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Liberals Don’t Understand Economics, But Think They Understand Employment, How?

May 20, 2017

TYT: “Republicans Kill Minimum Wage Increase Missouri lawmakers passed a minimum wage increase, but then the Chamber of Commerce came in to kill it.

FWO: The minimum wage is a tax on employment.

TYT: No.

FWO: All wage hikes are passed to the consumer. This brings the price of goods up, sales down, and the worker is PT or fired. To cover the cost of the tax. The healthcare bill was a tax on employment directly which caused employers, small business to not hire or replace workers. To save money. The profit margin for small businesses which hire the most people was too narrow to account for a higher cost of employment. DUH!

TYT (who didn’t read any of the links) ” So your solution is to keep people poor so the actually important ‘people’, corporations, don’t have to punish us for making more money.

Sounds reasonable.”

FWO: Liberals don’t understand economics. You have to WORK to move up the wage ladder. Kids are in debt, and can’t get a job, to get experience that gets them up the wage ladder. Why not make it a 20 dollar min wage? Because nobody can stay in business to pay that… And YOU WON’T PAY EXTRA FOR PRODUCTS FOR THEM TO PAY THAT! DUHHH!!!! Don’t break your arm patting yourselves on the back.

Michael Moore 1993…




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