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Coincidences… Are Purely… Coincidental

May 10, 2017

Gone after Trump, gone after the GOP, gone after the Bernie Progressives… Now they got MILLIONS to PURGE PROGRESSIVES, paving the way for Hillary 2020…

But sending Jordan to target black people, aint gonna help THIS:

–TYT– You aint fooling NOBODY! —

Do you see NOW why Cenk sent Jordan to target Black progressives, the day BEFORE Hillary announced she was “ready” for 2020!

Wake UP, Progressives!

Wake the FUCK up!

They are threatening you, singling you out, and PURGING ANYONE against Hillary for 2020!

Hillary has nothing left, but politics of personal destruction.

Bill destroyed Progressives in 1992, and cast them into the wilderness for 15 years…

Hillary is making sure, Progressives STAY THERE, FOREVER!

Don’t fall into the trap!

Please, DON’T!


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