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The Myth Of A Political Party Exposed

June 23, 2017

The primary is the property of the party. They can choose to follow their bylaws or not. The lawsuit will lose. Because being in the party is a voluntary association. And if you give the donations to the DNC, they go to the DNC. If you give them to Sanders and he buys a jet and a summer house in the Hamptons, he can do that, because you voluntarily gave him that money with no legal binding obligation on how to spend it. Ron Paul did this in ’08 and ’12 and kept it in a Super PAC that he controls. That’s what they ALL do. They horde the money they don’t spend, THEN cash in their chips and get a job at the networks. Just look at the political candidates that lost, then get millions from the networks, getting kicked from one propaganda center to the next (Huckabee FOX). This IS politics. This IS BULLSHIT! But in this case, Sam is right. As much as I hate to admit it.


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