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If A Millionaire Leftist Is Telling You To Sacrifice, Tell Him To STFU!

May 19, 2019

Cenk endorsed Hillary after a Hillary donor gave Cenk 20 MILLION… and you said NOTHING! What is YOUR price, Jimmy. You paid Cenk ONE MILLION to have your soapbox… What is YOUR price… Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are DYING to know…

Obama was more right wing than Romney… That Fukushima radiation is eating the remnants of your brain, boy…

So you think Obama is right wing, and he gave you Obamneycare which was a left wing proposal… Again, Fukushima radiation in action….

Jimmy, asinine comments and virtue signaling does not a revolution make, let alone your suckup friends and side ho’s… you millionaire scumbag!

According to Jimmy, you bring revolution, by prostituting yourself for Cenk’s Justice Democrats, who voted FOR Nancy Pelosi. Further proof, that Jimmy is as retarded, as he is immature….

Jimmy if it truly costs less money, why did Vermont not support it. Are you suggesting we implement tyranny to mandate the people pay for inadequate care they don’t want, which is what Obamneycare DID, tax people for not buying inadequate care. ANY JOKES YOU WANT TO MAKE ABOUT DEMONRAT FAILURE ON THEIR MAIN ISSUE, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

Jimmy how much of your millions do you donate to government to take care of the poor, and the illegals, on top of your income tax… I’m thinking NOT ONE RED DAMN CENT… Live by your virtue, or STFU!

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