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Opposing PC By Being PC & Running With One Side Of The Story… Is Circular Reasoning….

May 20, 2017

In order to understand Germany, you have to read about Germany from a German perspective. This is using the same PC sources to make the same PC assumptions based on the same PC arguments. It’s a rehash, and nothing new…. And again, you are only using half of the information, which in this case is Allied propaganda…Where is the other half of the story? PC is a phenomenon that exists after WW 2 when the post war world chose to demonize threats to the existing social and political order, which was Anglo American. Even today, people who are not PC are called “Nazi’s!” With no evidence that they are simpatico with Nazi tactics or ideology, with the irony being, you are enforcing PC in the name of opposing PC. And policing thought and speech just as much as you proclaim the Nazi’s did. This intellectually sloppy. And absolves the real enemy of the people, the wealth class, the Anglo American establishment, that is embodied by the globalists in the UN and their network of operations, which is Anti American, anti Christian, and the enemy to the freedom of all people’s of the world. This was a mistake.


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