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Progressives Waking Up To Neoliberalism

June 8, 2017

Cenk Ugyur is worth 5 Million, Ana Kasparian 2 Million, Jimmy Dore 1 MILLION, Dylan Ratigan 10 MILLION, Cenk endorsed Hillary. OF COURSE mutiMILLIONAIRES are gonna back the establishment Demonrats. Of COURSE they are gonna attack Jill Stein, and opposition to the Corporate Demonrat Monopoly on power. What were you expecting. That multimillionaires would help you destroy the mechanisms that made them MILLIONAIRES and granted them access to politicians like Bernie Sanders!

You already made Bernie a multimillionaire, he endorsed Hillary. Why are you throwing more money at the feet of Judas…

He didn’t need you then, and he certainly doesn’t need you now…

Jeff Stilson on how he proposed to his wife: (takes out money) “Do you promise not to do it with anyone else… No? Well… how much MORE then!”


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