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Bipartisan Media Meltdown

February 16, 2018

Policing comments is a violation of the 1st amendment. Generalization does not
imply imminent harm. Sorry. If you want to argue why a guy investigated by the
FBI passed a background check, fine. But he has a 1st amendment right to be an
asshole as long as he doesn’t act on it. They had nothing to charge him with. The
guns were lawfully purchased. The white supremacist narrative has been debunked.
This is poisoning the well. You are on a mission here, Sean. And it’s sad.
Yeah, we get it, Sean, seek help, son, you seem to have your own unresolved mental health issues to deal with.
This was a commercial for the police state.
^ This ^ was a commercial for the surveillance state…
If black people can’t stop black people from killing black people. How can Americans stop Americans from scapegoating Americans, then those Americans killing people after they have been exiled from society? Attacking the 1st amendment is a slippery slope. You are advocating Trump supporters being put in gulags, for being deplorable, when the next Demonrat wins an election… Faux Snooz!

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