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Yes, Virginia, Black People Are Racist & Homophobic, TOO! Even Rich Ones…

February 18, 2017

I love Milo. Found him thanks to Dave Rubin, and over the past year, with the Trump campaign. He really made me think and change my mind on some things. Saw him speak, where I live and it was fantastic. His speaking events keep getting better. When you make your opponent pull a Bill Maher or Cenk Ugyur and resort to cutting you off with profane epithets and threats, you reveal the real ugliness in the world. Which liberals seem to have a monopoly on. The more money they have, the more miserable they are, and they want to drag you down to their level to prove that you are worse, so they think it’s ok mentally raping you, so they can live in luxury, and exempt from the hell they intend to impose on the rest of us, with your help. Some of us, know better. And with Milo’s help, we will DO better…. for others, not just ourselves, like the miserable, rich liberals. — FWO.

Willmore is a 3 MILLION dollar Uncle Tom…

You want more, I got more…

“The prominent host of the CNN Newsroom  obtains a fortune of $3 million US dollars. He is one of the richest TV personalities in the globe today.  He earns a salary of $125,000 per year.”

You want more, I got more…

Ohh, poor CNN…


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