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Let It Be… Let It Be…

April 19, 2017

Cenk is worth 10 MILLION Ana 2 MILLION and guys like Ratigan and Tracey, and Jordan, and Talcum X are doing webcams from their halfway houses… WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO! FUCK THE FED, AUDIT TYT!

Tracey is right. The Demonrat party is broken.

They are tone deaf to the American people.

Beholden to corporations for cash, worse than Republicans.

They have abandoned the working class for immigrants.

Importing poverty and criminals, from all over the world, and imposing austerity for the poor in this country.

And whores like Cenk are BEGGING you for money, when they are already rich.

Because the rich are gonna change the world if they have to spend every buck of YOUR MONEY to do it!

There still are actual reporters like Michael Tracey…

There still is a decent progressive wing of the Demonrat party, that was restored by Ralph Nader…

But now the moneyed interests have sacrificed the good of the party, for PC, thoughtcrime, 30 minute hate rally, apostates, who hate religion SO MUCH, they became one.

The virtue signaling, blamestorming, heretic decapitators.

Who make a very good living, creating tension where there isn’t any, and victimizing, all classes, wealthy and poor alike, who do not subscribe to their cult of victimhood, and scapegoating of the poor, to hide the crimes of the rich.

You have to admit, a multimillionaire, lecturing people on their religion, values, belief systems, and judging them in the most toxic and vile ways imaginable, just because they do not by into his for profit belief system, is the height of hypocrisy.

No dialogue can be had with the extremists…

They can only be quarantined and ostracized.

Unperson-ed, if you will.

If they demand their own utopia, let them have California.

But make DAMN sure the gates are HIGH, and the fences reinforced!

Make them suffer under their own putrid ideology.

America will do just fine on it’s own.

There is still work to be done.

And those willing to work, shall do so.

It’s time to divorce ourselves from the elitist extremists who hate us SO MUCH!

If they want nothing to do with us, let’s grant them that wish.

Let them fend for themselves, among themselves, and sit back and watch the show.

Every virus, eventually kills the host and dies with them.

Even this one…

“Let it be, let it be…”

“Liberals are a disease…”


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