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Let The Poor Eat The Middle Class, Say The Rich… Like TYT

June 28, 2017

“We have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it” “The ACA is unconstitutional…. unless it’s a tax” — Supreme Court. “It’s a TAX!” — Demonrats…. You don’t get health care from a tax on healthcare….. You fund health insurance by demanding people buy their product. Tell me more about “the heartless GOP heath care law…” You mean the one that existed in Massachusetts when Romney was Demonrat? You guys crack me the fuck UP! LOL!

You can’t insure against pre existing conditions without bankrupting the insurance industry, which is what you want to get single payer socialized health care, where we turn into the VA.

Cenk is worth 5 Million, Ana 2 million, Jimmy 1 million, Dylan 10 MILLION, Shaun King 500K. And you are bitching about YOU getting a tax cut. Oh, woe is me, the hardships of the 1 percent…


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