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I Could Watch These ALL Day…

March 11, 2017

TYT IS A Youtube video blog/troll site. That’s it. They are not news. They do not write content. Like a blog they take people’s content, then bitch about it. That is a BLOG, a VIDEO BLOG, it is NOT NEWS!

If there is a token black on TYT, it’s gonna be about race… So transparent…. It’s disgusting!

TYT “You don’t have a right to comment on a video….” WOW!

Objectivity is a BAD thing… TYT is not pleased…

TYT is watch-dogshit journalism…

16:50… BUSTED! LOL!

19:00, Right ON! HB

23:00 God, this is a bitchin’ takedown… MUST WATCH!


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