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On The Brightside, Unlike Last Time When The “White” Attacker Wasn’t White, TYT Got It Right, That A White Guy Did This, But That’s About It..Baby Steps…

February 16, 2018

Cenk, show me the domestic white terrorist groups in America and overseas…

I used to get as mad as Devon does here, every time Cenk does this.

Now I’m used to it… and used to Cenk flailing… to equate Muslim terrorism with crime by white people, even though black people kill white people double the rate white people kill black people.

And when it comes to global terrorist networks, if you read the history of large scale terrorists attacks, Muslims have the lead in global terrorism.

Truth, what Cenk likes to omit…

He wasn’t a white nationalist….


Don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative, Genk!

No, Cenk, you are NOT a doctor, or a journalist…

In fact the list of things you are NOT, gets LONGER by the day!

Why would white people feel threatened by black people, hmm….

So this black fundamentalist, ethnic racial hatred, and violence against a disabled white boy, who was FRIENDS with black people,  is NOT terrorism… it’s just crime. And according to TYT… FUNNY AS ALL HELL!

Cenk, what region of your anus does your logic emanate from?

The Colon?

You are flailing, Genk…

Demonizing Gab, and praising Twitter, figures. FUCK FREE SPEECH! Social Just-Us Mobs are the only people of virtue left. I mean FUCK people who go to church, amirite, right… RIGHT!

Yes please pay to be brainwashed by Mainstream media moguls like Cenk Ugyur and TYT.

Are there Muslim terrorists… “Of COURSE!” So, if you absolve Muslim terrorism, but target white crime as “terrorism”, which STILL is disproportional to Muslim terrorism and Black on White crime… you just look desperate as fuck to browbeat and victim shame people into accepting your hegemony and your conviction  that they deserve disproportional victimization because they are the wrong race.

Isn’t this exactly what you are virtue signaling and shaming us to be AGAINST!

I can’t follow you, Genk…

How can anyone when you can’t even explain it your DAMN self!

But if we don’t get it, if we can’t decipher your delusions and speech codes… WE are tthe ones who are evil.

Dude, you are mentally ILL!

I’m disabled… You Genk, are RETARDED!

I’ve known people with MS, who made more sense than you and could express their thoughts more clearly…

Maybe you should hire one, for “insight.”

Instead of hiring “new ass,” (Ana) “ass kissers,” (John) and Ass…HOLES! (Like yourself and Jimmy WHORE!)

It’s amazing that in spite of the MSM journalist Genk hires, he still fails to be a journalist, or have his crew learn how to be a journalist.

Dan Rather couldn’t help this guy. He’s lost.

But when you hire an 86 year old dinosaur Hillary loving liberal, and try to make him “current” you look out of step, out of touch and ready to be put out to pasture…

And your hero is Bernie $ander$

Man, no wonder they are angry all the time.

No wonder they scream all the time.

How else are you gonna get the attention of people, when they see you coming, hear 5 seconds of your nonsense, and keep walking right past you.

Clearly it is getting to Cenk that all his money, and all his Corporate Demonrat ass kissing, isn’t reaching America.

This is when you fail transcend ideology to become a mass movement, and are left with nothing but shaking down “members” for their last dime, like any other CULT!


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