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If This Is What Reason Sounds Like, I Choose Madness…

May 18, 2019

Tim, is confused. He can’t even explain himself. He cuts off his thoughts in mid sentence, like he is actively crimestop and doublethinking… I see Tim’s mind like that bird that knocks over the chess pieces and craps all over the table when he loses. Think out your point. Make bullet points, and take one point at a time. You sound like a ho on crank, that is detoxing from bath salts. And the constant paranoia is really cute. Tim. You just aren’t that important to the left or the right. Or anyone outside your bubble. You degrade BitChute and Minds with your presence. You should have stuck with Them Tube. You are a virus, that must be quarantined. Just like TYT. Nobody has a right to somebody else’s audience. Just like nobody has a right to somebody else’s property, be it income, house, car, or platform. You are the only person I have ever seen that has been able to monetize daily clusterfucks. Half of the people feel sorry for you, the other half, just laugh. Your contradictions have become a great drinking game BTW. Thanks to you, I can shotgun a beer in record time.

That’s my Tim, censoring himself for shekels in the name of protecting the 1st amendment, by eliminating it.

Tim the right doesn’t care about you. The left will come for you. And as long as you want to be left. No one will protect you. You screwed yourself. You made a lot of money using people, payback will be a bitch.

Who made Tim the authority on censorship. With his left bias. Jesus Christ.

Coming from the guy who does multiple posts a day with gems like “I just don’t know man…” & “Shane’s a good dude….” You are masturbation for morons… you need help, see a doctor, boy. And why do you look like the guy from Boston Antifa?

Tim, you are left. You are scared. And you know your money will not protect you from the left… or the mob… You made your bed/coffin. Now, lie in it.

Brain damage, and narcissism, along with compulsion to interact with objects over people, and cover people from a far “to not get involved.” You are a testament to mental illness… But at least it’s LOL funny! This is a great sitcom. A man’s fight against his own ego and denial. And a losing one, at that.

Yes, dew drop in, and smash through your backyard window… LOL! Wow, brain damage.

Classical liberal is now libertarian, and the fact that Tim (Pool) would pick liberal over that, makes him a statist/collectivist, and his money makes him a hypocrite. If he can’t live by his philosophy, why should I care what he says… about mine… or anything… Seriously. Tim is a parody of himself, no different than Alex Jones, Steven Crowder and Milo. They are pseudo anti intellectual, emotive Hippocrates. Tim is bias and feelings over facts, and now he thinks his ego, is the one to filter all news… through his bias, which he doesn’t think he has. Tim should try to walk on water or stop a truck on a highway for a much needed reality check.


Tim’s bias, cross checks with another biased outlet. So he is slandering media he doesn’t like with outlets who also don’t like it, in the name of… OBJECTIVITY… Tim is immune to his contradictions. Apparently his audience is too(l).

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