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What George Soros Money Can Buy, Welcome to “Death To America” & The New Amerika, It Has Been Replaced With

August 16, 2017

How do they keep you on the Jones Plantation…

^ Is this a “microaggression or macroaggression”…???!!! Snowflakes??? I’m waiting…

^ Who is being violent, here?

^ flag burning, just like the klan Demonrats that they are…

Assange for the WIN!

I don’t wanna hear SHIT, until you read this. ^

^ It’s almost like they have an agenda or something….

^ Sadly, he’s right…

^ Who is being violent, who is condoning violence…

^ If the identity based movement doesn’t include white identity then it is a tactic for anti white racists, and not a legitimate tactic. This is why I abhor identity politics, but will speak out for the right for the white people to engage in it, as a point of fairness, and my eternal hostility to blatant HYPOCRISY! I would rather see all identity politics ABOLISHED. But then, “I’m a purist” so, FUCK ME! I’ll just have to take shit from ALL sides, I guess….

Dirk Tejan

Notice that the Nazi movement has grown tremendously during the period that the internet has grown and mainstream television has diminished? WHY?


Because you can only be called Hitler so much before you research Germany and Socialism and have to look HARD when they tell you the solution is more Socialism…

So leftists, WHEN DO WE GET TO BEAT UP, STRIP, & LYNCH MUHAMMAD ALI…. Can we loot his house and destroy his cars, TOO! (Fuck Y’all!)

^ I’ll just leave this, right HERE! I double dog dare you to view this playlist.

^ If you take BLM and Antifa seriously, that means this ^ was justified…

^ What did I fucking TELL you!

^ Soros MSM doing their job, protecting paid agitators… LOL!

“I was expecting to enter a peaceful protest to protect this monument and part of United States history from utter and total rewriting. I entered with people from the United States who were aware there were going to be counter-protesters. They promised to keep me safe, which they did. But what happened was, the police force, which should have kept the protesting parties separate, in fact funneled the right-wing protesters, the people defending the monument, right into Antifa, [making them run] a gauntlet of Antifa to the monument … Then – I don’t know the details of it – on dubious legal grounds, [the police] declared the gathering of right-wing protesters unlawful. We were forced to leave the venue and run another gauntlet.” — Who was being violent, who was being targeted, and who let it happen… The fucking government…

^ “Shut down white supremacy” So leftist white people, beating right, white people… proves “white supremacy?” HOW!?! Seems like more, proving white IDIOCY, not supremacy, maybe inferiority…

^ Somebody fucked up and told the truth…

^ Who came to march, who came to riot… Simple question.

^ Well, I’m laughing…

^ See a doctor, boy…

^ A George Soros media psy op from start to finish… If you are surprised, you don’t pay attention to Shit!

^ They did their job…

^ This stinks to high heaven! How convenient! People WAKE THE FUCK UP!

^ Privilege checked!?!

^ What real hate looks like.

The media and the state has been successful fomenting violence black people on black people for decades… NOW they try to foment violence, white people on white people… And BLAME the white people FOR it! If you can’t see this, you are already lost. Spiritually, morally and ethically, LOST! And no one can help you.

^ Bernie $ander$ Cri$i$ capitali$t! Hillary’s endorsement must have come CHEAP!



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