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When You Slam A Source, Then Take Credit For Their Work, You Might Be TYT/MSM!

June 29, 2017

So Cenk excoriates Michael Tracey for not buying the Russia BS! But let’s Jimmy do this… Because COMICS have more authority than journalists. To a YouTube video blog. That uses MSM for content and even hires them…
PV is actual journalism. They go undercover, invesitgate, expose, and report what they find. TYT brings ON politicians and Corrupt MSM! And wants you to instead call THEM “the truth!” PLEASE!

Realize what TYT is doing here. They are using Project Veritas material to PROVE their narrative for their most popular video blogger, BUT at the same time, calling their source out for being unreliable, wrong and not credible… UNLESS it fits their narrative, even when it counters the same narrative that CNN shares WITH Cenk and 90% of the staff at TYT, except Jimmy who is popular, and Michael Tracey, who Cenk is abusing, humiliating, and calling out… for coming to the same evidence based conclusion as PV and James O’Keefe.

Without this work, O’Keefe has done, we wouldn’t have this, and TYT STILL wants to take credit for it, co-opt it, to pump them, and their credibility up, while at the same time, ATTACKING O’Keefe, his work, and the very same BS MSM narrative that this guy was just busted, exposing….

In addition to using CNN material for source material to attack their political enemies, Trump, GOP, even Progressive Democrats!

Do you SEE what this is…

This is as transparent as it gets!

A  BIG FUCK YOU! to their viewers. And a love letter to CNN… Trying to say they were “attacked by James O’Keefe” PLEASE!

It’s called journalism.

Something MSM used to do, and something TYT doesn’t have to…


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