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Retract Your “Jack,” Rand!

April 1, 2017

Rand Paul’s vote to confirm Jeff Sessions is indefensible on its face, but was it still the right move?

Sessions is Anti illegal immigration and anti illegal drug…

Both policies target criminal gangs in Mexico, and violence across the border…

Which offend LINO’s like Jack Hunter… Tough SHIT!

And STILL he will rally to defend his meal ticket, Rand Paul, who ran a PATHETIC campaign, and LOST to Donald Freaking Trump!

Now that’s what I call a faithful whore…

Trump’s illegal immigrant crime fearmongering has no basis in reality

Angel Mom’s and family members of the dead from violence from illegal immigrants who NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE… disagree with you Jack!

Libertarians are flexing their political muscle

Why is he thankful that Libertarians, er REPUBLICANS are incapable and unwilling to govern?

Rand Paul takes the senate floor to blast politicians who want “to send your kids to war with no debate”

Fuck the debate!

Put a HOLD on the bill!

But then, he will capitulate, like all the rest.

What’s the point?

By attacking the House Freedom Caucus, Donald Trump has gone full establishment

Rand Paul and Jack Hunter were united in stopping Donald Trump ON BEHALF OF the establishment….

Jack, you can have it both ways only in your schizophrenic mind, but NOT in REALITY!







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