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When You Scapegoat One Group, To Continue Racism Against Another… You Might Be A Demonrat

July 18, 2017

Caitlin Johnstone who writes for HA Goodman calls for assassination of John McCain over ACA repeal.

Will HA Goodman condemn Caitlin Johnstone, his employee, for this?

Will Tim Black condemn Jamarl Thomas for condoning the attempted murder of Congressman Steve Scalise?

Will Cenk Ugyur condemn the violence of Antifa/ While he interviews them, and gives them a platform?


Instead they will call their victims racists. Excuse the beating and murder of political opponents, be they the common man on the street, or sitting Congressmen and Senators of the Republican party.

The left has a political violence problem.

They, like Bernie Sanders have endorsed political violence as a justification to meet their aims.

And to cover this up, they call the right, violent, and want to take the right of law abiding people to defend themselves and their property from the right, and grant it to the rioters, and criminal gangs, that beat and kill people for disagreeing with them.

There can be no truce, no negotiation with these people.

They must be marginalized, called out, and destroyed in the public sphere.

Man must meet man, and we must protect victims from their violence and exploitation.

They prefer to be pawns and exploited for the government. That is their right.

But they do not get to make that decision for US!

We have the right to oppose, verbally, even physically, through self defense if they engage in violence and intimidation against any individual for their political beliefs.

We simply cannot let these SCUM target innocent people, and punish them for not subscribing to the justifications of the mob, destroying the weak.

We have to call out, and target the violent, and ostracize them for their insane beliefs that justify violence and intimidation to achieve political ends.

It’s no secret that this SCUM endorsed Hillary Clinton after endorsing Bernie $ander$. Now they are targeting that rage NOT at Hillary, or the Hillary uber allies, but the American people, who did not support Hillary, or Bernie, or anybody but Trump, OR did not even VOTE!

These people are making money targeting people who disagree with them. And trying to make them pariahs, where anything is justified, to punish them for disloyalty to the state.

Trump is at war with the state, even his own cabinet.

And the focus of the left is NOT to help the people or come up with alternatives to survive what they fear from Trump, but to ATTACK those who are not on Hillary’s team and the corrupt Demonrat party, that stole the primary, and gave it to Hillary.

Threatening to kill RINO McCain, attempting to kill Steve Scalise, and beating up to a pulp Trump supporters or just WHITE PEOPLE in general, is NOT going to address that. Or help those people you say are being harmed.

What it will do is give Trump the leeway to clamp down harder and take more extreme measures to restore order. Which the people DEMAND! Which is why they voted Trump in the 1st place.

The left wants this to be 1968, forgetting that it elected Nixon, and gave him a 2nd term in 1972.

The victims of the statists are piling up, and the silent majority is getting revenge at the voting booth. This trend will continue.

Because any alternative is better to the bully who is terrorizing you.

In trying to convince us, the bully is Trump, the left has BECOME WORSE than anything we can imagine Trump could ever be…

This is lost on the left.

And the people recoil and pull away from the left, and the MSM that cheers them on.

The future of media, sadly, is hyper-partisan, non-credible internet outlets like The Young Turks, and The Blaze, with competitors for market rising daily.

Instead of facts, we are getting opinions, and stirring up discontent, and contempt, dehumanizing regular people until somebody decides to be violent.

This is how the little guppy fish, can seem as menacing and as relevant as their corporate MSM behemoths…

But in this race to be the most vile, the most despicable, the most obscene, the people are being swayed to act as thought police, legitimizing violence to restore the political order through delivered, prepackaged ideological narratives of the day.

The media whips you up, Soros pays to “organize” the mobs, and to seem relevant and worth funding, some people get hurt to stir up disorder. Which is used to go after Trump and the reformers.

The left and the right, and the MSM do NOT want reform. They want to live off of you FOREVER, while watch you, with nothing, go after your neighbor, who has nothing, while they live the life of permanent privilege, telling you, the poor, the lower middle class, that YOU HAVE PRIVILEGE and deserve to be punished by a person of another race, who also has similar middle class privilege, or worse, has privilege in a college education, he expects YOU the taxpayer to pay for… While his kids have no hope for gainful employment.

Talk about reverse Robin Hood…

Maybe that’s why the Demonrats are trying to take the urban ghetto from the cities, and make that permanent America.

Where we have annual purges, and Hunger Games battles for the poor to fight to survive, and if they want a way out, all they have to do is join a team to serve the system.

Then they are useful and exempt.

The rest of us, can just die, as punishment for our willful disobedience.

Turn on any news network or internet MSM wannabe network and that’s all you will see.

Conform or die.

Serve the man, or perish.

And they will condemn you as they kill you, and make it so you never existed.

Orwell’s prophetic warning come to life.

D’Souza urged Trump to expose the massive trap Democrats have laid for the African-Americans they constantly exploit.

“What the Democrats have done, particularly with poor blacks, is offer them enough to make them dependent, but not enough to make them prosperous,” he explained. “It’s almost like letting down a rope from the top of a building, asking people to hang on while they pull you up. But they only pull you 10 feet off the ground and hold on after that. You’re now stuck. They won’t pull you up so you won’t go higher, but you don’t want to let go because you’ll go crashing to the ground. You’ve become dependent on the Democrats to pay your mortgage, they’re giving you food stamps, they’re giving you this and they’re giving you that. So in a sense, many blacks are in a trap. We have to expose the trap so many blacks see there is another way.”

Who is REALLY fighting the people, to KEEP them on the Plantation?



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