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FATALITY, FLAWLESS VICTORY! Or How To Slaughter A Pompous ASS, TYT Water Buffalo!

August 1, 2017

Medicare for all, is nothing…. literally, nothing…

Making doctors state employees creates all kinds of problems, see Communist Russia, where psychologists had dissenters committed to asylums….

We don’t have the money for the entitlements we currently have, and Cenk wants YOU to be more compassionate, as HE takes as many deductions as he can for his internet shit show…

Trump is going after corporations dodging taxes YOU MORON!

Raising the Corporate Tax rate in a global economy is suicide…

Companies will incorporate and start in other countries.

Hence NO JOBS for the poor.

As if 23% real unemployment isn’t bad enough!

Tax revenue is at an all time high, and our deficit is getting worse…

Taxes are not the issue. Spending IS!

You call THIS “freedom”

No matter the tax, the amount relative to GDP is consistent…

Yeah, Cenk worth 5 MILLION is doing great… America didn’t under Obama…

Cenk won’t talk about the inflation tax, that comes when the government prints more money to cover spending. Which drives prices up.

1,000 in 1913 is worth $24,995.41 today.

1,000 in 2008 is worth $1,160.48 today.

1,000 in 2012 is worth $1,080.69 today.

Clearly… inflation is devaluing the dollar.

All that spending, all that money you print, ROBS the people who can’t afford to pay more, with less.

Remember the 23% real unemployment, ASSHOLE!

If corporations want to maximize profit, WHY DO YOU KEEP BEGGING FOR MONEY!

Cenk seems OBSESSED with spending OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!

Welfare for the well off!!!

I guess that’s how you pay Ana Kasparian 2 Million, Jimmy Dore 1 Million, and Dylan Ratigan 10 Million, for a Youtube internet shitshow… Where “investigative reporters” use webcams to “report” from their kitchen…. SHIT!

Did Cenk just say that if you are rich, use Medicare Advantage, yes he did!

What… The… FUCK! People!

What about means testing!

Cenk want’s our Medicare TOO!!!

Gets cornered, can’t answer, so Cenk insults his audience….



Sumbitch gets caught in a lie….

Straight out…

And gets booed…

Progressive Income Taxes, force people to leave your state.

Cenk, calling people not buying your BULLSHIT “uneducated” doesn’t help your argument. Perhaps you should have been an Insult Comic. Too bad Triumph the Insult Dog Puppet beat you to it!

Cenk re-circulation of money i.e. printing more money DEVALUES the value of the currency… I already showed this… Unlike you, I have mercy on the people and choose not to repeat myself, ad nauseam!


Cenk, UGGH! People can’t afford to spend money! They are BROKE, ASSHOLE!

So if we lower taxes, people will save the money and not spend it, so we should RAISE TAXES, so they will spend less money, and devalued money…. in addition to spending it on the things they NEED! So hording money you don’t have is bad. But spending money you don’t have is BETTER?!!

For somebody who went to the Wharton School of Business… you sure as HELL didn’t LEARN ANYTHING!

Cenk, Bill Clinton, the husband of the person you ENDORSED, repealed Glass Stegal, it was a fucking DEMOCRAT!

Nice dodge trying to blame Republicans… REALLY!,28804,1877351_1877350_1877322,00.html

Cenk, it is NOT an economic fact that people will spend the money.

Rich people have a shitload of money, and they DON’T spend it!

Cenk, you didn’t build your company yourself. Buddy Roemer gave you 4 Million to build it.

Shapiro nailed the virtue signaling WHORE over his advocacy of Bernie Sanders…

And government’s role in crony capitalism…

Cenk has NO CLUE about what he is talking about….

And it shows…

“My speech is speech, there’s is money…”

An accounting of Cenk using his PAC to raise “speech”

Cenk, you endorsed Hillary Clinton who VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR!

And Bernie who profits from military contractors…

A business investment from a politician has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS!

This coming from the ASSHOLE who has pushed the Trump/Russia narrative for 8 consecutive months now, and REFUSES to talk about Hillary’s Uranium One deal…where as Secretary of State, she sent Bill to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to a company controlled by Vladimir Putin!

How is Buddy Roemer investing in The Young Turks any different from a foriegn entity investing in Bill Clinton, like in the Johnny Chung corruption scandal…

He has the balls to call out his Sugar Daddy, George Soros…

So is your Soros money influencing your Network.


Cenk, a Youtube video blog, is NOT “the Press!”

Cenk wants your kid to go into college, to get into debt, just to work at McDonalds… WAIT! They are switching to kiosks!


What you could have done, in the past, is magical thinking, with NO BASIS IN REALITY!

CIA invented Google DUMBASS!

Cenk, yelling “USA!”

How fascist of him!

This event was an ABORTION of everything Cenk Ugyur sells the public…

We know NOW, he doesn’t stand for JACK SHIT!

EXCEPT raping his sycophantic cult members out of their last GODDAMN DIME!

Cenk was disarmed when half the audience was against him, and he even
in desperation insulted them and was reduced to scream “America!
America!” Like any fascist! Defeated! Cenk and Ben is must watch.
Hasan and Charlie Kirk is just cringe…. And Ann Coulter and Ana. Ana
just smiles, insults, avoids facts, ignores arguments, and is reduced
to slander as a defense. There is no “there” there. With TYT. They are
the Seinfeld of political commentary.


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