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Yet Another,”Let Them Eat… Shit!” Video

February 16, 2018

You could not be more wrong… I endured workfare until I was verified disabled. Took TWO YEARS! Workfare is contractors and government fleecing the taxpayer, making the unemployed do unpaid labor, and unsupervised job searches at employment agencies, again, under contract. Meanwhile, you are expected to work, and not get benefits you already worked for, paid into, and were taxed for. Now you get to pay for the overhead managing the clerks of the government and employment agencies, and government workfare clients. Everything you just opposed, is identical to the Workfare SCAM! It sounds good in theory, until you actually have to live that way. Under workfare, you have to go to an employment agency to log hours searching for jobs, you can do at home. Then you go on your unpaid labor twice a week, then have to submit completed job applications and search logs to your caseworker, and attend other mandatory followups with your caseworker. While you are trying to go to interviews for jobs. And if poor, using time consuming public transportation, when you have NO INCOME! This is creating busy work, so other people can have a comfy job being middle managers, while the person in need, has nothing… And did I mention screwups can mean that your f. stamps can be suspended or cut… at any time, and reinstated months after the fact… You have no idea what you are talking about here. And it shows. Sad to say. You are worse than the problem you are trying in a half assed way, to address. This sure as hell doesn’t fix it…


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