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Fuck You, Sir!

May 17, 2017

“White privilege is being able to say “I’m poor, where is my privilege”. Why? Because if you dealt with the same issues as minorities you would know money is at the bottom of the list of things we wish we didn’t have to deal with.

If your BIGGEST concern is money, count yourself lucky.” — Niko House.

I’m white, I grew up poor, we all feared the police and social workers for the same GOD DAMN reason, okay! We watched out for each other, our kids, and we saw the state just as much the enemy that could take us from our parents and our home, as anything else. Racism, and resentment, is more a middle class and rich, symptom, than it is the poor. Because when you are poor the STATE see’s ALL OF YOU AS NIGGERS! It has NOTHING to do with race! It’s a lesson we ALL got pretty DAMN quick! The LAST thing you wanted was the cops or the social worker to come after you, threaten you, and put more hoops you had to go through, while taking resources from you, you needed to survive. Cut the shit! Tell me one GOD DAMN THING a middle class minority doesn’t have better than a poor white person, THEN I’ll listen to you! SHIT! — FWO.


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