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What George Soros Money Can Buy, Welcome to “Death To America” & The New Amerika, It Has Been Replaced With

Source: What George Soros Money Can Buy, Welcome to “Death To America” & The New Amerika, It Has Been Replaced With

What George Soros Money Can Buy, Welcome to “Death To America” & The New Amerika, It Has Been Replaced With

How do they keep you on the Jones Plantation…

^ Is this a “microaggression or macroaggression”…???!!! Snowflakes??? I’m waiting…

^ Who is being violent, here?

^ flag burning, just like the klan Demonrats that they are…

Assange for the WIN!

I don’t wanna hear SHIT, until you read this. ^

^ It’s almost like they have an agenda or something….

^ Sadly, he’s right…

^ Who is being violent, who is condoning violence…

^ If the identity based movement doesn’t include white identity then it is a tactic for anti white racists, and not a legitimate tactic. This is why I abhor identity politics, but will speak out for the right for the white people to engage in it, as a point of fairness, and my eternal hostility to blatant HYPOCRISY! I would rather see all identity politics ABOLISHED. But then, “I’m a purist” so, FUCK ME! I’ll just have to take shit from ALL sides, I guess….

Dirk Tejan

Notice that the Nazi movement has grown tremendously during the period that the internet has grown and mainstream television has diminished? WHY?


Because you can only be called Hitler so much before you research Germany and Socialism and have to look HARD when they tell you the solution is more Socialism…

So leftists, WHEN DO WE GET TO BEAT UP, STRIP, & LYNCH MUHAMMAD ALI…. Can we loot his house and destroy his cars, TOO! (Fuck Y’all!)

^ I’ll just leave this, right HERE! I double dog dare you to view this playlist.

^ If you take BLM and Antifa seriously, that means this ^ was justified…

^ What did I fucking TELL you!

^ Soros MSM doing their job, protecting paid agitators… LOL!

“I was expecting to enter a peaceful protest to protect this monument and part of United States history from utter and total rewriting. I entered with people from the United States who were aware there were going to be counter-protesters. They promised to keep me safe, which they did. But what happened was, the police force, which should have kept the protesting parties separate, in fact funneled the right-wing protesters, the people defending the monument, right into Antifa, [making them run] a gauntlet of Antifa to the monument … Then – I don’t know the details of it – on dubious legal grounds, [the police] declared the gathering of right-wing protesters unlawful. We were forced to leave the venue and run another gauntlet.” — Who was being violent, who was being targeted, and who let it happen… The fucking government…

^ “Shut down white supremacy” So leftist white people, beating right, white people… proves “white supremacy?” HOW!?! Seems like more, proving white IDIOCY, not supremacy, maybe inferiority…

^ Somebody fucked up and told the truth…

^ Who came to march, who came to riot… Simple question.

^ Well, I’m laughing…

^ See a doctor, boy…

^ A George Soros media psy op from start to finish… If you are surprised, you don’t pay attention to Shit!

^ They did their job…

^ This stinks to high heaven! How convenient! People WAKE THE FUCK UP!

^ Privilege checked!?!

^ What real hate looks like.

The media and the state has been successful fomenting violence black people on black people for decades… NOW they try to foment violence, white people on white people… And BLAME the white people FOR it! If you can’t see this, you are already lost. Spiritually, morally and ethically, LOST! And no one can help you.

^ Bernie $ander$ Cri$i$ capitali$t! Hillary’s endorsement must have come CHEAP!


Let The Trash Take Itself OUT!

Source: Let The Trash Take Itself OUT!

Let The Trash Take Itself OUT!

Just to be clear. I’m racist, except I believe and know more about Martin Luther King than most black people. I grew up poor and had black and hispanic friends, who also had their shit stolen, who got in fights to protect themselves, others and what stuff they did have, who shared our collective fear of social workers taking us from our families and the police taking our parents or loved ones from us on a whim. And that was if you weren’t run over in the street or robbed and shot, in the ghetto. The one place I liked visiting as a kid was my neighborhood gun shop, next to visiting the library. I read Jackie Robinson and understood why he chose the Republican party over the Democrat party. It was a mystery I wanted to solve.

I’m homophobic, except I’ve followed openly gay people like Dave Rubin and Milo Yiannopolous for years, and when I found out one of my favorite MLB players was gay, I bought his book and completely understood and sympathized with the special kind of hell it is to be a closeted gay male in MLB. In addition to knowing people who were gay or bi, and I didn’t care because sex didn’t matter when I was a teenager. I was too busy playing baseball, watching baseball, or sports, or watching movies to give a shit, honestly. I didn’t even care about sex in high school. I hated that class with the crying baby, and knew enough pregnant/moms in high school to know that isn’t what I wanted. To sacrifice everything for a baby. Sorry.

I am Anti Semitic, even thought I support Christian Palestinians who are by birth, Semitic. And listen to Jews who oppose the occupation and refuse to serve in the occupation zones.

I’m Anti Immigrant, even though I chose to learn Spanish, and have had friends and coworkers I drank and partied with, for years who were Hispanic.

I’m a Nazi, because I’m non Social Justice white male, who rejects identity politics. Because I know what it’s like to be segregated by a group I did not choose, and forced to compete against that group and everyone else at a disadvantage. With shitty schools, hate filled teachers who picked fights with me, a couple times, physical fights, and even had my HS principal physically threaten me once.

I am one who reads about Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, National Socialism, Bolivarian Socialism, Chavez, da Silva, Morales, Castro. The Federal Reserve. Economics, the Constitution, Keynes, Hayek, Freedman, Ron Paul, Peter Joseph, de Tocqueville, Gottfried Feder, Ralph Nader. And I wonder about who I would have voted for in past elections. From Norman Thomas to Barry Goldwater.

I have worked for Ron Paul, Ralph Nader twice, have voted for Paul or Nader every-time, and when I couldn’t I voted Trump. Or Chuck Baldwin.

I have read Atlas Shrugged, Last Temptation of Christ, Ball Four, where I largely agreed with Jim Bouton on social politics and race in the ’60’s, and any kind of dystopic literature I can find. I see many parallels with economic and political systems, and the ideologies that bind us to their faith based belief systems.

I am sexist, even though my family and my being raised, without a mother, was predominately from my grandmother, my aunt, both sisters, and my father, to a lesser extent.

I have not attended a church in decades, but have spoken to my grandmother and father in the past year, when they have been long dead and gone… do you care to question my faith and spirituality…

I have been broke, with imminent threat to my life, and nowhere to go, or way to leave, and still made my way out, to where I reside now, on my own, with enough to sustain a hardscrabble existence, always on the verge of literal poverty and being homeless… on the street.

And my reward for that has been to be called out by minorities and white people of privilege, on the basis of my race and my gender…. DAILY!

Do you want to challenge my integrity, my resolve, my morality, ability to reason, to judge, to use discernment to call BS when I see it, and orient my life to remove myself from such metaphorical and metaphysical land mines?

Call me names because I don’t care? I bet I care more than you.

Call me ignorant, I bet I know more about what you think you know than you do, and I bet I can make my argument, in addition to a compelling argument for your position before you can do either.

Say whatever you GOD DAMN like, but you know what offends me? The fact that you won’t bother to make an argument. You don’t want to understand, to relate, to find common ground, enlighten me with reason and principle, or agree to disagree. You want me to conform to appeal to your insecurity, and your intellectual sloth and apathy. You want to be comfortable, accepted, patted on the back, and drunk from daily affirmation whether you deserve it or not.

Well, SORRY! I’m NOT selling….

I get up praying my shit hasn’t been cut off, wondering if I can stretch my fixed income to pay my last bill. Where I will go if I can’t. What I will do if I can’t. What to do with the time I do have, with nothing to do and no way to accomplish it.

I don’t have time to indulge your vanity or need for acceptance, mostly from people you will never know or meet. Who might as well not even fucking exist.

It doesn’t meet my hierarchy of needs. My needs are existence. And mitigating imminent and longstanding threats to such.

I care not for anything else.

I will not join your campaign, care for your agenda. Or be sucked into your web.

It is a luxury I cannot afford.

I will do what I have to survive, and be prepared to do what I have to, to do such. (If I have to go THROUGH you, I WILL!)

If you don’t and you fail, the less I have to worry about overcoming.

I’d prefer a shared interest of self preservation, but, without that, I am fine with the meek inheriting the Earth.

“The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice…” (Do you even KNOW who said that?)

And I intend to have it, with or without you.

And in the meantime… let the trash take itself OUT!

Have I made myself CLEAR?!!

Do we understand each other…

Now, let us continue…

Same (BULL)Shit, Different Day

Source: Same (BULL)Shit, Different Day

Same (BULL)Shit, Different Day

Protesting by going out in public so you can be beaten and excoriated by MSM and “the public” is the WORST strategy POSSIBLE! It accomplishes NOTHING! The ONLY people who should be out protesting are the protestors who are paid to riot. Good, decent people, have no business being targeted, to discredit their aims, and glorify the all powerful state. Withdraw consent, do not comply, do not pay taxes, tear up your SS card and Birth certificate, move on… Government needs you to live off of, you don’t need them. This is why they pull shit like this making you think you do. Don’t fall for it. Government is not there to help you, it is there to help itself, in spite of you. You are the host, they are the virus. You cannot reform a virus. You succumb to it, and die! Quarantine from government is the best you can do. You do not get back 1/10th of what you put in, to government. They leave you in debt, privatizing their profits, and mandating you pay the losses, and if you have a problem with that, they beat and kill you. Then have society call you names and laugh at you. It’s pointless. Unplug from the media. Don’t watch MSM. If you do, point out the hypocrisy and lies. And associate with those who can see… No point putting yourself in a position to be exploited and abused by mythical state worshipers. Who will justify whatever happens to you anyway… Orient yourself and associate with rational people who see what you see. And understand. Make plans for when shit happens. And back each other up, without excuses! Because the police, the media, the legal system, your neighbors, hell even your family, won’t be there to back you up, and in some cases will be helping the agitators taking YOU down! Know who your friends are, who has your back. Without excuses. If you don’t have that, you are fucked. You don’t assert yourself until it’s the end and the odds are even. The state has too much power. But it is crumbling. When we reach the point of no return, THAT is when you get in the streets…. We aint there yet. Which is why the only people who are in the streets are the naive, on one hand, and the useful idiots like Antifa, Black Bloc, and Redneck Revolt, on the other. Yes, they are going to tear down monuments, THEY HATE WESTERN CIVILIZATION, ISIS does the SAME THING! No point in sacrificing yourself as a martyr, when they will just kill you, beat you, rob you and take your shit, for showing up. You have more power not complying…. and not paying them. Withdrawing consent is the only way to have authority over the state. Once it is illegitimate, it can be replaced. Why empowering a corrupt state apparatus, that seeks to enslave and destroy you, at worst, and leave you in poverty at best, with paid factions roaming the streets to beat you, rob you, and kill you, I’ll never understand. Use your fucking brain! You need alliances before you can go on the offensive. Shared common interest of self preservation. People still see the state as the means of existence. Everything in and of the state, nothing without the state. That is truly fascist. But that is the people beating and chasing down the people who resist fascism… Of course the state celebrates fascists, and fascism. They have the same interests, preserving the GOD DAMN STATE! Antifa, Black Bloc, Redneck Revolt ARE THE EPITOME OF FASCISM! Calling out those who don’t believe the corporate MSM, globalism, who believe in state sovereignty over the all powerful federal state, and that power should be restricted!) It’s the people who want to RESPECT the right of the individual against the state, who are being targeted GODDAMMIT! WHY ARE YOU CHEERING PEOPLE PAID TO BULLY YOU AND BEAT YOU! Are you INSANE! If we orient society to rights and privileges assigned to you by what group you identify with, OR RACE, OR GENDER, OR SEXUALITY. You haven’t eliminated the klan concept. What you have done is institutionalize it. And the hierarchy is NOT even…. Competing parties compete through advocating “oppression” and celebrating dysfunction. Now, just try raising a family unit, in THAT structure. NO! The point of America, as an idea and ideal, was NOT klans competing for authority and supremacy by grievances of dead generations in a unending cycle of collective extrajudicial punishment! It was the sovereignty of the individual, the implicit guarantee of autonomy, to do what you want, say what you want, and be who you want, so long as you are not violent against another person. I don’t give a FUCK what you say. I give a fuck what you DO! I don’t see the right lynching people. I see the state incarcerating them and killing them pretty efficiently. And the only white people responsible for that, are the same white people they worship and vote for, every election cycle. It’s sadistic. That has NOTHING to do with the right. That is exclusively a symptom and political crime of the LEFT! DAMMIT! The right isn’t beating people, killing people anywhere CLOSE to what the left and government does. It’s gotten SO bad, the left isn’t asking for the right, to be thrown out of their community/ghettos, they are asking for GOVERNMENT (i.e. the POLICE) to be thrown out. So don’t FUCKING tell ME, the right is the thing keeping the black man down! FUCK YOU! There are black people on the right, specifically because they are SICK of the left and the government keeping them on their urban plantations, with crime, violence, dilapidated housing, no security, no investment, no hope for a better life. The fight needs to be taken for those responsible in the 21st century, for keeping them in the hellhole they were born into. Where they have to win a lottery to get an education at a better school, and are sent into colleges where they do not have the skills to compete, then drop out and return to the urban ghetto… and their klan… and assigned PLANTATION! The government will invest in police, putting bars on doors, bigger prisons, more jails, and bigger fines to get the poor into jail, where they can be profited from, through contracts and slave labor.What, you never Googled the “Civilian Inmate Labor Program,” before? I am sick of your IGNORANCE, and your ARROGANCE in SCREAMING about shit, you know NOTHING about, and LAUGHING about the shit, you don’t care to know about. I have no sympathy for you. I see you as nothing but evil. Serving a greater evil. My sympathy is for the people you will yell at, beat, steal, rape and kill, for having a conscience, and the ability to think critically and demand that the people keeping them down, are held accountable. THOSE PEOPLE I STAND WITH, NO MATTER THEIR RACE, GENDER, WHO THEY FUCK AND WHAT THEY FUCK! And if you have a problem with that, well then, FUCK YOU! When the weak cheer the bullies, how does that end? When the bully is through everybody else, who does he turn on, the dipshit dumb enough to kiss his ass and defend him. This is the history of government. A bully and nothing more. This is how we were founded. And I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to cheer a bully, and my own enslavement, and the enslavement of others… SO HELP ME GOD! I can answer to my God, I don’t care how you answer yours, if he even lets you. I am SICK of this SHIT!

If criticizing Antifa means I lose followers here and on my blog… I thank God, I don’t need anymore BS in my life, and don’t mind at all, the trash taking itself out…

(I’ll just leave this (playlist) right here…)

It was a setup, folks!

Posted 8 days ago (Posted August 6th) — THEY HAD A WEEK TO RECRUIT AND TRAIN FOR THIS!
Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte

compensation: $25+/hour
employment type: contract
Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a “can-do” spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.

For more information about us, please visit

If you’re interested in working with us, please reply to this posting with the following info:

-Full Name
-Prior relevant experience (as an actor/performer, photographer, brand ambassador, political activist, etc)
-When are you usually available for work?
-Resume (optional)
-If you’re a photographer, what equipment do you use?
-Are you ok with participating in peaceful protests (optional)?

Comment: That says Charlotte not Charlottesville

FWO: You can meet in one city and transport to another. Most people won’t know where charlottesville IS, and they bus them in…. en masse. Duh!

I have been at protest, where buses were letting people off, during Obama…. That’s the problem, none of you guys have firsthand experience in the streets, and wouldn’t know what to look for…

Angela, You just answered your own question… If you want crowds to look spontaneous, you don’t assemble, where you are protesting, too obvious. You guys haven’t been in the streets. I’m sorry.

When A Mogul Buys A New (TYT) Plantation

Source: When A Mogul Buys A New (TYT) Plantation