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This Is Why I Hate My News Feed

March 10, 2017

It is not heroic to take a popular stand…. It is conformity. Which is totalitarian.


We know this…

“Diversity is our Greatest Strength” Can you imagine how much more efficient and productive Japan would be with an additional 50 million African Muslims?”

He aint right, but he aint wrong, either…

How can we blame Trump for this?


Well… I’m laughing…


Nothing to see, here…

Actors are the dumbest, and most hypocritical, and privileged people in America. They do not speak for the American people. They speak for themselves.

2 billion divided by us population 318.9 million = 6.27155848228 Our priorities are FUCKED!

Like most bigoted zealots… He refuses to look in the mirror…


There is always China. Deport them to their utopia.


Who are the bad guys, again?





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