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When A Liar Who Is Paid By A Millionaire To Lie, Calls Out MSM For Lying, & Lies About It…

May 26, 2017

TYT a YouTube video blog, is not journalism, Jimmy Dore, a comic is not a journalist, let alone the authority ON journalism… Please STFU!

TYT: Jimmy Dore is great and he does his own show aside from appearing on TYT. He is speaking truth.

FWO: A comic reading a teleprompter is a news reader, not a journalist. A you tube video blog is not a news network. Sorry!

Is Alex Jones a journalist?!! He is no different than The Young Turks. Cenk Ugyur is the Alex Jones of the left… Not Credible….

This is Jordan Chariton harassing DAPL protestors… anything but journalism…

TYT: No one would argue that TYT is shit. Jimmy has his own show independently from TYT.

FWO: His show is on Cenk Ugyur’s network, that is the opposite of independent…

TYT:  The only thing I’ve ever heard him hedge on was the Seth Rich story.

FWO: A you tube blog is not journalism… Trying citing TYT in a term paper… LOL!

Commenting on journalism, is not journalism, if so Roger Ebert was a movie producer, writer, and director… LOL! You guys are funny!

TYT: What is journalism then?

FWO: It sure as hell aint comedians taking MSM journalist articles, and commenting on You Tube about them…. If Cenk doesn’t want us to trust MSM, why is he hiring them? Like Dylan Ratigan worth 10 Million, to do webcam videos from his beachfront apartment?

BTW, having MSM do webcam videos aint journalism either, sorry to say…


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