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Admit You Got Played… Cuz U Got Played…

May 8, 2017

^ AGREED! Speak the TRUTH, Brother! Thank you for NOT BEING SILENT! Ron Paul did this to his supporters in the GOP… I predicted this shit A LONG TIME AGO!

Folks, it’s time to grow some balls…

Don’t be THIS guy…

^ These brothers aren’t taking shit, from ANYONE…


^ They aint buying THIS BULLSHIT, EITHER!


Comment: “It’s obvious now that Sanders would not have been much of a President.The Sane Progressive did a presentation to Jane Sanders back in early 2016 detailing all of the election fraud that was occurring in the primary. Even Sanders own campaign attorney recommended he address and fight some of the fraud that was occurring against him. He’d did and said nothing. He isn’t even part of this current DNC lawsuit. He is and always was a part of the problem.”

FWO: He got to keep all the money he didn’t spend, just like Ron Paul did. He got a summer home in the Hamptons and a private jet out of it, along with a book deal, and is the richest Marxist Leninist in the USA! You got played. This happened with Ron Paul in the GOP, but you guys didn’t want to listen. “Welcome to the Political Reservation” WE HAVE TO FIX THIS, IF WE DON’T WE DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY ANYMORE! BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT AS ALL HELL! Glad you guys can see this now… Let’s FIX IT!


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