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Bernie Sanders IS Ron Paul That Means He Will Sell You OUT!

Source: Bernie Sanders IS Ron Paul That Means He Will Sell You OUT!

Bernie Sanders IS Ron Paul That Means He Will Sell You OUT!

There are a lot of media driven parallels being drawn between libertarian-ish Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders these days. What is the media’s obsession with comparing the two, you ask?

They want to rise up the disaffected and alienated voters and steer them into the partisan establishment campaign of their chosen establishment candidate, in this case Hillary Clinton.

How do I know this? Because I’ve seen this shit before.

This scenario played out during both Ron Paul campaigns for President in 2008, and 2012.

First, let’s remember 2008.

An obscure “conviction candidate” Texas Republican House Member, Ron Paul, began getting marginalized, mocked and derided in the GOP debates. Both by candidates and the media itself.

Even the most casual observer could see that every time the man opened his mouth, the response of his opponents and the media got more intense in discrediting him, and mocking him, when they could not. Finally, fed up, they just ignored him altogether…

This lead to impassioned supporters doing research and coming up with any way they could think of to get more public exposure to Ron Paul and his ideas.

Even record fundraising that the media was forced to cover?

Sound familiar?

Just like Ron Paul, the moment has chosen Bernie Sanders, Democrat Senator of Vermont.

With the economic downturn Ron Paul warned us about in full effect, Sanders has emerged as the one voice demanding that Corporations pay for the privileges granted to them by government, and kick back some of that money to assist with needs here at home.

He talks about rights and privileges that should be extended to people on the basis of sex, race, and faith. He speaks of a living wage bill that would increase the income of the American worker, and expanded subsidies for the unemployed of America, and more subsidies for people to go to college and get even more education, to get a higher paying job, and preferably off government welfare. He talks of prison sentencing reform, just like Rand Paul, and also wants to keep America safe from boogeymen overseas…. As well as push back against the never ending war on civil liberties that is being waged by the government against the people…

Sound familiar?

Most of this was Ron Paul’s views, back in 2008, and 2012.

But it isn’t Rand Paul that picked up this flag…

It’s Bernie Sanders.

All well and good, we should be happy that somebody is carrying on Ron’s legacy in some small way, right?

Think again.

The final act of BOTH Ron Paul campaigns was NOT to challenge  the establishment of the party… but to give them what they wanted, and go away…

In 2008 Ron suspended his campaign after telling his supporters that he could win through direct appeal to the GOP delegates… money was raised, people planned… and when convention time rolled around, Ron showed up, saw his delegates be abused, and was escorted out the door. While his own delegates were arrested for trespassing and put in jail in Tampa.

Ron would take his supporters money he freely chose not to spend campaigning, and started a Political Action Committe… known as “Campaign for Liberty.” Keeping his family members in control and on the payroll.

Supposedly to prepare for 2012.

In 2012, Ron did announce and raise money, was not nearly as combative during the debates, and seemed to be running intercession for Mitt Romney of all people.

Instead of taking on the front-runner, and ending his campaign, like Ron did with Rudy Giuliani, Ron actually defended Mitt, liberal former Democrat Mitt Romney, the father of Obamneycare, who was a Democrat during Ronald Reagan’s campaigns, while Ron worked for and supported Reagan, what the hell was going on?

Why was Ron going easy on liberal Mitt, of all people? Especially when Mitt hired security to infiltrate and kick out Ron Paul supporters at voting booths and poll stations. Openly harassing them and having them illegally arrested? How could Ron be silent on this, and stand down when his supporters NEEDED him to stand UP for THEM?

What was Ron’s final act? He simply endorsed GOP candidate Mitt Romney, no questions asked, or to put it in a way Mitt Romney would understand “No Apologies.”

Again all the money from the campaign went NOT to win an election, it simply went into Rand Paul’s war chest, and campaign (mis)manager Jesse Benton’s bank account, keeping it in the Ron Paul family.

While Ron did not endorse Mitt Romney, Rand Paul did. As a payback for his Senate seat in Kentucky. Even after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s hand picked successor to run for the seat was soundly defeated by Rand (and Ron Paul supporters) during the primary, as was the Democrat candidate Jack Conway in the general election.

What did the Ron Paul supporters get for their fealty to the Paul clan? A call to support Mitt fucking Romney… and to let bygones be bygones, and join the GOP, the committees, raise money for the GOP, and “look busy, raise money, and do NOTHING to fuck with the message of the GOP.”

Libertarians must become conservatives or GTFO!

Sound familiar?

How about Bernie Sanders?

Not only will he not criticize Hillary Clinton, he praises her and insist he is not running against her.

Not only will he be happy to take the money being raised unexpectedly, he has already put himself in a position to pledge all of that money and support to none other than Hillary Clinton, to defeat the GOP.

Yes he wants to win. But how can he?

If he refuses to challenge Hillary, what will he do when the inevitable front-runner media obsession for the 1st female President of the United States, forces the media to change the narrative to Hillary’s liking, just like they did with Barack Obama, OVER Hillary in 2008?

He won’t take her on, so what will he be able to do?

Twist in the wind…

Who will he blame?

The media?

Who will he come after if they don’t support the nominee, Hillary?

His hardcore, true believer supporters.

Get in line, or GTFO!

Sound familiar?

This was the dying gaul of both Ron Paul Presidential campaigns… Always, and without question blame the media, when you are already not running to win.

Ron would shrug off the media, count on his poor treatment, and marginalization by the press to enrage his supporters to give him even MORE money… and in the end… sit back and count the money, and sit on his hands, while the inevitable media selected candidate got to run for the Presidency…

Bernie isn’t as critical of the media, while his supporters are beginning to “Feel their own Bern,” by seeing their own pied piper of Socialism, be limited by the invisible ceiling that is imposed upon any candidate by the press, for daring to rock the establishment boat.

It has not yet hit full force. And it won’t until the voting starts.

Should Bernie threaten the “chosen one” of the Democrat party, he will see the same media driven attacks as Ron Paul received. That is a given.

What is also transparent and a given is Bernie’s response. Which he has stated time and time again, to NOT attack his opponents, compliment them on their strengths, ignore their weaknesses, and claim he is running for President for the people and not for the Republican party.

So he is already saying no matter how much you support him and expect him to go to the mat for you, he simply chooses NOT to. And will endorse the candidate of the party, more than likely Hillary.

All that money, all those phone calls, and mailings, shaking people down for cash and expecting their vote, is nothing… And will accomplish nothing.

It simply will be kept by Bernie just like Ron Paul did TWICE, OR be sent TO Hillary and the Democrat party to fight the mean old Republicans…

Ron Paul did it.

Bernie has already stated ad nauseam that HE will do it…

That is what to be expected, no matter what happens to the Bernie Sanders campaign during the primaries.

He more than likely will only campaign in a half assed manner, like Ron Paul, raise money, speak at the debates, while the media and candidates ignore him, like they did Paul, and endorse the front-runner… just like Ron Paul did.

And if you don’t like it, and try to get in the way of Hillary 2016… Watch out!

Hillary’s Army is coming for you, and Bernie Sanders will be the 1st to kick you out, and leave you to their fury.

So while it’s nice to have the attention, and the money that comes with it, Bernie simply doesn’t want the job, and any money and effort given and sent to him, is left in vain…

When the time comes, and the pressure is on… he will cave, surrender and herd his supporters into the Democrat fold to back the candidate Hillary Motherfucking Clinton!

The speeches are nice, the issues need to be spoke of, but when it comes to action… he will walk away, sell you out, keep the money for himself and the party, and read the riot act to the true believers who refuse to take no for an answer, just like Ron Paul’s handlers did… when they purged the grassroots Ron Paul die-hards who refused to back Mitt Romney and the GOP in 2012, and John McCain in 2008.

We can want principled leaders like a Paul or a Bernie Sanders, but if they don’t want us, and won’t fight for US… there is no point in wasting time bothering to support them, or give them time and money we will never have again, when circumstances for all of us are guaranteed to get worse.

It’s nice to hear the music of the pied piper, and it’s a joy and very freeing to surrender to their tall tales of false promises of reform. but the harsh light of day, and cold reality from the stiff wind of bullshit that flows through when the journey has gone on long enough to know, that you haven’t gone anywhere, and if anything are left deeper in the wilderness than you were before, with less provisions than you started with, and no how, no way, and no means to get any more…

You come to the realization through self preservation… that YOUR ASS IS ON THE LINE!!!

And the man or collection of men that led you to this predicament, are nowhere to be found…

Do you turn back, and run to try to get back into safety?

Or do you press on and go even deeper into the abyss… “Hoping and praying for change” to happen, and fate to turn your way, purely through self interest and magical thinking that is the hallmark side effect of faith based ideologies, instead of verifiable facts.

Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton and their lot are hoping and praying that you continue to believe in them, support them with your time and financially so they can make even more money and have a shot at power..

And if they can’t have it, they at least can have the privilege to serve it, no matter how poorly their supporters and people who believed in them are treated, or if not even that, just forgotten and are left behind, to defend themselves from each other… and the world.

All faith based ideologies are designed to serve their creators, and absolve them of the consequences of their actions, leaving their true believers to happily volunteer to face those consequences, be the sacrifice to the altar of political expediency, for the right of our leaders have the privilege to serve our masters, and have some privileges extended to them, and them alone.

We get the shaft. We get to pay for it, experience it, live under it, and die by it…

Obedient servants to the last…

Never wanting to rock the boat, to threaten our idols, to incur the wrath of our false Gods…

Well FUCK the Gods!

Our idols haven’t done SHIT for us, except to make a living off OF us, and for being willfully obedient to our masters, lest we all be slaves, just some with better living conditions, more stuff, and a slightly bigger list of privileges for them, coming from our expense, subject to unquestioned obedience for ALL!!!

Or there will be hell to pay…

Think about it…

And you tell me…

How Hell isn’t already HERE!!!

But keep voting for change…

All in the end you will be left with IS that!

Down to your last .02..

Because the rest of your money went to these cocksuckers!

That is YOUR choice!

While you are still permitted to have ANY…

Which under Bernie, certainly goes…

And if you don’t ask him, he’ll tell ya..!

Come to think of it..

Maybe there is a reason he’ll and HELL are so close together…

Maybe Bernie is here to take the distinction away…

See you at Hillary’s inauguration…

God help us all…

But then again, communists don’t believe in god, period…


Free Market Morons

Source: Free Market Morons

Free Market Morons


Real Free Markets Mean Privileges for None

“If what we have today is what is widely referred to as “crony capitalism,” then how might we define and explain what a truly free-market capitalism would be like? Let me suggest that the following seven points capture the essence of a real free economy:”

(Actual definition:

1 :  the management of household or private affairs and especially expenses


a :  thrifty and efficient use of material resources :  frugality in expenditures; also :  an instance or a means of economizing :  saving

b :  efficient and concise use of nonmaterial resources (as effort, language, or motion)


a :  the arrangement or mode of operation of something :  organization

b :  a system especially of interaction and exchange <an economy of information>


:  the structure or conditions of economic life in a country, area, or period; also :  an economic system)

— Clearly he does not understand the definition of the word. “efficiency, frugality, and savings” have NOTHING to do with the market system. According to market values, scarcity creates profit, and artificial scarcity through waste, fraud and abuse is the favorite mechanism to achieve such ends.

To say that private bank notes are a sufficient exchange for goods and services is fallacious when you take into account that the value of paper money is always increasing or more often than not, decreasing. Your return on investment depends on when you spend the money. And artificial inflation or deflation of currency robs you of a fair, and equitable return on investment, UNLESS you are in a position to spend the money before it is devalued in the marketplace. This is a privilege of and for the privileged, and works against the rest of the consumers and customers of the marketplace.

To say that government and the market in collusion are “thrifty and efficient” is an oxymoron. Anybody familiar with “cost plus” government contractors knows that instead of buying a $5 oil filter in Iraq, the contractor blows up the million dollar truck, and gets their rate PLUS the cost of another truck on the taxpayers balance sheet. There cannot be a free market when there can be such public/private partnerships, colluding to defraud the taxpayer. And this is just one example of this “free market” based principle. Today both parties think compromise is instead of cutting a program, expanding it, and raising its cost and it’s budget at direct expense to the taxpayer. This is called “efficiency in government,” but clearly is nothing of the sort.

“All means of production (land, resources, capital) are privately owned;”

This means that the government can give, lease, or sell public property outright, and grant it to private hands. This means that the people’s property can be restricted, cultivated, exploited and destroyed, for private profit, with NO obligation to remedy the consequences of its destruction. This can mean land, air, water, businesses, what have you. And no matter what the detrimental effect of their mismanagement brings unto the people, the property owner has no responsibility, and can even lobby congress to give them exemptions from legal accountability, and even have the people be forced to pay them for the lost profits of their own mismanagement. Think of it as “cost plus” for the fat cats here at home…

Even the means of exchange is property, and issued, and created, injected into,  and seized out of the marketplace, by the whims and artificial aims of the property owners, in this case the Federal Reserve Bank. Yes Ron/Rand Paltards, the free market you hold as gospel, DEPENDS on the FEDERAL RESERVE as an essential mechanism of the free market you exalt and wish to impose upon every free man on the land, literally across the WORLD! You can’t shit on the Fed, without crapping in your plate on the dinner table. Hey, don’t look at me, it’s your ideology NOT mine!

“The use of the means of production is under the control of private owners who may be individuals or corporate entities;”

Be it a rich man, or a corporation, only they get to decide how to cultivate and restrict access to such property and resources. Even if the resources in question are vital to the pubic good, such as a waterway, a forest, a farm, a public utility, you name it. The people have no say, except to be made to pay for the service, and pay for the cost if the service is depleted, as well as the cost of looking for another means to replace the depleted service. Usually by offering more tax and legal exemptions, in order to invite the next rich person or corporation to exploit their resources, and demand of such resources, for elevated profit(s). Do you see how this is an inverted welfare for the rich scheme on the backs of the poor… yet?

“Consumer demands determine how the means of production will be used;”

This is laughable. Given the advertising, and campaign contributions bringing the policymakers into the pocket of the corporations or fat cats, it is they who get to define and dictate terms to the people… NOT the other way around! To say that demagoguery, and habitual lying in the form of advertising represents consumer demand, is to ignore how scientifically demand has been influenced and perverted to promote consumerism for profit, in direct opposition to efficient resource management… The people had NO say, they were influenced to prefer one product and corporate interest vs. the other…

“Competitive forces of supply and demand determine the prices of consumer goods and the various factors of production including wages of workers;”

Again externalities influence consumer attitudes and values, not the will of the people themselves. As for the market, collusion between government and corporations relax and constrict trade laws, and inhibit the free form of trade and true competition. If you can lobby and regulate your completion and get exemptions for yourself from such same legislation that is anti-free market.

Let alone you are not allowed to use actual money to purchase such goods and services. Only debt notes, which is the antithesis of money. It has no value. And is regulated on the whim of a private banking cartel’s desire to generate profits and collect private and public property. Prices can be artificially inflated or deflated, along with the currency. This takes democracy away from the people, and replaces it with stimulus to create a buying frenzy or an inability to buy anything, due to not need, but the inefficiency of the currency. Or means of exchange.

The profit margin, and the need to have higher earnings to create artificial value leads to wages being cut, not increased, even in the face of record worker productivity. And in some cases leads to jobs being terminated for skilled workers, in favor of unskilled (read cheaper ) workers. Which leads to inferior products, that are thrown into the marketplace, with the consumer seeking far and wide to find a more quality product, among the deluge of inferior cheap goods and services in the marketplace. The market does not benefit the consumer, it forces the consumer to accept what is left for them. This again, is anti-choice.

“The success or failure of individual and corporate enterprises is determined by the profits and losses these enterprises earn in free competition with their rivals in the market place;”

Again profit alone is the determining factor. Not quality, durability or usefulness of the product or service, only how many people purchase or use it, even in absence of any competition or choice.

“The free market is not confined to domestic transactions, and includes freedom of international trade;”

This is essential to finding new markets for inferior products nobody will buy in one market, it also allows for a race to the bottom in worker conditions, and human rights, as the need for fast and efficient means of production, stand in contradiction to the time to create a durable, useful product in demand, rather than an inferior product they have to spend money on creating demand for…

In order to stay competitive the workers have to cost less to their employer, work faster and harder, and produce more inferior products that may go unwanted and stay in the inventory, til they are disposed of, and the resources contained within them, destroyed, to maintain their scarcity and relative value, to raise the cost of production… which again is transferred to the consumer…

“Government is limited in its activities to the enforcement and protection of life, liberty and honestly acquired property against violence and fraud.”

This is utter Bullshit on Steroids! Basically this is nothing more than asserting that the government’s role is to make sure the agreements and contracts are enforced, and that the courts are favorable to the corporations and their profits, and that of the wealth class, in allowing them to be retained by the corporations and wealth class, and protected from the demands of the people.

Existing tax breaks and exemptions must be protected and further expansions of such laws to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many… IS the only function of law and government.

Once again those who own property have rights to be protected and enforced, against those who do not own property, and have only temporary privileges so long as they pay the property owners, their due and dues.

And you have got to love the “honestly acquired property” when the government can orchestrate the selling of such property through artificial evaluations, retroactive tax schemes, and even reserves the right to seize property, even fully owned from the people, and give it to corporations or the wealth class.. Again the author of this piece here, steeped in ideology is no more than outright lying…

“In a real free market, there is no place for politicians to offer privileges and favors, because there are none to sell. There is no motive or gain for special interest groups to spend huge sums of money in campaign contributions or lobbying expenses, because political benefits for some at others’ expense cannot be bought.”

This assumes there is no collusion between a corporation or wealthy individual, and a policymaker. This is hilarious on it’s face, and insulting at it’s worst. Wealthy people benefit from influencing lawmakers. If not directly then indirectly. They can contribute financially (i.e. bribe), they can fund think tanks to write policy papers, to become laws, they can advise policymakers for their influence, and if nothing else can endorse, advocate and defend polices from policymakers that benefit their particular interests.

Quite simply if you couldn’t by influence, we wouldn’t have had the first BILLION dollar Presidential election in 2008, followed by the 2nd in 2012. They don’t give the money without demanding access and to pressure the policymakers for a return on their investment, the candidates themselves. To say in a free market nobody can be bought, is a misnomer… In a free market EVERYTHING has a price!

“Wasteful and corrupting “partnerships” between government and business enterprises cannot occur because political authority is restrained from any task other than the securing of each individual’s right to his life, liberty and peacefully acquired property.”

Again there is no right to life, when the government and pharmaceutical companies buy, sell and trade human fetal parts for stem cells to create new drugs  and bring them to market. There is no respect for life when life saving drugs and medical procedures are delayed until the patient dies, or denied because those without coverage or “the right coverage” cannot have access to them, in order for them to become financial instruments to create profits, instead of tools to heal the sick, and keep people alive.

In no way do the people have liberty when they have to submit to labor for employment, have to alter their lifestyle at the cost of their liberty in order to have certain privileges. Where disobedience at any time can see such privileges  revoked.

Nor is there any respect for anyone’s life, liberty or property, even if they own it outright, if they do not or cannot pay their income taxes,  their property taxes, or any other mandate put upon them by the federal, state, and local government, for the benefit of the corporations and the wealthy.

There is no escaping the fact that every right the government has, every right the wealthy have, come at the expense of everybody else’s. The liberties they take, come directly from your personal liberty. There is simply no other source to be found. Every freedom and privilege they have, by virtue of their wealth buying them exemptions, and immunities from the laws, and constraints that exist for the rest of us, comes at our direct expense. And as the tide turns, the more freedom and liberty they have, the more We, The People, do not! This is the structure and ultimate design of the market system. Which is nothing more than a return to feudalism. Turning the people into useful vassals, and then into serfs the minute they are no longer useful, or cannot be deemed useful, from the moment they in fact, exist.

“As Ludwig von Mises said, the political and economic crises through which the world suffers is not the crisis or failure of the free market. No, it is the crisis and failure of the interventionist-welfare state, and its anti-free market capitalist ideology.”

Here Mises throws out more diatribes, based in self-interest and personal ideology, that the author is selling to you, for you to adopt. And in effect condemn yourself, and the rest of us, for his aims. Corporate welfare, wealth class using their wealth to write laws, and enforce or negate other laws to serve them at the direct expense of the people, is nothing defensible or righteous by any sense or imagination. This is nothing but the argument of despotism, and fascism, and rallying the troops to condemn the victims of this ideology, for the promise of a cut of the spoils from their ill-gotten gains. That they could not steal otherwise from the people… and then dare to have the gall to blame the people, the very victims of this system, for it existing in the 1st place, since they have not risen up to oppose it or replace it, let alone, have been robbed of the resources to do such, from these very same advocates and allies of this naked theft, and deconstruction of free will of man, into one who’s only purpose is to serve a master, at a time, place, and manner the master or feudal lord chooses for him. And when he has been used up, he is left to find a new master, or just wait to die, without harming the master, the master’s property, or the master’s slaves, which also are the master’s property.

Is this not the argument for a return to feudalist society? Where people will be born and expected to do their master’s bidding, and are discarded when they do not, or cannot, and then be left to die in need and agony, so that the existing social and political order can be preserved?

This is not only what America has become, but is the design of the demagogues for all the world. A post industrial, feudal age. Where they enjoy the land and the blessings of science and technology, while the rest exist to serve them, run the machines, take our pittance so long as we offer our labor and fealty in return, and exist to be an obedient serf and good worker for the omnipotent world state. Our God being money, our value to be our usefulness for their aims, and our right to exist be contingent on how much we say the right things, do the right things, and produce what is desired and how often it is desired. And when the resources have been depleted and we can no longer “earn our keep,” we will be left to disappear.  Better to die quickly, than to use too much of the precious resources that belong only to the most precious among us.

If this is the endgame and obliteration of mankind, for the betterment of man, the individual singular, elite man of our age, count me out. I do not consent, I will not consent, I will not comply, I will not be a tool and willing servant to create the mechanisms of my own demise. If you want to do such, you can do it yourself. You will have to find me. And you will have to eliminate me. I am nothing to you. And I would rather not exist than be anything useful for you. Leave me in peace, or expect resistance. And when you run out of money and resources, it will be you forced to experience the same fate. You wanted life to be defined by resources… Well the sooner they are depleted, the sooner you will not exist. You chose my fate. But forgot, in doing so, you chose your own.

So be it.

“Judgement cometh, and that Right Soon!”

Things Must Change, We Must Change Them

Source: Things Must Change, We Must Change Them

Things Must Change, We Must Change Them

The history of Neo Liberalism in 10 minutes…

Now how does the powerful push back against this…

This explains why this is necessary…

So if we are seeing a transition where education is privatized…

higher education is privatized and subsidized by corporations…

public services are being sold to private for profit corporations who are making people pay for services that tax dollars pay the government to create in the 1st place…

wars are being fought on behalf of corporations by for profit mercenaries…

resources such as water are now being privatized in the US

And what motivates this…

Leads to nightmares such as this…

And creates opportunities for people like this…

There is a campaign to roll back every advancement that created the possibility of a middle class in this country.

Health care, child care, parent-teacher led public schooling, higher education that emphasized critical thinking. Unemployment and Workmen’s compensation. The right to vote and petition for redress of grievances. The right to think, act, assemble. The right of privacy. The right to practice or not practice the tenets of one’s faith without persecution from the government or individual. The right to contract. The right to trade with or without money. The right to self defense. The right to dissent in public or private. The laws against child labor, and overwork, and the right to not be exploited by an employer or higher management. The right to reject sexual advances from an employer, even if you are a government employee, such as the US military… The right to make medical decisions on the basis of what your doctor and your beliefs say. The right to not participate in behavior that offends your values.

These and many more rights are under assault…

From our government, their agents, and their sponsors, multinational corporations.

When you read or watch the rhetoric from the candidates and the media this campaign season, you see this is being thrust right in your face.

Instead of solutions by and for the people, we see policies pushed by policymakers, and unto the people through advertising, scapegoating sets of people vs. other sets of people. Ensuring that the people as a whole are dependent on those with power, and in fact need more power taken from the people, and given unto them, to keep the people safe, from people far away, or right at home.

Now this scapegoating exonerates those who orchestrate and carry out the aims of those who are trying to destroy the middle class, and those beneath them.

They blame them, excoriate them, and fund whole armies to protect they the privileged from the rapidly growing underclass.

Blaming people for their own problems is one thing. But blaming them for their own problems and giving them no resources or recourse to address them and the inequalities that exists from them, is nothing less that evil on a grand scale.

I have watched all the debates and I have yet to hear one god damn word, that addresses the everyday problems Americans face to simply continue to exist. In the face of shortages, they offer austerity, eliminating support systems in times of their greatest and highest need.

They choose to subsidize who subsidizes themselves… Trading exemptions for them, for obligations to you.

Nobody is talking about how government can’t provide basic services, let alone the obligations they take on, to the benefit of the corporations and special interests.

They rig the game to price out the competition, then rig the price structure, and if they STILL can’t make a profit, they go to the people for a bailout.. Creating more scarcity and more elimination and threat thereof, of basic services that the people already paid for… giving up certain rights to establish government in the 1st place.

But now government does not intend to hold up their part of the bargain. In fact it seems quite content to destroy itself, so that the corporation can expand and grow, to gobble up more resources and force more people to have no choice but themselves if they want anything at all, in order to exist.

And all of the candidates so far, in BOTH parties, support this unrelenting cancer on the planet and the people…

NOBODY has stood up to the behemoth and said “HELL NO!” to the corporatist agenda…

Just a series of self congratulating platitudes, accusations and assertions, against the candidates, and the people… NEVER taking to task who is responsible, and what beliefs allow such behavior to exist, thrive, and continue without any scrutiny whatsoever…

Simply put. there are no more checks and balances to the system of global, corporatist, capitalism… And there will continue to be none, so long as the people depend on the agents of the state with their corporatist sponsors and self interested ideologies, to excuse the consequences of their actions and in-actions, there will be no progress for the people or the planet.

Just excuses, accusations, and new ideologies to alibi the guilty and to blame the victims…

What we are seeing in the (lack of) debate, and public discourse is a program.

It is designed to finish off the people and turn them into debt based serfs.

A post industrial age, where there will be people to run the machines, and the rest are bought and paid for, for whatever whim those with means decide.

No perversion too extreme, no purpose too infantile…

We are toys for the powerful, we exist to serve them only.

And if we do not honor them swiftly and with conviction, off to the labor camp we go.

And this is what we call freedom, and send men to kill civilians in far off lands to impose upon them.

There has to be a push back. A counter offensive.

An alternative to provide for the people, what the powerful are taking away.

There are no alternatives offered, just variations of the same kind of tyranny…

Now is the time to create, look for, and find those alternatives before this system collapses.

The collapse has already started, but we still have time to save ourselves.

First we tune out, the guilty.

We listen to each other.

And we act on ways and means to make such alternatives reality.

Focusing on the unreality created for us by our wardens will never allow us to leave our cells. No matter how nice and comforting they are.

If we want freedom, thought is not enough. There must be action.

And in-action towards the policies and aims of our oppressors.

We must ignore them, and support each other as we replace them and their services with that of our own.

And one person, one town at a time, reclaim America for our citizens. No one excluded.

That is justice.

That is freedom.

That is liberty.

Accept no substitutes…

No matter what package they come in.

Because Government Works… (If You Got The Money To Make It Work For You!)

Source: Because Government Works… (If You Got The Money To Make It Work For You!)