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Empty Virtue…

April 13, 2017

Hi, I’m Cenk Ugyur, my family participated in the Armenian Genocide, but it’s okay because I pay an Armenian 2 million a year so she attacks along with me anyone who calls out me for naming the show after the people who carried out the Genocide as I target Christians… and Non Muslims, even though I say I’m an atheist, while I shit all over atheist.

TYT Cultist: Hi, I’m a troll that posts irrelevant videos that I blindly believe without doing any background research whatsoever.

Hi I’m (TYT Cultist), I don’t read or think anything unless it comes from sources I agree with that I don’t dare question. I get my identity from agreeing with people. So anything that contradicts their assertions offends my worthless sense of self, so I have to attack anyone with the equivalent of a verbal fart, so I can think Cenk likes me, and my identity, leeching off of his success, is the same of me having an actual life. I am so lazy that my accusations are already debunked by the same content I criticize. But it’s okay, because the empty virtue signaling is enough. I mean it doesn’t change anything but makes me feel self righteous and allows me to judge people… I don’t know, on the basis of something, I don’t bother to look into or know. And that makes me a good person, or better than somebody, I mean, that IS how it works, right? Cenk… I don’t know… TELL ME WHAT TO THINK!



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