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TYT & Credibility Don’t Mix…

May 11, 2017

TYT… Credibility, you DON’T have it, and you NEVER will!!!…/flashback-new-york…/…/fbi-director-firing-in-early……/democrats-wanted-comey…/

TYT Cult member: TYT has integrity. They’re calling out the spin doctors who aren’t fooling anyone but the cretans that voted for this ludicrous orange autocrat.

FWO: So purging Progressives taking legal action against the DNC for breaking the law, and acting against Bernie voters, the day after Hillary announces she is running in 2020, means nothing to you… Okay. The 1st step of getting out of a cult, is admitting you are in one….

TYT Cult member: No. It’s irrelevant. Collusion with a foreign government for political advancement borders on treason. It’s a grave threat to democracy and mustn’t be tolerated. Your concerns may be valid but are trivial and carry little weight.

^ YEP, Classic CULT ideology… The DNC can rob us, because, you know… TRUMP!

Now get behind Hillary 2020! Because… TRUMP!


While you are at it, Change your “Justice Democrats” to “Just US, Demonrats!”

It’s more accurate!

“Shake down, take down… YOUR BUSTED!”


Just rich people FUCKING OVER poor people, LIKE ALWAYS!


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