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When The Soft, Talk Hard

May 30, 2017

You will spend all kinds of resources a.k.a. other people’s money… to do ANYTHING but address the needs of the American people…. You have become irrelevant. Staying in Anger, in the stages of Grief, will keep you irrelevant. If the Demonrats want to be a cult, the people will continue to ignore them. Maybe you should speak to actual people in America, not on keyboards, not in studios, and you would realize just how insulated and out of touch you and the MSM you represent are with the American people who have to struggle to get by, every GOD DAM DAY! But in order to keep and justify your wealth, the Millionaires employed by TYT, you will talk about ANYTHING BUT THAT! As we say in Ireland, “Piss OFF you CUNTS!”

Jordan attacked Niko House who has been working on the DNC lawsuit with Jared and Elizabeth Beck, and wouldn’t even apologize to Niko when Jared and Elizabeth Beck told him to, when Jordan interviewed them. You can’t be backing the DNC lawsuit while destroying the people investigating it, out of their own pocket, while you sit in a studio and cover MSM articles attacking everyone and everything involved with it, as a conspiracy theory. FUCK YOU, JIMMY, TYT, Jordan! You are an obstacle to Democracy and a TOOL of the Oligarchy!



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