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When A Mogul Buys A New (TYT) Plantation

August 10, 2017

By the 1 percent FOR the 1 percent. After all he is very effective at keep you on the Demonrat plantation…

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo Invests in TYT Network as Part of $20 Million Round

So he raises money from his viewers, when his staff is worth over 20 MILLION, then gets funding from Katzenberg…

Ben Shapiro was RIGHT!

Cenk turns out to be ONE HELL OF A PROSTITUTE!

TYT is DONE now.

Before we could hate on Cenk’s SJW BS!

NOW, we will be subjected to Katzenberg’s agenda…

He has passed MSM, and has gone MSM Mogul/WHORE!

At this point, there is no reason to watch or follow anything coming from this brand.

Unless you want to hear what Cenk’s PIMP DADDY wants you to hear…

He may have money, but all credibility is terminally infected.

It must be one hell of a price to pay, to not only buy relevance, but also, a private cult, like TYT.

But Katzenberg thinks it’s worth it.

To keep Cenk and his followers/captives… in chains upon the Demonrat plantation.

We can only HOPE Katzenberg FINALLY STOPS charging the TYT slaves for their servitude….

Cenk Ugyur already had “FUCK YOU!” Money…

Now he finally gets his “FUCK AMERICA” Money…

And all he had to do, was SUCK SATAN’S COCK!



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