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Firsthand Experience With Liberalism Is The Greatest Evidence, That It Doesn’t Work…

March 2, 2017

Cutting off the fraud from illegals and able bodied workers getting benefits preserves Medicaid, DUMBASS! Trump is trying to keep it solvent! You have been in DC too long. But at least you got a corporate jet and a 3rd home in the Hamptons out of it!

I love that a person who flies on his own corporate jet doesn’t see his climate change hypocrisy!

The NEXT election. PLEASE, run Bernie Lomax! Trump will win in a landslide!

Colorado is a failed state of illegals and people on “disability” nobody works in Colorado Springs, and panhandlers are EVERYWHERE! Wal Mart, King Soopers Grocery Store, Gas Stations… GREAT JOB GOV! GREAT JOB! Thanks for the violence, TOO! That’s why I LEFT COLORADO!


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