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Poor Talcum X! Life is Unfair!

February 25, 2017

Brother Malcolm X on Talcum X!

Further PROOF that Shaun King is white! (And can’t hold his liquor)

“At the hospital here in New York. Last night while speaking at Xavier in New Orleans, I did not know they had a gap between the back wall and the stage. While I was pointing to one of my slides, I fell through the gap, but caught myself by grabbing a beam so that I didn’t fall to the floor. I stopped the fall with my left arm, but it turns out the velocity of the fall plus me grabbing that beam tore my rotator cuff completely off the bone and fractured my shoulder.

So, here I am. I have to have surgery. Screws and rods, the whole nine. I finished my presentation last night, but I knew I was injured. It ended up being worse than I expected. The pain is fierce.

Anyway, pray for your dude. Surgery will likely be next week. Love y’all. Life is like this. You can’t predict the ups and downs. I’m in good spirits.” (Heh, “spirits” dat wigger drunk off his ass, and can’t hang with New Orleans! Should have stayed in Kentucky, white boy!)


He can’t do his job, either…

He makes 500K to lie worse than Jayson Blair, who actually WAS A BLACK MAN!

White race hustlers get 5 k a speech, feel the “oppression!”

Um, did somebody forget to tell Shaun King that he is a WHITE boy from Kentucky…

Because a white guy pretending to be black so he can go from his Old Kentucky Home to getting a black mans scholarship at Morehouse College aint racism…. You robbed a brother’s chance to get a degree. You WHITE DEVIL!

“People always ask me how I get through all the hate and the lies. How do I keep my head up? How do I move forward and stay focused on my work and my priorities? It’s simple. I don’t allow my enemies to define me. I don’t give the opposition the satisfaction of silencing me. I am a Palestinian American Muslim New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn – I am not easily intimidated.

Don’t ever live your life in way where what people say defines how you choose to live your life. Be you. Be unapologetically you. They can hate and lie all they want but they will never take away from me my dignity or identity. That belongs to me and only me.

Keep it moving. We got a lot of work to do.” — Linda Sarsour shared by Shaun King

TYT Shaun King defending an Anti-Semitic ISIS supporter in America!


Who is the “white Devil” now, Shaun?

As of 2016, Shaun King’s total net worth is estimated to be 500 thousand dollars.

If a white man can make money off of supporting ISIS and racism against white people in America, I think Shaun King, and Cenk Ugyur and TYT can SHUT THE FUCK UP about Trump and racism in America.

Their Klan seems to be doing just fine….

Cenk is worth 10 MILLION, Ana 2 MILLION, Shaun 500K…

Hell, they ARE “the 1 percent!”

How about YOU??!

You pulling down that kinda dough…?


Then you must be racist!

Or at least, not know how to use race to your advantage….

Welcome to the new “race pimps.”

MLK’s dream was that people be judge not by the COLOR of their skin, but the content of their character… a TYT reporter lies about the color of his skin, therefore he has no character! And Cenk wants you to listen to his racism against white people and Christians.


Here is a white man, calling a black man an Uncle Tom… LOL!


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