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Extortion Is Still Extortion No Matter The Race/Gender Of The Loan Shark

March 1, 2017

Cultural Marxism is how rich white liberals get cover from poor minorities, by selling out their underclass. HOW BRAVE! You HAVE to be a person of privilege college educated or well off, to condemn people beneath you financially, as bigots…. And they expect YOU TO PAY THEM to get cover from YOUR privilege that you don’t get shit for, just extorted for, by rich white guilt liberals, who are redirecting the mob of minorities FROM them, TO YOU! And you are a racist that deserves to lose everything you have, or to be beaten, and ostracized, because you aren’t rich or educated enough to be exempted from being extorted and expropriated for your skin color. Like black people, and other minorities. Basically you are being punished for not knowing you are a slave and serving their agenda, or knowing their agenda and refusing to serve it. Obedience or violence. Like any other totalitarian state.

Why should college professors be immune from accountability…. Simple question. Teaching is a privilege, NOT a right!


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