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Not On My Watch!

February 19, 2017

Capitalist Democracy is nothing but the middle class paying for the poor, while the poor, pays for the rich. While the rich, not only keep their money, but are given just as much, without money, at the expense of the other two. They get so greedy that they resent even the middle class, and want them to give unto them. Collapsing the system into serfdom. This is the motive of the “Boom and Bust” cycle. It is repeated ad nauseaum. This is not new. Many people throughout history have exposed Democratic capitalism for what it is. But thankfully the rich men of privilege, be if of money, or through manipulation of law by legislative or judicial acts, with equal help of media propaganda… have been able to keep a stranglehold on the wealth of this country, and where it shall be received. The more they have, the more they hate the rest of us, and then want it ALL! But the people haven’t pushed back yet, because they followed the process of law and politics that was set for them, to keep them in serfdom. There are three options. Violence, which they have a monopoly on. Legally/politically, which are the same means to the same ends, they are equally rigged and closed to the common man.. Or the final option…. Resistance. This is the most powerful option. You force them to meet you on your terms, through strength of numbers. You have more skills than they do. Unite and you can prepare to meet them at almost every challenge. But unite to do what? Nothing. Don’t pay taxes, don’t watch tv, don’t read newspapers, or if you must, segregate the verifiable facts from how they are defined unto. Read the loaded language designed as propaganda to stir up dissent, and turn your fellow slave, against you. Read between the lines. See the motives of the capitalist whores that sell your something while offering nothing. Libertarians are good at the last part, unfortunately more than Republicans and Democrats. Same with media. If somebody has to rant, rave, smirk, and insult their opposition, they have NO argument. Be they Alex Jones, Cenk Ugyur, or any multimilliondollar talking head on tv or radio or the net. There are just as many traitors in the liberty movement as there are mainstream and alternative media. Enlightenment is HARD WORK! You have to listen before you can hear, you have to watch before you can see. Once you can see. You can tune out the deception. Regularly. It’s not hard. It’s a muscle we all have that has been atrophied through obedience. Obedience is a luxury for the bourgeois. They think they are safe. The numbers tell us they are next. Let them earn their pain. As we have. But until we are ready to take on those responsible. We won’t even be in a position to take them in, let alone help ourselves. Attitudes much be changed. Alternatives must be offered. Read work is there to be done. All you are gonna hear from the media is how the President is a threat to life itself. BULLSHIT! They are the threat. The media, the entrenched permanent government, those who fund the lawmakers to write laws against the common man and exemptions for themselves, while mandating you pay for their failures while they perceive their birthright to keep their excesses, while taking what YOU have if they fail. Without due process. Anything you say can be used against you, everything you have can be taken from you. And if the government can’t do it… They use corporate sponsored academia and the media to destroy you. When the corporation, academia, government, law and the media unite against you… YOU HAVE NAKED FASCISM! Trump has finally exposed this for us all. Where before they had no money to give you a job, now BILLIONAIRES are paying your children to rat against you, turn against you and DESTROY you, and your generations that preceded them, and gave them EVERY PRIVILEGE they have in this life. This is the deconstruction and implosion of a state, into a failed state. We do it in other countries, like most recently, Libya. Now the FINAL SOLUTION/COLOR REVOLUTION is to be set upon America. We have to fight! Fight our masters, their slaves, even our own familes if we are to survive to save anyone, even ourselves. That begins with resistance. We must segregate the collaborators from the victims. We must isolate them. Separate them. IGNORE THEM! And oppose them… You want to turn America into THIS:…/ NOT ON MY WATCH!!!


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