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If Julie Borowski Is The Liberty Movement It’s Time To PURGE!

March 2, 2017

From FB:

hey liberals taxation is theft hey conservatives; we’re not the police of the world knock that crap off neo-cons hey libertarians Karen Russo Julie Eva keep fight the good fight for your values and spreading your #message and finnaly hey anarchists Sterlin Luxan,Larken Rose Melissa Rajkovich Jake McCauley keep up the kick ass work

FWO: Julie Eva Borowski is a Dick Armey Freedom Works GOP shill. You can have her, in place of credibility if you like

Borowski: I’m trying really hard to give a crap what you think… but I can’t muster up any crap.

FWO: Tsk tsk Bore Ow Ski.

Jewlie: Don’t hate the hustler, baby

FWO: I can’t kiss your ass. It’s too hard to pick a spot. You are ALL ASS!!!

Go by your name Borowski. What are YOU trying to HIDE!

How about Julie Evil. It suits you.

Jewlie: hehe too true prude


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