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Does This Make You Feel Safe, America?!!

May 1, 2017

Raising 2 MILLION

To pay ISIS supporters like Shaun King 500 K

The Young Turks Shaun King makes 500 K and supports ISIS and Sarsour.

#IMarchWithLinda Here’s the truth. @lsarsour is one of the most effective, skilled, passionate organizers in the…
— Shaun King (@ShaunKing)

Many well-known public figures have not only come to her defense, but lauded her as a great leader.
People are saying Sarsour was singled out and attacked for simply being a Muslim woman.
And that it proves that who she is, her activism, and her role in the Women’s March has been effective.
In response to the attacks, the Women’s March account said they are “proud” of their co-chair and welcome Sarsour back to organize at anytime.

— Does This Make You Feel Safe, America?!!



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