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“Too Easy, Drill Sargent!”

April 21, 2017

Men died, Clinton raped.…/shows/clinton/etc/draftletter.html

How low can you go TYT?!!

It all comes back to Dubya; with five student draft deferments under his belt Biden is definitely more of a dodger than Bush – however, the current Vice President did inherit both of his conflicts from the National Guardsman and former president. Following his fifth deferral in 1968, he was deemed ineligible for service having had asthma as a teenager. According to him it wasn’t political though – his jackets were more of the sporting variety than the tie-dyed kind, apparently, and he was just preoccupied with becoming a lawyer and getting married. In fact, of the contestants for the presidency in 2008, only John McCain had a particularly notable military record, having served a lengthy career in the US Navy.

William Jefferson Clinton certainly didn’t want to fight in the Vietnam War and as President certainly sent troops abroad. In 1972 Bill acquired temporary Reserve Officers’ Training Corps status, exempting him from being drafted – though he never actually joined the ROTC, and has since been accused of deliberately deceiving the military to avoid service. Over the course of the 1990s he sent a substantial number of peacekeeping troops to Bosnia and to Kosovo, as well as deploying missions to Rwanda and Somalia, where the ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident occurred.

Now TYT, do you want ice for that BERN!


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