or after arrival in the United States—a 22 percent drop from 26,124 a year earlier. An additional 5,490 individuals outside the United States were approved for asylum as immediate family members of principal applicants

China was the top country of origin for those receiving asylum, with 4,484 persons (or 22 percent of total asylum grants). The next four largest countries of origin were El Salvador (2,157), Guatemala (1,949), Honduras (1,505), and Mexico (919). Together, nationals of these five countries made up 32 percent of those receiving asylum in FY 2016.

An estimated 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants resided in the United States as of January 2012 compared to 11.5 million in January 2011, according to the most recent estimates issued by the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics. These results suggest little to no change in the unauthorized immigrant population from 2011 to 2012.

The Migration Policy Institute estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants resided in the United States in 2014. More than half (54 percent) resided in four states: California (27 percent), Texas (13 percent), New York (8 percent), and Florida (6 percent). The vast majority (81 percent) lived in 171 counties with 10,000 or more unauthorized immigrants each, of which the top five—Los Angeles County, CA; Harris County, TX; Cook County, IL; Orange County, CA; and Queens County, NY—accounted for 21 percent of all unauthorized immigrants.

Mexico and Central America accounted for most unauthorized immigrants in the United States as of 2010-14, with MPI estimating about 7.9 million people in total (71 percent of the overall unauthorized population). About 1.5 million (13 percent) were from Asia; 673,000 (6 percent) from South America; 432,000 (4 percent) from Europe, Canada, or Oceania; 353,000 (3 percent) from Africa; and 232,000 (2 percent) from the Caribbean.

The top five countries of birth for unauthorized immigrants were Mexico (56 percent), Guatemala (7 percent), El Salvador (4 percent), Honduras (3 percent), and China (2 percent).

The DACA program, announced on June 15, 2012, offered a two-year grant of deportation relief and work authorization to eligible young unauthorized immigrants. Requirements for eligibility included:

  • being at least 15 years old;
  • having entered the United States before the age of 16;
  • having continuously resided in the United States since June 15, 2007;
  • being enrolled in school, having earned a high school diploma or its equivalent, or being an honorably discharged veteran; and
  • having not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, or three or more misdemeanors; or otherwise posing a threat to public safety or national security.

MPI estimates that as of 2017 approximately 1.3 million people met all criteria to apply, 408,000 met all criteria except for education, and 120,000 would be eligible upon turning 15 provided they remain in school.

The top states of residence for accepted initial applications were California (27 percent), Texas (16 percent), New York (6 percent), and Illinois and Florida (5 percent each). The top countries of origin were Mexico (78 percent), El Salvador (4 percent), Guatemala (3 percent), Honduras (2 percent), and Peru and Brazil (1 percent each).

(Why are we subsidizing Mexico’s economy with OUR TAX DOLLARS!)

Since President Trump took office, apprehensions at the Southwest border have been lower than in previous years. Between October 2017 and January 2018, the most recent period for which data are available, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 14,444 unaccompanied children (UACs) and 25,628 family units (defined as a parent, typically a mother, traveling with children) along the Southwest border. For comparison, this represented approximately 35 percent of unaccompanied children (41,435) and 34 percent of family units (75,622) apprehended in all of FY 2017, the previous fiscal year. In FY 2018, these children and families were primarily from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, or Mexico.

(Why are they sending their children, alone… oh, right, anchor babies!)

The number of total apprehensions increased by 15 percent from 2015 to 2016, but was still lower than in the earlier years of the Obama administration.  (READ THAT AGAIN!!!)

There were 530,250 apprehensions in 2016 and 462,388 in 2015 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the two agencies within DHS responsible for the identification and removal of inadmissible noncitizens. By comparison, 796,587 apprehensions occurred in 2010 and 678,606 in 2011.

The Border Patrol reported 415,816 apprehensions in 2016 (78 percent of all apprehensions), a significant increase from 337,117 in 2015. Ninety-eight percent of Border Patrol apprehensions in 2016 occurred along the Southwest border.

Additionally, ICE made 114,434 administrative arrests in 2016 (22 percent of total apprehensions), marking the sixth continuous annual drop in interior apprehensions since 2010.

The leading countries of nationality of those apprehended in 2016 were Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Nationals from these four countries comprised almost 93 percent of all apprehensions. Although Mexican nationals still constituted 50 percent of apprehensions in 2016, their number and share of total apprehension dropped to the lowest level in the past decade, amounting to roughly one-quarter of the 1.1 million Mexican apprehensions in 2005. In FY 2016, apprehensions of Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans increased 54 percent, 44 percent, and 26 percent respectively compared to the previous year. The highest number of apprehensions for these three countries was recorded in FY 2014

There were an estimated 445,000 removals and returns in 2016, a decline of roughly 10,000 from 456,000 in 2015. The modest drop in repatriations in the context of increased apprehension during the same period reflects a lag between apprehension and repatriation for nationals of Northern Triangle countries, compared to Mexicans. The former group often have to go through the lengthy immigration court procedure associated with their asylum claims.

In 2016, removals represented 76 percent (340,056) and returns 24 percent (106,167) of the total. The former figure represents an increase from 2015 (326,962), reflecting the first year of increase since 2013, when deportation slowly dropped in part due to the shifted interior enforcement priority under later years of the Obama administration. At the same time, the number of returns has further declined, from roughly 1 million in 2006 to 106,167 in 2015 (the lowest since 1965), as the government has prioritized using the more formal removal process, which carries greater consequences if re-entry is attempted.

In 2016, 21.2 million immigrants were naturalized U.S. citizens, accounting for 49 percent of the total foreign-born population (43.7 million) and almost 7 percent of the U.S. population (323.1 million), according to ACS estimates.

From a historical perspective, naturalizations have increased dramatically in recent decades. On average, fewer than 120,000 LPRs became citizens each year between 1950 and 1969, 210,000 in the 1980s, 500,000 in the 1990s, and 680,000 during the 2000s. Between 2010 and 2016, the average annual number of naturalizations was about 713,000.

Naturalizations reached an all-time high in 2008, increasing 59 percent from 660,477 in 2007 to 1,046,539 in 2008. This came as a result of impending application fee increases and the promotion of U.S. citizenship in advance of the 2008 presidential elections.

(They ALWAYS crash the border in election years… depending on the Demonrats to KEEP THEM HERE!)

In 2016, 8,885 foreign-born military personnel naturalized as U.S. citizens—23 percent higher than in 2015 when 7,234 military personnel became Americans. Between 2002 and 2017, 114,080 foreign-born military personnel naturalized on U.S. soil. Another 11,372 became citizens overseas or aboard Navy ships.

(What if they are gang members…)

Of those who naturalized in 2016, 14 percent were born in Mexico (103,550), roughly 6 percent in India (46,188), and 5 percent each in the Philippines (41,285) and China (35,794). Immigrants from these four countries, together with those from Cuba (32,101), the Dominican Republic (31,320), Vietnam (24,848), Colombia (18,601), El Salvador (17,213), and Jamaica (16,772), comprised the top ten countries of birth for newly naturalized citizens in 2016. These ten countries accounted for 49 percent of the 753,060 new U.S. citizens that year.

In 2016, 53 percent of the newly naturalized lived in one of four states. California had the largest number of newly naturalized citizens, with 20 percent (151,830), followed by 12 percent each in New York (93,376) and Florida (88,764), and 8 percent in Texas (63,945).

Approximately 16 percent of those who naturalized in 2016 lived in the greater New York metropolitan area (122,156), followed by 8 percent each in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area (61,950) and the greater Miami metro area (59,227). These areas, together with the greater Washington, DC (4 percent), and the greater Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Boston areas (about 3 percent each) were home to close to half (48 percent) of new U.S. citizens in 2016.

(They don’t assimilate, they converge in ethnic barrios in our largest cities…)

about 8.9 million of the 13.2 million green-card holders residing in the United States on January 1, 2014 were eligible to naturalize.

Two types of backlogs impact the issuance of green cards. The first is due to visa availability. The government caps employment-based permanent visas for foreign workers and their families at 140,000 per year worldwide (a cap that has remained unchanged since 1990). Family-sponsored preferences are limited to 226,000 visas per year. Also, no country can receive more than 7 percent of the total annual number of family-sponsored and employment-based visas (approximately 25,600 visas).

The second type of backlog is due to processing delays of applicants’ documents, which is related to government processing capacity as well as increased background and criminal checks.

In February 2018, the U.S. government was still processing some family-sponsored visa applications dating to October 1994, and some employment-related visa applications from December 2006.

For example, an application filed 22 years ago by a U.S. citizen to sponsor an unmarried adult child from Mexico is potentially just now being processed in February 2018. Similarly, an application filed 24 years ago by a U.S. citizen sponsoring a sibling from the Philippines is possibly only now being processed. However, recent years have witnessed dramatic reductions in the backlogs for certain categories of immigrants, particularly the immediate family members (spouses and children) of permanent residents.

Another useful indicator to understand the waiting times is the number of people whose documents are on hold because there are no immigrant visas available for a given family/employment preference or a given country of origin. According to data on the petitions submitted to the State Department, there were about 4.1 million applicants (including spouses and minor children) who were on the waiting list as of November 1, 2017. The overwhelming majority were family-sponsored applicants (3.9 million, which includes the principal applicant and their immediate family members). About 112,000 were employment-sponsored applicants and their families.


Of the overall 4.1 million applicants, 1.3 million were citizens of Mexico, followed by those from the Philippines (356,000) and India (316,000). What these data do not show is the number of family- and employment-based prospective immigrants who are waiting to adjust their status to lawful permanent resident from within the United States. To MPI’s knowledge, the number of people awaiting green cards from within the United States has not been published by USCIS. In other words, the overall number of people waiting for a green card—within and outside of the United States—is larger than the 4.1 million reported by the State Department.” (DACA)

Gang activity IN THE MILITARY was increasing in 2007, and in 2011…


The Demonrats and the Demonrat/RINO/NEVER TRUMP MSM sure love anybody who isn’t from this country. In fact, they hate people of and FROM this country SO BAD that they are importing criminals, gangs, and giving welfare to illiterate child abusers, and letting them JOIN THE MILITARY!!! while you are expected to pay for it, with your benefits you worked and were taxed for, and in taxes, and in forced unemployment and under employment, and thanks to Workfare, YOU have to work for FREE for your benefits from government, while they get benefits for NOT WORKING, and can even do cash jobs while getting welfare that YOU PAY FOR, while you can’t get benefits, unemployment  and welfare, you were taxed and PAID FOR!

(Thank Republicans for this one… First Demonrats increase the competition for low end jobs, then the GOP cuts off and limits your ability to get benefits you were taxed and paid for, right when you need them… Tell me again how there is NO bipartisanship in Washington DC!!!)


Even the wannabe parties want to do worse…

The question is, WHEN they stab us in the back, like they always do… even if it’s just with DACA… what will you do, to stand up for yourself, and your family, and your children, so that they have the same opportunity you had, that they can’t even imagine…

… and that the fascist/socialist/communist left, the elite right, the corporate libertarians, and the shameless supine atheistic/theocratic dogmatic, scapegoating mainstream media don’t even think YOU or THEY deserve!











The Rebel Media Virus Is Rancid


How Rebel Media became Zionist propaganda…

(Tommy Robinson is a Zionist plant…)

Send to Ezra Levant….

Fallacies, Phonies, & Legalizing Freedom

You cannot have a free market with a central bank.

You cannot have Democracy with fiat money which cannot exist without state sponsored Capitalism.

You cannot have a Republic with any of all three…

Pick one. Free market republic or Fiat Capitalist neoliberal plutocracy…

These fictions serve no one. And get us nowhere… Which is where the elite intend for us to stay. Which is okay for some capitalist to make money using words to confuse people, to hide those responsible from being held accountable.

A free market is where you have an idea and can start a business without government restriction. See Hong Kong.

Now you can have some regulation against fraud and health, but aside from that, regulation is minimal.

We do not have this in the US.

Just look at the UCC or the Income Tax Code.

A central bank, gives government and government sponsored entities (corporations) the ability to not only be exempt from regulation, but also the ability to write regulation, of their competitors… with the help of campaign contributions to lawmakers.

It allows policymakers the ability to ask for money from the central bank to fund wars of conquest.

And fund lawmakers to run for higher office, to serve corporate multinational interests, which are in direct opposition to United States interests.

In a Republic, the wealth is created with the backing of the American citizen. With it’s value coming from the production of the American worker. Not the lack of production from the financial speculator.

Fiat money through state sponsored capitalism, merges private interests with public resources. Allowing them to make money in the private sector, lobby government to funnel it out of the country, securing it from taxation; Then asks the citizens to pay the cost of research and development of products and services, then pay for those goods and services, a 2nd time… while expecting the people to pay their FULL income tax… so government can be big enough to be able to not only exempt some corporations from regulation, but also their fellow members of the wealth class, to secure investment from that financial class.

Where is the free market, in this capitalism, of which you speak?

Where is the Democracy when the wealth class can fund lawmakers, write laws, and impose them on the American people, while exempting themselves from accountability in democratic elections?

Are you kidding me?

Now in a Republic, minority rights are protected from the will of the majority and of the wealthy.

In this Plutocracy, the rights of the wealthy, excuse the privileges of the wealthy, and excuse the fraud based economy, insulating them from criticism, let alone any accountability.

What about the rights of the minority as well as the majority of people who are not wealthy?

Well, they have the privilege to vote for the persons selected to run, to do the bidding of the wealth class; and administer policies that mandate the lower class do certain things, and pay a monetary penalty or a penalty of incarceration along with a monetary penalty, if they violate ANY of such policies.

Did that person have a role in the crafting of legislation?


They had a right to vote, then make a phone call or email to their representative, that was recorded by a clerk, and reduced to a statistic.

And even that, didn’t stop the agenda of the wealth class, to continue unabated, in violation of the agenda and demand of the voter class, which was evaporated as soon as it was uttered….

And what happens to dissent?

You can go to a town hall… Which will be cancelled. And you can be escorted out if you ask a question that makes the representative look bad, or uninformed or disinterested.

You can even be arrested for “disturbing the peace,” come with more than one person and another charge of “protesting without a permit” can be added on to your rap sheet. You will likely be targeted for harassment and scrutiny by the post office, and may even have your phone and computer put under surveillance… indefinitely, without your knowledge, which is legal under the Patriot Act.

And when you come home from jail, you can watch on your local news and read in your local paper all about how you were disrespectful to your representative, peppering them with conspiracy theories, (included are things you didn’t even say) and are made to look like not only an unstable person, gullible, who will believe anything anyone tells them as long as they agree with you, or worse, anything that comes from a non state sanctioned source of information…

Now, with the help of mainstream media, you have to fear reprisal for opposing the societal norms, and collective establishment, government and corporate sanctioned belief system.

In a Republic, the government is responsible and responsive TO the people.

In this system, the people are subject to the corporation through the government. And the members who are in and of the fascist neoliberal structure, are exempt from scrutiny and accountability, while you are vulnerable to BOTH!

This is an inversion of the power structure.

The people could not be lower, unless outsiders were given privileges that citizens do not have access too… OH WAIT! THAT EXISTS UNDER THIS SYSTEM TOO!

And the Mainstream Media & The Political Establishment want this to be the NEXT phase in the utter and COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA!

He is arguing for extortion. “Legalize criminality or we will hurt you.”

The liberals want to give rights to criminals, and want a nation of victims.

The left wants to HANG YOU by their virtue, and give themselves a pass for never bothering to act on it, themselves… Schitzo… As… FUCK!

The left is Anti Gun… but wants to import Muslim migrants who HATE GAYS, and RAPE men, women and children…

So naturally gays are arming themselves in self defense, which is a right, the left doesn’t think ANYONE SHOULD HAVE!

And when it’s not being raped by Muslims, women have to also worry about being raped by political candidates husbands (Bill Clinton) and worry about their daughters being molested and propositioned by the next likely Demonrat Presidential Candidate… “Creepy Joe Biden!”

Women and children…. you left out that part… MSM!

So this Republic of which you speak, I can’t smoke weed, which helps me…

Drive without a license…

Own my property if I don’t pay property tax.

Educate my child.

Bring medication or food to my child while they are in school.

Use my lawfully owned firearm to protect myself in public.

Or use it to defend myself and my family at home, without being arrested or shot by police, and sued by the guy who tried to rob me and do worse to my family, and make me watch… before he kills me…

I can’t take things that kill cancer or assist my health to help me live a long life, with functionality.

I can’t sell things without a license.

I can’t sell my own things or even give them away, without being harassed by the cops.

I can’t buy or sell things without using money from a central bank.

I can’t take a phone call, text, or watch anything on my phone or the internet without the government seizing that data from private corporations without my permission, or even the obligation of either to inform me (Thanks Facebook!)

I have to register for a military draft, to fight a war against people I don’t know, for reasons I’m not told, and if I don’t want to do this, I go to jail.

If I give evidence of atrocities committed by myself following orders, or the military, even if I refused to do such myself, I can go to jail.

If I give too much money to a political candidate, I can go to jail, but a corporation from another country can give unlimited amounts to a candidate and BOTH parties, and they are exempt from campaign finance laws.

I can sell off assets of America like national parks to the UN, or Uranium to Ukraine, and have no investigation whatsoever, with the media slandering those calling for such an investigation as “sexist/racist/misogynist conspiracy theorists”

I can be forced to have my money confiscated in taxes, and to fund my retirement, but can’t access either, and in the latter, may not even HAVE anything LEFT, when I do retire, let alone am disabled… That money taken from me, is gone forever. I have NO right to get any of it back… and on top of that, what I do get back, is subject to “Austerity” meaning, an “IOU” a.k.a. an “IOU/Fuck YOU!”

I can be verbally harassed, doxxed online (thanks to TRASH like Candace Owens) with my family and my own address, and financial information and health records exposed, and associates of mine similarly harassed, to the point where we can be evicted, forced to move, fired from our job, have our children taken away, assets seized, and sued to the point of bankruptcy, for voting for the wrong candidate in a democratic election, or simply assembling in public for a redress of grievances from the government, or citizens who target us for harassment… and when I’ve lost everything in my life that matters to me, I DO HAVE THE RIGHT to commit suicide… but technically can still be charged with a crime, my own murder!


Wait a minute!


PLEASE SHOW ME the paperwork, where I read that was expected of me, and that I saw that and said “Sounds good to me… Let’s DO THIS!”

How many legacy representatives do we have to “elect” to see that citizen governance doesn’t exist in this country?

The Queen runs Britain with an Iron Fist…

The Queen has run America since it’s inception with her agents through the BAR and legal societies…

WE have Independence, but the Queen sanctions our magistrates.

Try practicing law outside of this constraint, or represent yourself using your natural right to self defense, and see what happens to you, after the Judge won’t allow you to call witnesses nor demand evidence, let alone examine the evidence against you.

We have a system where the Queen picks the lawyers, the lawyers become the Judges, and the lawyers and the Judges instruct the Jury, as to how to convict you.

Where if anything fucks up the states case before it goes to the jury, it’s a mistrial, and they get a do over…

And when you lose, you can be sued to pay legal fees.

Does THAT sound like justice?

The jury has the Constitutional right to be able to call witnesses, examine and call for evidence to be produced, and has the ability to judge the merit of the case, as well as the crime itself, and the law being called into question.

Today, they have none of these rights.

The Prosecutor has the 1st shot, the defense has the 2nd, and the Judge has the 3rd. The defendant simply cannot get a fair trial, with the government literally being the Judge, the Prosecution and the Defense attorney… See the rate of public defender convictions, and plea bargains which is the accused waiving their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to a speedy and public trial, before a jury of their peers… NOT the attorneys or Judges proclivities.

And how is it justice when most convictions can be dismissed with a monetary fine?

How many of the wealth class can use influence, monetarily through resources, or legally through political and media cohesion and collaboration, to frame the narrative for or against the accused?

Hell, they even report on people before they have been put to trial, prejudicing the jury pool, with facts and conjectures that have yet to be proven in a court of law, and placed under scrutiny. Not to mention during the trial!

How is that justice?

Evidence can be misplaced or removed or destroyed, and a person can be wrongfully convicted, or stay wrongfully convicted without means to examine the evidence used to convict them, when they exercise their right to appeal…

See Michael Peterson…

And he was wealthy, with resources to get himself a good lawyer, and STILL  was convicted, thanks to a corrupt prosecutor, District Attorney, and an admittedly incompetent Judge, all who were PROMOTED while he spent 16 YEARS in prison, because his wife, drunk, fell down the stairs…

THAT is how close the state is to coming against you… with UNLIMITED resources, and a compliant Mainstream Media, to shuffle the narrative along… to see to it that somebody is punished for a crime, no matter who it is, or isn’t.

That should scare the living HELL out of anyone!

But it doesn’t.

Because we have convinced ourselves that wouldn’t happen in America, and that we are better than that.

We like to think we are better than what we do, and escape our own accountability. And the media uses this tactic to tell us we are better, and that we are good if we agree with them, and like who they like, and hate who they hate, so they can get rich, and we can’t get justice… EVER!

How many times have we been told of the laws that Hillary broke, any ONE of those, we break, we DIE IN FEDERAL PRISON!

But merely discussing this, or wanting to hold her to the same standard, she as President would be expected to uphold, is HERESY!

How, why… wait—WHAT?!!

But this is the system we uphold.

We exonerate Hillary before we investigate her, and charge her political opponent for her crimes, if we have to invent evidence, great, if we HAVE NO EVIDENCE! Great! We can use that to forge a narrative that “absence of evidence, is evidence of absence” so he MUST be guilty and have covered his tracks, while Hillary is NOT GUILTY, because she DIDN’T cover her tracks!

This is the insanity of the mainstream media, and the political left, and activist for profit left.

But America is NOT that insane…

This is why the media and the left have conniption fits, when you don’t conform to their religion of overreaction!

America simply doesn’t care about what they care about.

Paying bills, kids being educated, working a job with a future, and being able to keep what your earn to preserve your existence, and make sure your kids have a shot at having theirs, that is what the American people want.

Trump, is the only person, not his party, not the left, and certainly not the mainstream media, have that interests, to see to it that you have a chance in this society.

Obama said that our best days were behind us, and that we need to get used to less, and doing more for everyone else who isn’t from here.

Trump told us our best days were ahead, and that great things were possible if we got government out of the way, and disregarded the mainstream media.

And look what has changed in one year.

And look how deranged the left is, in one year.

Now that you have a chance, and an ability to tune them out, turn them off, and when they tell you how bad you are, without knowing you, you still have the freedom to tell them to FUCK OFF!

America got a lot back when Trump got elected.

And the left and the media and the wealth class want it ALL back!

They don’t like that you have a voice, that your existence is acknowledged, and that something is trying to get you out of the hole, the left was determined to keep you in.

Trump has upset the system.

But the system has been upset for a long time.

Instead of the people being sacrificed and ignored, the left, the media, and the wealth class are being snubbed, and the people are doing better.

That should be the real goal.

It’s what the Constitution was enshrined to protect.

The rights and wealth of the people.

And the left won’t rest until they have it all back…

The system didn’t give it to you, and they can’t take it away.

You don’t need any document to preserve that.

What you need is action.

I don’t care for abstractions, I want the truth, I want opportunity, I want results!

Theoretical crimes are not atrocities…

Atrocities come when we focus on the abstract and treat it as reality, while ignoring the reality that is tearing ourselves and our country apart.

Thinking about it, and writing about how the world should respect you… in a vacuum, doesn’t give you respect, or make the world respect you.

Your ACTIONS does!

And your in-actions only serve to make you even more irrelevant, to people, and even to making change to improve your own daily life.

Some people (we know who they are… especially if you read this blog) know who they are…

And while the supply of those useless, irrelevant people who want to control you, what you think and who you associate with, for a buck, is ENDLESS & seemingly INFINITE…

The person with the power to change things for the better ultimately is YOU!

You are the force for change and action that brings change into your life.

Trump is trying to make it a little easier.

And they hate him for doing that, almost as much as they hate you.

Just look at how he is treated for trying to make things a little better for you, from the people who night and day, work, and get paid VERY WELL to think, write, enforce, and enable the worst in society, to make your life a living HELL!

You deserve better than that…

We all do…

You know who you need to tune out, to get yourself to give yourself a chance.

My advice is to do just that. And focus on the effort to improve something, one day at a time. And to keep doing it.

Momentum with positive change will change and transform your life. You have that power. You get to make that choice.

You only lose it if you let others, especially people you don’t know, make that choice for you.

Nobody is entitled to YOUR MONEY!

No government, and certainly nobody you don’t know, gets to tell YOU what a bad person you are, and how you deserve nothing, and are expected to sacrifice everything.

That sure sounds like the definition of HELL to me!

And while we are at it, in the meantime of taking control and doing what is good and is right for ourselves, since nobody else will…

Can we hold the SCUM accountable?!!

Like Biden, Hillary, the Demonrats, the Never Trumpers, and especially the Mainstream media…

And support people who DO hold them accountable and try to serve them justice?

Just a thought…

You never know..

Who knows, maybe then things will continue to get better, the election has paid off so far… 😉

The rats have been exposed… do we have it in us to finish the job, and finish them off?

The best part about not supporting the state, is that you never have to ask for permission to change it…

Now that is Freedom!

It’s what this country used to be.

And can be Again!

Now THAT is a slogan I can get behind, and vote for!



Cenk’s One Man Revolution Needs To Find Some Restitution!

The revolution doesn’t happen on Youtube… you have to VOTE to win elections! Unless you just talk shit to raise money… but then Cenk, Jimmy, Ana, Dylan and half of TYT are already millionaires. They don’t stay that way by spending their money, they do by spending your money… and delivering results like this… If TYT was a political consultant it would have been FIRED after this. TYT can’t win in liberal CA! WHERE CAN THEY WIN! Srsly!

“But if Hillary wins Wisconsin…. — “Wisconsin just went for Trump…” Cue meltdown.. What, no meltdown here Cenk! Yeah it’s different when you pay lip service to insurgents, and toe the party line in the end, every time. Cue “the lesser of two evils” line… Man, you guys fall for this shit EVERY GODDAMN TIME! “People can change… Feinstein won’t but De Leon will…” Doublethink personified…

Justice Democrats don’t take PAC money, not even from Cenk’s, so what does he have a PAC for?!!

Cenk, you have and you won’t even raise money for Hartson… or give her money… STFU! She followed your advice and LOST!

Public financing DOESN’T GET THE MSM TO COVER YOU! Ask Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders! JACKASS! You are flailing Cenk!

How much money in free advertising did Hillary get in MSM media coverage… AND SHE STILL LOST!

Maybe people just know a fraud when they see one…


So I guess 20 MILLION doesn’t go as far as it used to in a calendar year… when you can’t afford to keep two SJW women, one a DNC lackey, on your payroll in the name of “moving the company into the next phase of our evolution”

At least Shaun King isn’t on TYT anymore, even though he’s probably still being paid to not come on…

So you gave TYT money, then they got 20 MILLION from Hillary donor, Katzenberg, and now he can’t afford to keep two SJW’s on staff? This makes no sense… what does Katzenberg and the DNC want TYT to “evolve” into now?!!

Well, at least we now know who really is running TYT….




To Know History Is To Know Who Is On Your Side & Who Is Not

Agreed Jake. Zionists HATE CHRIST! They hate non Jews. They are impostors. Most Zionist Jews come from Khazaria. They are NOT Jews of the Bible. They are satanist apostates… Orthodox Jews hate Zionism and are persecuted in Zionist Israel because they don’t hate the Palestinians… This fiction of Zionism has destroyed Judaism and Christianity… There are Christians in Palestine. Christians in the Holy Land is down to 2 percent. The Jews occupy the Holy Land and harass Christian Palestinians… Which are some of the oldest members of the Christian church, dating back to Christ.

Jews HATE Christians…

Jews are even racist against African Jews…

Is there anybody they don’t hate?

No wonder, they have to attack the people of the world, assuming they hate them. Even those who don’t know them.

The ones who do, have reasons to hate…

If they read history.

Which is probably why they have to hate you, if you DO in fact, read history.

It is the second most offensive original sin…

The 1st is being a simple Goyim…

BONUS: JFK knew who America’s greatest enemy was…


The Incestuous Relationship Between The MSM & The Swamp

If you blended Herpes with AIDS.. you’d get Vice…. No wonder Gavin McILLness spawned from here…



So prostituting “journalists” to sources is “journalism” now? Disgusting!

Justice may not be blind… But it can be Horny!


So now the MSM lies about you, and you can be prosecuted if you refute their lies about you, WOW!

The left wants to HANG YOU by their virtue, and give themselves a pass for never bothering to act on it, themselves… Schitzo… As… FUCK!

“What Would David Hogg Do…???!!!”

This… man… is… SICK!


The midget mullah from LA is back to criticize the President again…”Been Shit here tho…”

(And remember to get your BitCoin through Ben’s sponsor… As well as your Gold from

If you got $1,000 to spend… on a SINGLE… gold… coin…)

I don’t remember electing a President to act on Ben Shapiro’s virtue… Clearly this makes me a bad person.

So, the media can be unethical, use SJW demographics to shake down corporations for hundreds of Millions of dollars… “Journalists” can prostitute themselves to government workers to get exclusives to further the Corporate media, DNC narrative against the President, in absence of facts… (and STAY EMPLOYED!)

If you refute their lies about you, that can be used against you as “perjury”….

And if you are famous enough, you can excuse raping women at will…

And make candidates come to you, to kiss your ring… (at least we hope that’s all you ask them to do…)


You can even be in contempt of Congress and threaten them for doing their duty in carrying out oversight of government agencies…

But, why wouldn’t you, if you can investigate the President for a crime, you cannot produce, aside from winning an election, and acting within his duty to fire somebody for insubordination and collusion against the President…

And then your supposed “friends” are demanding you be removed from office, because you don’t act on their virtue… even when they refuse to act on it, themselves….



Remember, keep watching… because YOU ARE A BAD PERSON!


You truly DO deserve this!


You MUST watch and take your medicine.


EVEN National Security has become an opportunity for Millionaires to virtue signal…


They deserve to make money off of you… and they have every right to tell you just how bad you are… because you are more concerned about making a living, rather than living by the morality, and situational LACK therof, of the people who make 100x what you make, because they do what they are told, and protect who they are told to, directly at your expense!

The cabal against you, continues as long as your money keeps flowing, and they keep the shitstorm flowing, DROWNING you in their cesspool, telling you the guy next to you is the reason you are in the pit of shit, when in actuality, that person next to you, is the only person who can pull you out of it.

But whatever you do, don’t think, don’t care, don’t collaborate or cooperate!

Just “eat the shit!”

And if you won’t eat the shit…


Liberals try to kill Republicans… and those same Liberals want you to be as disarmed and vulnerable as those Republicans were…

Only Demonrats would celebrate keeping you down… that is what they call “virtue…”

In a civilized country… he… would.. be… SHOT!

“I smoked but didn’t inhale. I got a BJ, but it’s not sex because I didn’t cum, and even if I did, it’s NOT sex!” This man is an IDIOT!…

The Demonrats… “better put some ice on Bill…”

Make the taxpayers pay for your SJW fine, WOW! What a cunt!

Well put…

Dyson thinks America is a commode… no wonder he hates Trump.

When snowflakes learn the hard way about economics…