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Can You Smell The Desperation, TYT???

June 9, 2017

You guys got your ass handed to you today. PLEASE move on… New drinking game, take a drink every time TYT says “I don’t know…”

So you want us to assume without evidence, and go by “the sense I get…??!” This is why you are a Youtube video blog, and NOT a News Network… LOL!

Grandstanding… “so let’s add sexism on top of it…” Pathetic!

This dishonors the integrity of Congress…

Tweeting talking points…


So people without psychology degrees try to diagnose…. by proxy, LOL! If you took yourselves and this issue seriously, you wouldn’t have a comic on the panel. But that’s why you are a Youtube video blog and NOT a news network…

“Nothing is there, but if there was something there, they would be acting like this…”



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