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“Tick Tock Tick Tock!!!”

February 16, 2018

When the left scapegoats white males, you are going to get agitated white males with nowhere to go, to get help, or justice.

What will they do….

Exact revenge.

For the same reason black males and other minorities target white people for hate crimes.


More whites are killed by blacks than blacks killed by whites

“About 15.8 percent of white victims were killed by blacks last year, and 8.6 percent of black victims were killed by whites.”

So black people are killing white people double the rate, as white people (the majority) are killing black people, according to the latest information.

No wonder they stopped publishing statistics when Obama took office.

You think those numbers got better or worse in the last 10 years they stopped collecting information?!!

They didn’t have a Sheriff to protect them..

… they had a Demonrat activist/actor…

And the solution to this, and the FBI’s incompetence in this case is to:

Stop disabled people from being armed, putting a target on their backs.

AND restrict law abiding citizens from having guns to defend themselves, from the armed gangs that come through Mexico, and get guns through Federal programs, like “Fast & Furious.” (Eric Holder, under Obama… 2008-2016)

So white people are bad, disabled people are worse, white disabled people are expendable, and black Americans, minorities, and illegal immigrants are exempt from any and all accountability for the epidemic of crime in their dilapidated communities, run by Demonrats…

I know the left HATES America, and Americans…

And I am reminded every single day, that I am a target for verbal and physical abuse because of my race and gender, from people trying to erase targeting and assaulting and harassing people, on the basis of their race and gender.

And I will continue to be a target of these people, until they realize they are becoming what they despise, and are morphing into criminal gangs, with the help of the government I supposedly pay taxes too, to defend me, FROM!

Believe me brother, I GET THE MESSAGE!

Why haven’t you…???

Do you think you are the exception?

You know after the mob clears out their target, they turn inward, and purge their ranks…

Read about the “Night of the Long Knives” to get a hint, of what is to come…

Nobody is safe.

If everybody seeks protection from the group mob.

The trick is, to prevent violence, you have to prevent mobs from organizing in the 1st place.

Clearly, the FBI is NOT up to the job.

They want to remove the one guy targeting the gangs, and policing illegal immigration…

They want their revenge.

And many people will die, until they have it.

“Tick tock tick tock…”

If Trump targets guns and gun owners, we will have him to deal with too…

And if that is the case, Hillary won the Presidency, it just took time to get Trump on board.

If he follows through with this…

He is on board…

And we are next.

I don’t like where this is headed.

I really don’t.

For me, for you, and for this country…

It doesn’t look good.

It looks like it’s getting worse.

This isn’t what we voted for…

Big government ALWAYS FUCKS UP!



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