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When Pride & Ignorance KILLS!

April 8, 2017

FWO: You pushed the Russia narrative, and now we got WW3 because of it. Be proud TYT, see you in HELL. I’ll be the one with the pitchfork!

TYT: Try blaming Trump…i mean he is president. Jeezus you people just can’t seem to accept your mistakes.

FWO: You wanted him to take on Russia. You said Russia controlled him. Well apparently they don’t. OWN IT! You can’t pass the buck on this one. YOU OWN IT TYT MSM!

TYT: No one wanted Trump to take on Russia, we just wanted him to denounce Putin. Big difference.

FWO:Well good for us all, World War 3. There is equality in death. Liberal utopia realized. Stalin could have told you this.

TYT: How fearful and ignorant can one individual be?
I’m impressed

FWO: JILL STEIN TOLD YOU! Trump is doing HILLARY’S foreign policy you worthless piece of SHIT!

TYT: i voted for Jill Stein… because i know Trump, and Hillary are the same garbage…..there is only one president deciding s#it right now, that is who you blame…spare us the passed on blame you moron.. Nobody forces Trump to do anything, except Trump.

FWO: The President of the US is whoever listens to Israel. Ask Bernie.

TYT: Ok now I can’t tell if you’re trolling or you’re an Alex Jones fan

FWO: I can’t tell Alex Jones from TYT at this point. Nice try.

TYT: What absolute crap! Trump sent the bombs to kill!

FWO: Hillary said in the debate with Bernie that we should take on Russia with missile strikes. Video posted earlier. You guys spout talking points. YOU DON’T READ! WHAT IS THIS FOX NEWS!

TYT: I’m confused, who said anything about hillary other than you? They both were shitty candidates what’s your point?

FWO: You are confused…. hell you are on TYT… Can’t be helped. You have to be confused to be on TYT. Trump is carrying out Hillary’s foreign policy. He is losing people because of it. You are fighting the last fight, you already lost. You could have allies. But you guys are making excuses for Hillary, when she was as bad as Trump. It’s pointless to debate Trump or Hillary as they are the same. You guys need to move on from Trump. And speak to the American people instead of yourselves. But anytime somebody does, YOU SHIT ALL OVER THEM. And they walk away. You are acting as a cult. Just like Alex Jones and Infowars. And people will not come to your side because you are talking at them, instead of to them. It’s a waste. And TYT is not stopping… they are going full bore into the wilderness… it’s why TYT has lost a lot of long time viewers since Trump. They have become zealots, just as bad as muslims or christians. .Which is ironic as all hell. Since Cenk is a militant athiest. Whose god is money. Just like any other capitalist pig!

Let the epitaph of TYT be “Then why are you fucking here!”

TYT: But you’re commenting on TYT also…

FWO: I do not subscribe, or give money to Cenk. I am a long time viewer so I check in from time to time. The only reasonable people that are left are Jayar, who never gets to talk. And Michael Tracey, who probably will be gone soon. The left and the right need to have dialogue. But you guys act as a cult and want only dittoheads, a la Rush Limbaugh and have TYT serve as an echo chamber. Some old viewers want TYT to be better than that. 99 percent of the comments and viewers insist on it staying this bad. Creating more zealots makes life and the political process toxic, to the point that you will cheer WW3 because it validates your opinion of Trump. while ignoring that Hillary, was adamant, told you she would do the same. WW3 is NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE… WE ALL DIE! You guys pushed Trump into a corner with the Russia BS, covering for Hillary, and now we will all pay for it. YOU OWN THAT! You played a role in it. And you will have to live with it, and die with it. THANKS A LOT!

TYT: Umm, I think this  person is a paid troll

FWO: Um, I don’t think you realize you are all trolls. With the same talking points. One sentence insults. And profanity. That isn’t informed. It isn’t an argument. It isn’t debate. It is mind control. You worship the MSM, while convincing yourself you aren’t MSM? How many MSM does Cenk have to hire for you to admit whose orders you are really taking…. You guys are just pathetic at this point. Defending a broken ideology, separate from the American people, with pledges of loyalty to the Dear Leader and his minions, and hostility to anyone who doesn’t think 100 percent like you. And you don’t think. You let Cenk tell you want to think, like Limbaugh Dittoheads… Instead of insults, just announce yourself with “mega dittos” like Limbaugh’s cult does, and save us the time. You can’t even write in complete sentences. You grunt one word, and have to tell us you are laughing at your own joke. Just like Cenk. That’s not how comedy works. That’s how schizophrenia works… But that’s that when you already think you are God… You guys are a cult. And people are leaving… Look at the former viewers on Youtube who tell you why they left TYT, even when they agree with it most of the time. You guys are as toxic as Trump. And its because you choose to be. That’s not Trump. THAT IS YOU!


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