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A SGT Report Roundtable On You Tube Censorship

“…this is NOT America. A roundtable discussion about social media tyranny, censorship and hypocrisy featuring a slew of alt-media real news hounds.”

James Corbett did a video saying that this is a pretext to get FB, YT and social media as public utilities to give them protection from people leaving their platforms. Imagine if MySpace was a public utility, then it would be still around no matter how awful it is.

I hear ya, CJ.


The Danger Of Historical Demagoguery From Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh docs are heavy handed hyperbole, that is light on actual facts. His “America” doc, his book on Hitler “The Big Lie” trying to paint the Democratic party as Hitlerian… is reaching… there is a lot of inference and circular reasoning… but that’s it. It’s like a political campaign ad more than a fact based argument. I couldn’t believe the leaps and bounds he made trying to link Hitler to demonrats. And getting basic facts about Hitler and Nazi Germany wrong. To the point of magical thinking and fiction. He has a narrative, he tells a story, and he leaves out anything that contradicts his narrative. It’s weak, unscholarly, and infotainment. Which is dangerous. Because it confuses people about basic facts, and demonizes people unfairly, pitting one side vs. the other, while the interpretation of history may be subjective, basic facts, cannot be. These are not documentaries. They are fictional MOVIES! He shouldn’t call these documentaries. They are historical fiction… Goebbels would understand and applaud.

You are not telling the truth if you base your conclusion on one side of the argument. You are just repackaging old propaganda to suit your political needs and aims. Dinesh offers nothing new, he is selling you old material in a new format, playing loose with the facts, when not ignoring altogether the one’s that don’t fit his hypothesis.

Revisionists used the latest information to update their conclusions. Dinesh refuses to do this. He uses the same dated material to come to the same conclusions, and just uses those examples as a pretext to slander people and ideas he personally doesn’t like, in a format he can control and manipulate through editing. It’s intellectually lazy and intentionally misleading.

I may agree with Dinesh on some things, but this I cannot forgive. Alex is a responsible documentary filmmaker… Dinesh is a salesman of old and dated propaganda that isn’t relevant, and is no longer accurate, thanks to revisionists… and people who incorporate what we know now, over canonizing what little we knew back then. Choosing to continue to be blind to current information is unethical as a historical scholar, and to call it a documentary to give it the inference of authenticity, is downright deceitful. But then, being unethical is very profitable. Just ask the Young Turks.

His films are nothing but historical demagoguery… nothing more…


Dear Dinesh D’Souza, how do you explain the Transfer Agreement if Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jews… Go ahead, I’ll wait…


Lionizing Lincoln… is celebrating the kind of tyranny that led to the Civil War. Lincoln was America’s real Hitler…


Dinesh is not a scholar. He is an ideologue. He praises Lincoln, when if you read Thomas DiLorenzo’s books on Lincoln, you learn how he chose not to buy the slaves and prevent war. He wanted a war to throw out state sovereignty for federal supremacy. The states had a right to secede. Lincoln committed atrocities against American citizens that were akin to genocide. His take on Hitler is clouded by ignoring the revisionists, and new information. Dinesh is clinging to the same old ideas, and the same old philosophies, that wind up becoming state worship, even fascistic. He blurs lines, mixes and matches and ignores what doesn’t fit his emotional argument and appeal to authority and to precedent. This is nothing new. He just uses the same sources pushing the same institutional lies that distort history, and do injustice to it’s victims. That is why he chooses movies over documentaries. There his narrative can run unopposed, whereas in a documentary, you have to give a platform to people who disagree with you. Dinesh doesn’t want anything fucking up his narrative, which exposes just how deceitful he truly is, with propaganda such as these “films.” They are propaganda and passion plays so devoid of facts that Goebbels would be proud.



Finally, A MSM Op-Ed That Makes Sense

If We Silence Hate Speech, Will We Silence Resistance?

“Hate” is a dangerously elastic label. And it has long been used to
demonize unpopular expression, particularly among people of color.

By Erik Nielson

Dr. Nielson has become well-known as an expert in the use of rap music
as evidence in criminal trials.

Aug. 9, 2018

Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and most other major internet
distributors took a bold step this week when they all but banned
content from Infowars, a website run by the right-wing conspiracy
theorist Alex Jones. The tech companies cited their policies against
hate speech for their decision, rather than the trafficking in fake
news by Infowars.

It’s tempting to applaud this move, but we should be wary. While Mr.
Jones’s rhetoric is certainly repugnant, mounting pressure from the
political left to censor hateful speech may have unintended
consequences, especially for people of color.

That’s because “hate” is a dangerously elastic label, one that has
long been used in America to demonize unpopular expression. If we
become overzealous in our efforts to limit so-called hate speech, we
run the risk of setting a trap for the very people we’re trying to

History offers countless examples. Consider black nationalists of the
1960s and 1970s. Impatient with the lack of progress for
African-Americans after the civil rights movement, leaders like
Malcolm X routinely inveighed against white America using inflammatory
rhetoric. He had no trouble expressing animosity toward the “white
devil,” and he contemplated violent resistance.

That put him in the cross hairs of law enforcement, most notably J.
Edgar Hoover’s F.B.I. Of course, the FBI spied on many other so-called
black radicals. Under Hoover’s Counterintelligence Program, groups
like the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers were subject to
routine surveillance, harassment and even violence. Hoover’s
justification? He labeled them hate groups. It was a cynical but
effective way to turn the tables, framing them as antagonists in the
centuries’ long struggle for racial equality.

Hoover is gone, but the tendency to label black radical organizations
as hate groups persists, even among groups with more admirable
intentions. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist
and hate organizations across the country, makes the dubious claim
that nearly 25 percent of the 954 “hate groups” they follow are “black
nationalist” groups.

There’s no question that black nationalists often argue for racial
separation or that many have engaged in bigotry. But it’s false
equivalence to label black nationalists and white supremacists alike
as hate groups. Doing so ignores the centuries of racial terror that
gave rise to black nationalism, as well as the power imbalance that
keeps it alive. And it gives a powerful tool to people who want to
silence radical perspectives. They can call these viewpoints hate

Take, as one example, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement,
a Palestinian-led initiative that endorses a series of nonviolent
measures to end Israel’s systematic oppression of the Palestinians. As
it has gained traction in the United States, in large part because of
support from prominent African-American intellectuals and
organizations, state and federal lawmakers have increasingly tried to
shut the movement down by accusing it of hate speech.

The pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement has
increasingly been the target of lawmakers who accuse it of hate

The New York State Senate, for example, recently passed a bill that
would prohibit from receiving public funds “student organizations that
participate in hate speech, including advocating for the boycott,
divestment and sanctions of Israel and American allied nations.”
Meanwhile, Congress (with support from many Democrats) has been trying
to criminalize the movement for years.

If people engaged in a boycott can be silenced, even criminalized, for
discriminating against the group they accuse of discrimination, we
begin to see how problematic it is to punish “hate” speech. It can
devolve into the politics of choosing sides, and that is usually bad
news for people who lack political clout to begin with.

Black Lives Matter would know. A movement formed in response to police
violence against African-Americans, it has been accused by law
enforcement officials, and even some state legislators, of being a
hate group, despite the fact that it renounces violence and welcomes
allies from all walks of life.

By accusing Black Lives Matter of pedaling hate, politicians
effectively turned the tables on the movement, allowing lawmakers, in
some cases, to strengthen protections for the police. Since 2016,
several “Blue Lives Matter” bills have been enacted across the
country, many of which seek to add police as a protected class covered
by hate crimes laws. Following this logic, Black Lives Matter’s
opposition to police brutality is a kind of hate itself, from which
the police require additional protection. Yet killings by police
officers are increasing while line-of-duty deaths of police officers
are decreasing.

It is difficult to imagine a more ridiculous outcome. But it speaks to
one of the most serious perils of limiting speech: a measure to
protect minority perspectives can instead be used to further
marginalize them.

Despite this, a significant number of young Americans, especially
young Americans of color, believe that hate speech should be limited
by the government or on college campuses. In addition, some scholars
have recently argued for legal restrictions on hate speech.

But how would stronger limits on hate speech affect progressive
protests against white supremacy? What would have been the fate, for
example, of the historic Million Man March in 1995, an event organized
by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan? The Nation of Islam is a
Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group, and Mr. Farrakhan
has openly made anti-Semitic comments for years. At the same time, the
March was a landmark effort focused on uniting black men in the face
of widespread inequality and racism.

What about the equally historic Women’s March in 2017, after it was
revealed that some of the event’s most prominent organizers had ties
to Mr. Farrakhan? Or that they openly revered Assata Shakur, a black
revolutionary who was convicted (albeit questionably) of killing a
police officer and is now on the F.B.I.’s list of most-wanted
terrorists? Predictably, they have been accused by some of embracing
hate, yet they organized one of the most significant protests in
United States history.

If we allowed these voices to be silenced on grounds that they promote
hate, we’d find ourselves scrambling to defend the radical poets,
musicians, filmmakers and other artists who have pushed the boundaries
of expression into what could arguably amount to hate speech, but who
have done so from the vanguard of social and political protest.

That almost certainly explains the response from the music industry
when Spotify announced its decision to stop promoting artists who
engage in hateful speech or conduct. A number of people, including
representatives from Kendrick Lamar’s record label, Top Dawg
Entertainment, expressed concerns that such a policy would lead to
censorship and threatened to pull their music from the service.

Within weeks, Spotify reversed course, noting that its policy was
“vague.” But by silencing Mr. Jones on its platform, it’s not exactly
clear where Spotify is drawing the line.

And that’s the inherent danger in attempting to limit something like
hate. It can be so broadly defined that our efforts to counteract it
will be broad, too.

If that happens, we risk silencing the voices and perspectives we can
least afford to lose. That’s not a triumph over hate. That’s falling
victim to it.

TYT Pig’s Grunting Out A Fart Or A Turd, I Can’t Tell From The Smell… It’s THAT Bad!


First they take your freedom of speech, then they take your right to self defense, then they target you in real time through your phone and internet to see what you are thinking, then they deplatform you, then they ban you from banking, and being able to work, then they refuse to pay your benefits you paid for in taxes, then they come to take your kids away, then they come to take you away, then they put you in jail, then they use DUI laws to medicate you without your consent, then when they have no more use for you, they just kill you, to “save the environment from useless eaters…” It all starts with the 1st amendment, then they take the 2nd, and then you are on a train in the middle of night to the death camp. TYT has become the SS…. Heil Ugyur! Seig HEIL! But then Cenk knows ALL ABOUT GENOCIDES, practicing them then DENYING THEM!


It must be nice when you are part of a monopoly that KILLS YOUR COMPETITION!


Cenk, Ana and the rest of TYT support this. TALK TO YOUR FUCKING BOSS Jeffrey Katzenberg… Jimmy!

There are a shitload of videos supporting Alex Jones, including from Jimmy Dore, but the rest of TYT can’t get past their hatred for AJ not even for one second.

TYT’s hatred of competition is deeper than their respect for the 1st Amendment. THEY MAKE ME SICK! I can’t believe I watched TYT off and on for years before Trump derangement syndrome broke them, and Jeffrey Katzenberg bought them for 20 MILLION after Cenk endorsed Hillary stabbing Bernie in the back after they ROBBED him in the primary.

Their CULT can IGNORE these facts just as fast as Anal Desparian can IGNORE the 1st Amendment!!!


“First they’ll go after the far right Then the moderate right Once the right has been defeated they’ll go after centrist for refusing to take a side Once the center is gone they’ll go after the moderate left for not towing the line”

(Jimmy is worth one million, Ana 2 Million, Cenk 10 MILLION and that was BEFORE
he got 20 MILLION from Katzenberg, a Hillary Donor!!! I can’t take Jimmy
seriously talking about money… He IS the ONE PERCENT and SERVES THE





While You Were Sleeping, The Minority United With The Elite To Demand You Pay Them To Not Beat You Up, Or Else!

First, you allow THIS:

“Where can we make people most uncomfortable?” “U want 2 go where they chill out & relax”

“The point is 2 carry themselves 2 where the more fortunate people are and hope they will sympathize with the reasons for that disruption”


“Stop burning down our communities, we NEED our shit, take that shit to the suburbs, where the WHITE PEOPLE ARE, burn they shit down!”


And instead of talking about that, the MSM says THIS: (Don’t tell her it was a MOVIE with a NARRATIVE… she might CRACK!)

Don’t you see, they want to ERASE YOU! Take everything you have, you built, you OWN, and hand it over to squatters who get to live off of your wealth, and send YOU packing! Lecture me MORE about “institutionalized racism,” Shaun King, (“YOUR A FUCKIN’ WHITE MALE!)

THEN racist entitled CUNTS… take it a step further…

If you hate America and actual Americans, the NY Times has a plush job for you.

This WHOA-MAN hates EVERYONE, but no one as much as she hates herself.


Now THAT’S what I call PRIVILEGE!!!

Demonrat Socialist In Action…



They are telling you to be offended… The left is creating trauma where it doesn’t exist. THIS is how they get their power… by treating you as a Jew under Hitler… care to wait for their version of Kristollnacht?!!


She is racist, the MSM is racist. Where is the surprise?!!

Find her, scream at her. Doxx her. Make her life Hell. It’s only FAIR! Act in the name of… EQUALITY!!!



The MSM want’s people to be racist against white people. And their golden calf is a non white minority who is racist against white people… Where is the surprise?!!! Thank GOD Tucker is still speaking out for COMMON SENSE, which today is regarded as mental illness…


The left needs people who are not American to exist. They have given up on America & Americans.


Who REALLY mistreats women in the workplace.. LIBERALS!


“There are some times in political life that you have to go World Wrestling Federation on people.”– SO WHAT DO THEY HAVE AGAINST TRUMP, AGAIN?!!

The left has always been violent.

Trump’s SO RACIST, he gave Hispanics jobs…. Yup!

And the left that run the plantation are PISSED THE FUCK, OFF!


Still waiting for Trump to stand up for his supporters and employees and go after these domestic TERRORISTS!


The marxist socialist left hates America, and Americans.


Register to vote REPUBLICAN… These Violent Radicalized Domestic Homegrown Terrorist Extremists NEED to be kept OUT of POWER!

Don’t tell her she is dividing black and white people on the basis of race, she might CRACK!

This is CNN….

When will the people realize just how much mainstream media HATES THEM!

A tax on knives will not stop immigrants from stabbing people. (OUR FUTURE?!!)

Nailed it Styx.. Hitler wasn’t evil… IT WAS JUST PARODY! 😉 Yep!

In Australia nurses are MANDATED to APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR RACE with EVERY patient!!!

The next generation refuses to work. They don’t have to work when they can have their parents live with them when they are adults and pay for EVERYTHING, while using their free time to scrounge Twitter for “offensive Tweets” of people who left home, and actually made something of themselves… YOUR PARENTS FAILED YOU, WIMPS!

NIGGARDLY! There is no other word for it…

When will you realize this is genocide…

The left have to make the young and minorities think white people are racist, to keep them on the Demonrat plantation… Which is the epitome of institutional racism….

Yes, racism is official Israeli policy. Yes we continue to be SILENT!

The MSM HATES AMERICA, is America paying attention…

The left hates this country…

Yes, black people carry out genocide against white people…

What do you have against Hitler again?

Vote GOP, let the trash take itself out. If liberals wanna Purge liberals… (Shrug!)

Tech doesn’t believe in free speech.

The left is the epitome of intolerance… and hate-filled bigotry…

“You can’t be racist against white people…” Typical SJW. Um, have you BEEN to South Africa!

All censorship is state control.

Police crack down on ANTIFA, Huffington Post, LIVID!

Catpiss Owens is a doxxer and a fraud. She supports these same tactics against her critics. Shame on Kirk for stooping to her level and rewarding her. She is a SJW zealot. Just like Antifa.



When The New York Times Tries To Argue For Genocide Of A Particular Race… YOURS!

New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State?

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Catalina Celentano used to hold training sessions for hospital workers in Lynn, Mass., to familiarize them with the cultures of patients from Cambodia, Russia and the Dominican Republic. When she moved to New Hampshire, she suddenly found herself in an ethnic vacuum.

“I went from being able to speak Spanish every day to not speaking Spanish at all because there wasn’t anybody to speak Spanish to,” said Mrs. Celentano, who was born in Colombia to a Colombian mother and Hungarian father. “The only person I spoke Spanish with was a cleaning lady and she moved back to Colombia.”

New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.

It has also posed problems for employers in these states, who find that their homogeneity can be a barrier to recruiting and retaining workers of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.


The issue prompted about 100 business leaders, government officials and members of nonprofit organizations to meet Thursday to search for ways that New Hampshire — which is 94 percent white — might lure other racial and ethnic groups, as well as younger people.

Will Arvelo, New Hampshire’s director of economic development, said the gathering appeared to be the first broad-based effort in New England, if not the country, to focus on how to diversify an entire state.

With nonwhites poised to make up a majority of the American population in the next three decades, he said, diversity has become a bottom-line imperative for companies competing for talent, especially for workers who can speak other languages. As it stands, New Hampshire is 3 percent Latino, 2 percent African-American and 3 percent Asian, according to the census, with some people identifying as more than one race. The nation as a whole is 17 percent Latino, 14 percent African-American and 6 percent Asian.

“New Hampshire’s future economy is dependent on our ability to set ourselves up as a welcoming state,” Mr. Arvelo said at the meeting. “We do a great job marketing ourselves around travel and tourism. How do we use those tools to attract talent?”

The project grew out of informal talks over the last few years among a racially diverse coalition of people, including Mrs. Celentano, who say they want to change New Hampshire’s demographics. The effort is so new that it has no name. But it is drawing important players.

The gathering took place at the offices of Eversource, the energy company, where 17 percent of the company’s 8,000 employees are not white.

“We truly believe that this effort will be hugely beneficial to our business operations,” said Paula Parnagian, the diversity and inclusion manager for Eversource.

For Jerri Anne Boggis, executive director of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire, in Portsmouth, N.H., the participation of major companies is a sign of the urgency of the mission.

“It’s not just the social justice groups that are doing this, it’s the businesses,” she said. “We’re talking about the economic engine of our state, and we can’t move forward without them.”

New Hampshire’s neighbors, Vermont and Maine, are 95 percent white, making northern New England collectively the whitest region in a nation where white residents make up just over 60 percent of the population, according to the census.

Northern New England does contain pockets that are less monolithic. They are concentrated in the largest communities — Portland, Me.; Burlington, Vt.; and in Manchester, N.H. In Manchester, for example, the white population has dropped to 82 percent, down from 98 percent in 1980. Since then, other ethnicities have been increasing, and as of 2016, Manchester was nearly 8 percent Hispanic, nearly 5 percent black and more than 4 percent Asian. In Lewiston, the second largest city in Maine, Somalis are well-established.


Mostly, though, Northern New England is nearly all white. The reasons stem from a variety of factors, including a lack of big urban areas, where jobs are more plentiful, a wider range of housing is available and cultural differences are a little more accepted than in smaller places.

“Northern New England is a huge collection of very, very small towns,” said Peter Francese, a demographic analyst based in Exeter, N.H.

“Housing is at the core of why there aren’t more immigrants — there’s no place for them,” he said. “An ethnic person who wants to come in with a family of four or five people is not going to find a home they can afford, and there’s almost no rental housing whatsoever.” In addition, Northern New England has the nation’s highest concentration of second homes, making the housing market especially tight.

And, he said, much of any newer housing is only for people 55 or older. If developers built housing for younger people, he said, they would likely have children, which means a need for schools, which means higher property taxes — anathema in a place like New Hampshire, which has no income tax.

Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire also have some of the nation’s oldest populations. More people are dying here than being born, forcing these states to grapple with the consequences of their limited demographics.

The irony is that with their own populations stagnant, these states must look to outsiders if they want to grow.

“We have true work force needs,” said Loretta Brady, a psychology professor at St. Anselm College, who has worked with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce on matters of diversity and participated in Thursday’s conference.

“We have 2.7 percent unemployment, an opioid crisis that has significantly impacted employability and the reality of an aging population that will absolutely require direct service care at some point,” said Ms. Brady. “And we don’t have a pipeline of talent that’s going to support that.”

Part of the problem, Rogers J. Johnson, president of the Seacoast N.A.A.C.P., told the group, was “a lack of recognition as to the seriousness of this problem.” He said that many people in New Hampshire view race as an issue in the South but not in the North.

In workshops and panel discussions, people wrestled with ways New Hampshire could draw people of different backgrounds. Their suggestions included: a better understanding of licensing and skills that refugees bring with them so they could more easily work here; a system of rewarding businesses that hire a more diverse array of workers; a central location with a database, speakers’ bureau and training opportunities that could help companies understand what “diversity and inclusion” means and how it could benefit them, and a focus on keeping workers as much as hiring them in the first place, since many leave after finding the state inhospitable.

“We haven’t even talked about housing and transportation,” Mrs. Celentano, who used to teach cultural training in Massachusetts and is now a community relations specialist for Eversource, told the group. In the workshop she participated in, she said, people asked: “How do we bring in millennials when they can’t afford housing or can’t get from Point A to Point B?”

She said in an interview later that the lack of certain basic services also made settling in places like New Hampshire difficult for minorities. These include hair salons that cater to African-American women, she said, as well as restaurants and supermarkets that offer ethnic foods and stores that sell traditional clothing.

The next step? Another meeting soon.

“At some point we have to pull the string and say what’s coming out of here,” Mr. Arvelo, the state director of economic development, said. “The pressure is on us to perform and to be able to prove that this is not a one-off meeting, that it’s a sustained effort.”

So do we round up black people from Compton and OC and forcibly relocate them to NH, Vermont and Maine? What is your solution? Government sponsored forced relocation and forced assimilation of African Americans and minorities… Sounds pretty RACIST to me?!!!

“Um, can you FORCE a black woman to mate with a white male?

(Yes, my Nubian princesses, Shaun King DOES count as a WHITE MALE!)

How about a Jewish male, with an Arab female?

Ooh, this is fun!

How about a homosexual male with a lesbian female!

How about a transgendered person with somebody with PTSD, multi-personality disorder, and gender dysphoria… (but I REPEAT myself!)

How about a Zionist female, with a Christian male?

(Again, repeating myself, sorry!)

How about a Satan worshiper with a Communist?

(Again… FUCK! I’m like a broken record today!!!)

How do we solve this problem…

Do we FORCE African Americans to move to Idaho?

Do we FORCE Latinos to move to Appalachia?

Is expelling people and relocating them to concentration camps, to increase the spartan diversity in these areas, AND FORCE THEM TO LIVE WITH EACH OTHER AND PROCREATE WITH EACH OTHER… what is necessary to achieve our “tolerant, multiCULTural” ideal…

Hey, WHO GETS TO MOVE TO HAWAII!?! (Not to mention Israel…) They are pretty homogeneous i.e. RACIST!

(As is North/South Korea, Japan, Israel and Italy)

This CANNOT and MUST NOT be allowed to stand!

What if people of another race DON’T WANT TO DATE YOU!

Does that mean people of another race have a right to your property, your job, your education, because they REFUSE to want to date, marry and procreate with you… (Smells like privilege, YO!)

And why isn’t the reverse true?

What happens when the opposite race doesn’t want to date you… how is that not racist, unless the person who doesn’t want to date outside their race is white?

Oh right, I got it.

Black people can’t be racist.

White people can’t be discriminated against.

White males can’t be discriminated against.

Women can’t be sexist.

Come to think of it, that is pretty offensive judging and defining people you don’t know, on the basis of their race or gender or nationality…

But that is my Cisgendered White Male SCUM privilege, showing…

You know, that EVIL thing God gave us, that must be metaphorically and physically BEATEN out of us…



Quoting Barbarian Lerner Spectre.. I LOVE IT!!! 🙂 ROTFLMFAO!

“Sooner or later the mob gets to your block… they get to YOUR door… and all your ideologies and excuses, are NOT gonna repel them…” — FWO.

Are you SURE you want to open yourself and your family to the will of that mob?

Question: Why do you have window screens?

Because you don’t want flies biting you, sucking your blood out day and night, leave welts on our body that you scratch raw to the point of open sores to the point of doubling down on the initial damage caused by the blood hungry flies in the first place.

Now a liberal would excoriate you… “How could you do that? The flies NEED your blood more than YOU do! They need it to survive! You have MORE than enough blood to exist. They were here before you! You are invading their native land and habitat! You are lucky they don’t KILL you! You deserve to be bitten day and night, until they are through with you. And it would be a good thing! You should be honored to be food for such noble flies!”

Now, just one look at that argument, and you can see it is insane.

Any person CRAZY enough to make that argument is clearly INSANE!

So, you tell me… HOW does that same argument make sense when you substitute the word flies, with the word, people. And in place of people, insert a race into it?

Tell me, I’d LOVE for you to explain it to me… and not pervert logic beyond the depths and vast expanses of reason…

In order to control people you must make them hate themselves, and make them incapable of the ability to reason.

Once that is gone, it is replaced with violence.

Government always has a monopoly on FORCE!

That is why they are provoking unrest through forced immigration, and genocide.

But it all begins with them destroying reason, and one’s ability to reason. And use words in place of guns, knives, and other tools of destruction.

Words have power.

But absent meaning, the power turns evil.

The only thing keeping us from being savages is the ability to reason.

And that is clearly under assault.

And anyone who demonstrates it, advocates it, and teaches it, is a target.

They will never be happy, in their hate filled hearts, until you hate yourself, more than they hate you…

Don’t give them what they want.

Don’t believe their lies.

Refuse to apologize for things you did not say, and did not do.

Refuse to back down when they come for you.

And have the back of anyone who comes for those like you.

We must not let them divide us, so we can be harassed to the point where we give ourselves the final punishment, which is their “Final Solution” for us all… not one, excluded.



NEVER back down.

Refute them.

Answer them…

We have FACTS on our side.

All we need is the will to speak them.

And defend ourselves from what comes for us, together, or isolated, one at a time.

Stand up.

Be proud.


Defend yourselves, and reason and justice.

Without it, the mob will surely KILL us… or harass and marginalize us, and isolate ourselves, until we do it for them.




By keeping us ignorant, they keep us obedient.

Sadly Agree, Protest In America Is Suicide

I’m over demonstrations for the same reason.

I gave up on demonstrations after WTO in Seattle. The police forced Alt Righters to get attacked by Antifa, in Charleston, and the MSM blamed the people being attacked! Why go anywhere where you know the police won’t help you, and will watch people attack you…. WHY! I sympathize with the Alt Right, but this is just retarded. And it will allow the MSM to justify attacking all of us.