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Mass Movements Start Outside of Politics

May 30, 2017

I worked for the Green Party, with Nader. Nationally, they are a joke. Locally, they can have limited success… The problem is they just used Trump to raise money for a recount, that was unnecessary… They thrashed the one thing they had, integrity, to support Hillary, NOT Jill Stein, HILLARY! WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE!

Civil rights, happened outside of the party structure.

You have to have movements to force politicians to act.

Nixon had to create the EPA because of the people.

Nader is right.

But the people are looking for one man/woman to save them.

Like Sanders, or Trump.

They are committed to be feckless, spectators, instead of masters of their own reality.

No party is gonna change that.

The people have forgotten how to assert themselves.

They look outside themselves, for somebody to give them something.

Instead of asserting themselves, acting on their rights, and preserving them.

If you have a right, that you don’t act on, do you still have it?

You will only have the rights you can defend.

Even from the government.

Rights are retained in the people, not the government.

But they become privileges subject to obedience, if the people let the government get away with it.

And if you are outside that system, let alone inside that system, and want the opposite. You will be marginalized, no matter what.

Unless you ACT!

Cenk, you have proved yourself and your party is a JOKE! She would be a fine representation to continue your descent into madness and permanent irrelevance….

^ THIS doesn’t do a DAMN thing to help anybody…. Hell with Russia, let’s talk about fixing AMERICA!


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