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When A Mole Runs Home To Momma

July 5, 2017

FB: Austin Petersen’s goodbye note to the Libertarian party was pretty lame and disappointing but I knew that before reading it. I do wish that everybody who left the Libertarian party wrote a goodbye note because there is no doubt that there would be some gems in there that would be worth rereading over and over again.

FWO: Austin Pewterschmidt… was a Neo CON through and through, who sent himself to purge Ron Paul people from the Libertarian party and enslave them into the GOP. The hottest place in HELL is reserved for putrid moles like Pewterschmidt. Now Baby Austin “has taken his scalpel” and cut himself from the Libertarian party/liberty movement. Let him die, as isolated and alone, as he tried to make everyone who didn’t buy what he was selling, his toxic, Freedom Works establishment shill Kool Aid, marginalized, isolated and ridiculed.. He is nothing but the effeminate version of Julie Borowski, another Freedumb works shill for Dick Armey. Let them go back to their foxholes. And if they try to crawl back out, we better be ready with the FLAMETHROWER! The only thing Gary Johnson did right was throw Baby Austin’s sword, where he belonged, in the FUCKING TRASH!

Baby Austin Pewterschmidt destroyed the Libertarian party with his nomination, and now he’s run home to his pimp daddy, to run for GOP Senate in Missouri…. Libertarian party, reform or DIE!

“Many have asked my views on Austin Petersen’s joining the GOP.

As Vice Chair of the LNC, I make it a point never to speak against a Libertarian candidate or elected official. However, I don’t maintain the same rule for GOP candidates.

1. Philosophically, he has vocally rejected the NAP, specifically to support the kind of preemptive war that has turned the American military into an expensive enemy creator. To me, that has always made him something other than a Libertarian.

2. Strategically, he has insisted on fixating on wedge issues, in ways that have nothing to do with cutting government. Those with any political savvy, including Austin, understand that abortion is a wedge issue that the ruling parties use to divide and distract us while they grow government. The LP specifically takes no position on this issue, because we recognize it as a distraction issue, and that there are good faith arguments on both sides. Austin has insisted on hammering this pointlessly divisive issue again and again, making it one of his primary issues. On Twitter, it’s nearly constant. If he talked about ending government schooling, the Fed, welfare, the DEA, or the IRS half as often as he panders with abortion, his work might do something useful.

The only thing he talks about more than abortion is the facsimile gun that represents a silly spat between him and Gary Johnson. Oh, and his opposition to the NAP.

3. His policy proposals show a total naivete with how policy works. When running in 2016, he proposed cutting one percent from each department, apparently not predicting that every department would obviously cut whatever one percent people actually want. For an analysis:…/thomas-sow…/03/13/budget-politics

4. He manages to trick the gullible by being “more libertarian than thou” on minor issues (bake the cake), while being highly anti-libertarian on major issues, including military policy and the war on drugs. These are not new techniques: the GOP has been doing that for decades.

For all the criticism radicals have had about Gov. Johnson, please remember he proposed far larger and more substantial cuts than anything Austin suggested. Austin just hokily pandered to Libertarians while hokily pandering to conservatives. If someone who had never seen a politician looked up the definition of “politician” in a joke book, and tried to sketch out the right level of platitudes, pettiness, simplistic pandering, and two-facedness, they’d get Austin.

I don’t have a problem with someone running as a Republican. There are plenty of Republicans I respect, including Ron Paul. I have long said that we should have three Libertarians in every race: one running as an R, one as a D, and one as an L. But I’m not convinced that Austin qualifies as an L in R clothing. An opponent of the NAP isn’t a Libertarian at all. A proponent of the drug war and preemptive foreign wars is not a Libertarian. Someone who has no interest in major cuts to government is not a Libertarian.

I don’t see him as an undercover Libertarian. I just see a Republican who was always a Republican. In the past, he was a Republican masquerading as a Libertarian, with rhetoric and tactics pretty much identical to those of Wayne Allyn Root.

It is my deep hope that Austin finds the courage to fight for real freedom. Not just dramatics masquerading as courage, but the courage to fight the real fights that matter – ending welfare, shutting down military bases, eliminating medicare and social security, ending government schools, ending the drug war – anything that relates to more than one percent of the governments budget or power.

And before any “ninjas” tell me that Austin was somehow pushed out by people who were “too Libertarian”: the simple fact that he isn’t turned off from the GOP by the thousands who are “too Statist” tells you everything you need to know about his politics.


Arvin Vohra”


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