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The Left Is Always Compromised This Is Why I’m NOT A Leftist, Like TYT, Or Tim Black, Or Jamarl Thomas, Or Niko House, Or HA Goodman… Even When I Agree With Them, Sometimes

July 10, 2017

Shawn Stein
tim black thinks it is fine that his assistant calls peoples moms names if they talk about george soros, in fact, if you tell tim about it, he will call you a dumbass and say he will screenshot a private conversation(where no names were called to him mind you, being civil), post it to his fans, and block you.

tim black says he hosts a forum for people to talk, but his assistant momo pnano is in the background of the chats jumping in when people say things he doesnt like. another guy and i were talking about george soros then momo started trying to devolve the situation saying “george soros did your mom”. now i LOVE my mom, and wanted to go ape shit, but instead i thought hey maybe ill just leave this scene and tell tim how his assistant is acting, but no, tim went apeshit on me, called me a dumbass, said i should apologize, and said he would screencapture the message that i sent to him in PM and show it to his thousands of followers. i like some of what tim talks about, i supported him a lot, but his attitude can go from 0 to insane if you tell him the truth about his friend/employee tarnishing his brand.

^ These comments were DELETED from YouTube BY Tim Black ^

Hard Bastard by embracing Niko House, HA Goodman, Jamarl Thomas and Tim Black is embracing Cancer… And it will bring him down…

You cannot defend censorship, while branding your platform as Anti Censorship… Hard News Network, can be brought down by this, and it’s Hard Bastard’s own DAMN FAULT!





^ Tim Black goes minstrel for the money…. Went from hosting “No Sellouts with HA Goodman” to $elling out to HA’s biggest enemy, in a matter of months, that lied about him and tried to END him! JUDAS was a better friend to Jesus, than this $ellout!


Maybe they meant to call it “Back/Dore” after what Cenk demands you do, before he brings you onto his plantation…

Shame on you, Brother!

Now, you are just another Punk Ass Nigga, Pimpin’ your self for the Head Pimp Daddy Water Buffalo…


Thank you, for proving my point…

^ Tim, this is what happens when you give people rope they don’t deserve…




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