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Choice Means Choice, That Includes Life, But I Don’t Want The Government Picking One Life They Can Tax For 72 Years, Over Another, That Is Half Over…

July 11, 2018

DISCLAIMER: I respect everybody’s right to their own views on this issue. I can see both sides of this argument. And they both have valid points… I’m just explaining my reasoning, based in my experience. And you are FREE to DISAGREE! Can we respect that? I hope if you made it this far, with what I talk about on this blog… you can get through this TOO!


Matt, that Wolf/Schumer/Drescher reference literally made me do a spit take of my beer, all over my desk! ROTFLMGDMFAO!

The government has no role telling you to kill the child or to kill yourself having the child. I abhor abortion. But in some cases it is medically necessary. My mother took a high risk pregnancy that later killed her, and created me. I don’t want the government telling her to kill me, or telling her that she has to take a higher risk of death, for having me. That is her choice. I am pro life. My mother was pro life. Respect her right to make that choice. Without it, I wouldn’t exist. The government has NO ROLE in that decision. My sister is an Ob/GYN and says before a point where the baby can live outside the womb, the fetus cannot assume to live. This is why early trimester abortions, are seen as one thing, but late term abortions are seen as worse. However late term abortions can imply birth defects or risks to the mother’s life. Let her and her family make that choice. You can always choose to have another baby and try again. But you have to be alive to make that choice. My father was a widower with 3 kids, aged 9, 7 and me 3… because my mom decided to take that risk. Respect that.

You want GOP hypocrisy, I got GOP hypocrisy!


The other half of this argument is, if you believe the government has a right to use law to push for abortion on the federal level, where you can’t leave, or dissent. Then that principle also allows them to mandate euthanasia for the elderly, disabled and unemployed, if they can no longer work, and produce a value to the economy.

If life means nothing. And people must work to produce for the state, and they can’t, how can the workers and the taxpayers be expected to allow their income be used to prop up these “useless eaters…”

This is why you have to value life on principle. Because if you legitimize the state devaluing life solely on the basis of political purposes… you give license to the state, to kill not only the young and defenseless, but the elderly, disabled, who are defenseless, and the unemployed who are to the state and defenders of the state… “useless…”

Is that the world, is that the country, you want to live in? Well brother, in that case, I sure as hell hope you don’t lose your job, because it looks like you are gonna need it, until you DIE!




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