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There Is Full Retard, & Then There Is TYT Retard… NEVER… Go TYT Retard!

“If a MLK supporter shot somebody, that’s not on MLK…”

Yes, Cenk Ugyur went THERE to defend a Bernie Bro’s attempted assassination of multiple GOP Senators and Congressman…

Cenk is actually arguing for a Bernie Bro to be a terrorist, because he HATES WHITE PEOPLE THAT MUCH!

Cenk are you REALLY arguing against yourself (common with schitzos) that Bernie is not implicated in extremism, but his WHITE MALE supporter who carried this out, in Bernie’s name, IS… the epitome of terrorism… I’ve heard of batshit crazy, this is a new level.



Let’s try again, Cenk…


Does a Muslim who stabs a police officer while screaming “Allahu Akbar” count as terrorism…

OH RIGHT CENK, IF YOU REFUSE TO COVER IT, IT DOESN’T EXIST!… Won’t see this on TYT… Won’t see this on TYT!… Another story TYT won’t cover… He resisted, they persisted…

Let’s keep going, shall we?
TYT doesn’t like it when people treat them like TYT sycophants. Poor Antifucks! Cenk endorsed Hillary the embodiment of Neo Liberalism. You FOOL! And they REALLY don’t like it, when they get treated like they treat anybody who dares to disagree with them..
Apparently they forgot to VOTE! LOL!
So a white guy, blaming white people for a hispanic guy shooting a black person… Because to TYT EVERYTHING IS WHITE PEOPLE! EVERYTHING! Even when there are NO WHITE PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING STORY!
Another story TYT won’t cover…
How congress does racism…
Maybe the Demonrats have their own racist problem?
Trump just got his 2nd term…
With shit like this, TYT is going to get the internet censored…
ESPN must like losing money, and helping FOX market share…
How would you like your racism served to you today….
WHY won’t America come around to endorsing HATE! The Demonrats are REALLY trying this time!
No, people are responsible for their own actions… Even Demonrats!
26 Million to FIGHT to control your lives, NOT A DIME to HELP ANY ONE OF YOU!
There, THAT will fix it. Let’s solve singling out people by race, BY singling out people by

TYT: Throw Your Tantrums

Source: TYT: Throw Your Tantrums

TYT: Throw Your Tantrums

TYT is a corporation, Cenk is worth 5 million, Ana 2 million, Jimmy 1 million, Dylan 10 MILLION! You cryin’ on the way to the bank? Does this mean if Trump cuts YOUR taxes, you won’t HIT UP YOUR VIEWERS FOR THEIR LAST GODDAMN DIME!

The country is NOT interested in the Demonrat party… DEAL WITH IT!

You are looking DESPERATE Cenk, are progressives not buying your NeoLiberal Hillary BULLSHIT!

How Far Would You Go To Virtue Signal?

Source: How Far Would You Go To Virtue Signal?

How Far Would You Go To Virtue Signal?

TYT is the ISIS of the left, they TRY to get people but just end up, blowing themselves up in the process… LOL!

TYT: What ever. Just another rw fucked up fear

FWO: Dennis Frisby, you LIVE in Columbus, did YOU MISS THIS:…/ohio-state-university…/index.html “The Ohio State University student Abdul Razak Ali Artan who carried out a knife attack on campus Monday said in a Facebook post he was “sick and tired” of seeing fellow Muslims “killed and tortured,” according to federal law enforcement officials.”

Just how far would YOU go to virtue signal…

Condoning terrorist attacks in your own town?

No wonder they hate Trump supporters so much.

They believe that life is worth defending…

Well, maybe not YOUR life…

But then YOU already made that decision.

Give us the same courtesy, to decide such, for ourselves.

And leave us in peace.

From your tumult.

TYT Puts The “Awe” In Awful

Source: TYT Puts The “Awe” In Awful

TYT Puts The “Awe” In Awful

This is NOT journalism, this is the epitome of Yellow Journalism…