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Only TYT Can Make Rhambo, Rational

May 23, 2017

Rahm is right… The Demonrats are catering to the 1 percent LIKE CENK!!! And HAVE LOST THE UNDERCLASS, LET ALONE THE MIDDLE CLASS! FUCK YOU CENK! Thankfully you and your Hilliarybots are destroying the DNC, and giving an opening for people like Donald Trump! KEEP IT UP & TRUMP GETS 4 MORE YEARS! LOVE IT!

Ana then: “I have NO respect for women who voted for Trump… I just think that you are dumb, you are fucking dumb!”

Ana now: “We need to reach out to people!” LOL!

Classic schitzo stupidity! LOL!

TYT, the slow motion car wreck in perpetuity…

How can you absolve yourself of your sins, project them onto others, and then claim you are speaking up for those people,  and looking out for them?


Somebody explain this to me…


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