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The Alex Jones Diversion From Obama/Hillary’s 3 AM Phone Call…

August 16, 2013

I read about the SPLC and Obama worrying about the impact of Alex Jones on extremists in our country, and then I remember that Bill Clinton used to say the same thing about Rush Limbaugh supporters when he was in office… When you run out of excuses, find a distraction. And radio talk show hosts, are a wonderful diversion from addressing issues that actually matter. Let’s appeal to emotion, and not rationally discuss or address the real issues, and the response or lack thereof of the people responsible, to handle such issues and situations, responsibly.

Yes the man with absolute power and responsibility needs complete obedience and submission and no unsanctioned dissent, in order to carry out his duties and responsibilities effectively.

Without such obedience, it simply is impossible to govern or to carry out his duties, that he said he was uniquely qualified for…

If Alex Jones disagrees with Obama, then he, nor Hilliary can have the wherewithal to take that 3 AM phone call… I mean, if Benghazi proved anything… it proved just how much Alex Jones actions and behavior have made it impossible for this president and this administration to do the job it claimed it was prepared to do, better than anybody else, and keep Americans safe, home and abroad.

PLEASE Mr. Obama, take ALL drastic steps you need to carry out your duties, effectively and responsibly… After all, after FOUR years, you STILL seem to be incapable of addressing real issues and responsibilities when significant individuals like common Americans and talk radio hosts dare to disagree with you or critique your performance of your duties, and your inability to take care that they be carried out, to the best of your ability, no matter the circumstances, even in spite of the most extreme ones, that only the leader of the FREE WORLD can uniquely face…

If a talk radio show host, can impair you from carrying out your duties in office… For your sake and the sake of the country, RESIGN!

We can’t have you distracted from the latest Alex Jones commentary, to the point where you fund al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood, and they end up killing Americans, Christians, or US soldiers overseas, or even HERE IN AMERICA!!!

Oh, right, Wait a minute!!!

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