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TYT Rabbit Hole Gets Deeper…

May 10, 2017

THIS IS AS BAD AS IT GETS! Thank you for your fight. Your fight is our fight. We got this, we got your back. Tim, Niko, everybody who wants to stand up to corruption and fight for Democracy, freedom and the Republic. We will have our voice heard, and nobody is gonna take that away. Attack on one, is an attack on all. I probably don’t agree with you on everything politically, (I’m more of a Nader/Libertarian ideologically), but free speech and democracy, without that, we wouldn’t have the luxury to disagree or have a choice on anything, and right now, our choices get smaller and smaller thanks to this BULLSHIT Neo Liberalism that has sabotaged our Democracy and turned it into kleptocracy, in an attempt to bring back feudalism. That is what threatens us. Thatcherism coming back to America. And all Americans should be fighting against that. I’m with you. “No quarter asked… None given…” THANK YOU for bringing the fight to these rich, elitist SELLOUTS! You are right, we lost people, family, money for this, and now they want to take everything we have LEFT! What they did to Niko PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF! These motherfuckers got a lot of money, but that proves they go NO SOUL! It’s ON! THIS IS WAR! How dare they go after the weak, and the people who have to sacrifice to do the job, those rich motherfuckers WON’T DO! DAMN!

Jordan is backtracking… AND GET’S CALLED… THE FUCK… OUT!!! LOL!

The DNC, er… TYT… issues a DENIAL! (This is what we call in the legal world: “Guilty Demeanor”)


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