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The Media War Has Begun

March 10, 2017

The Demonrat party forced people to vote Trump, and now you are demonizing those people you already ABANDONED! That is YOUR INCOMPETENCE!

The creepiest video of Hillary you have ever seen…

All protest do, is victimize people YOU NEED ON YOUR SIDE! And get people who show up ASS BEAT! Stop consenting, stop participating. Grind the system DOWN! Protest is giving them what they WANT, a reason to use their monopoly of FORCE! IDIOTS! FUCK YOU GUYS!

You are going to spend the next four years bitching about the party you want us to vote FOR! WOW! LEAVE THE DEMONRAT PARTY OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!

So you are criticizing Trump after spending 8 years praising Obama for doing the same thing, (reading from TeLePROMTeRs) interesting. Thank GOD you are comics who are exempt from personal accountability from your BULLSHIT! Umm, Jimmy Doorknob, YOUR BOSS PRAISED THE SPEECH! Numbnutz!


Cenk, it’s called ACCESS… Something you will NEVER have! Youtube video blogs aren’t even news.

All this noise, and STILL NO RELEVANCE!

All the left has offered America, is intimidation, violence, insults, and offensive, personal jokes at the expense of people who struggle, “in spite of their privilege” to get by.

They will put anybody and everybody on a pedestal, except those Americans, born and naturalized, and declare WAR on those who are not of them and like them.

They are a cancer to this nation, it’s people, and that which secures liberty and justice for those people.

And the irony is, THEY ARE RICH THEMSELVES, OFF THIS COUNTRY, that they want to DESTROY!

All this unrest you are seeing, isn’t coming in a vacuum.

The moneyed international interests of the left, are trying to end Trump, and the rise of an opposition to their control base.

Politically, financially, socially…

They MUST kill Trump in his infancy.

Before his reforms work, and the people turn from the left, over to the right. And the reformers who demand accountability, and justice, long denied.

This is a war.

Soros is trying to CRUSH Trump’s populism in it’s infancy. He will use the media, paid agitators, even government assets to obstruct, intimidate, demonize and destroy anyone who dares not to do his bidding, and change the system to something more accountable and responsive to the people.


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