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When You Make Ann Coulter Look Smart By Default… You Are Dumb As Dogshit!

July 30, 2017

Anal Desparian speaking to her staff at TYT who she put in the audience… Because TYT won’t leave California to debate. Because they can’t debate.

Like Hillary wouldn’t continue Obama’s bombing strategy.

Ana is a woman of the people, which is why she is worth 2 MILLION, which she doesn’t pay taxes on…

The insurance company wrote the GD bill Anal…

Ana, doesn’t have a fucking clue… what she is ranting about (which is ALL she does!)

Ana, you work for a man who HATES WHITE PEOPLE!

Ana, how many “Mexicans” has TYT on staff? ZERO!

Anal, the numbers say the number 1 killer of black men IS black men…

Anal Desparian doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Coulter wins by default.

TYT simply can’t debate.

Because all they care about is making smart-ass remarks to their staff in the audience…

And it’s PATHETIC!



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